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  1. I love seeing it to. It’s like a talent stick. Lets us know how they state is doing compared to other states. Ain’t nothing like knocking out states top team off.
  2. Your wishes might come true smh
  3. Congratulations to Pearl Cohns John Henderson on being Named to the Tennessee state hall of fame class 2023z
  4. Look what you choose to say? Why not talk about the East and PC kids who hang out with each other on the regular or the 1st cousins/Brothers on each side? What about the PC alumni on both staffs? What about the parents of kids who grew up out North/West who has kids at East? End of the day it’s all love. It’s a few rotten apples on both sides but it’s love at the end of the day. “Hate East so Much” Now as an older PC guy if you said Hate Whites creek we might can agree on that but East nahhh. To many family members on each side.
  5. That’s even worst smh. Seen them kids play 7on7 and I felt they had that attitude to win.
  6. Where did bad coaching come in?outsiders said that’s the best game they had seen all year.
  7. What is going on in Montgomery county? I took a special interest to NE once a kid from PC moved up there. It seems like every year someone is stepping down,get fired or making a lateral move. I also heard someone say Montgomery county is the Vanderbilt of the state. Clarksville people check in.
  8. That’s ridiculous….
  9. Heck of a game and congratulations to EN on the year. I felt PC should have beat them the last time we played but it is what it is. I think this was the first game we played EN with the whole team. Thursdays matchup will be a tough one. This team will definitely be looking to get their lick back from last year.
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