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  1. Just seen this on twitter: We are going to go ahead and solve the mystery of the Memphis 5 . @BuckFitz of National Playmakers Academy will join me to open @Midday180 at 10am followed by Melvin Cole of P.U.R.E. Sports. READ this in meantime. https://t.co/6HjIWWhA8I
  2. FBfan26

    CPA 2019

    Me to bread "Tears" Hopefully it works out and we can play again
  3. It was on the boards workin along with the Hendersonville and lavergne convo.
  4. Same on our end. We have alot of Sophomores and Jrs playing. We only have about 3 or 4 Seniors on the team.
  5. Our daddy?? Lmao and I guess y'all are the neighborhood thot who gets beat every playoff. Spade 4 spade lmao
  6. Didnt sting not one bit. Stuff happens like that every now and then no matter who it is but no excuses from us we got smacked and they deserved to win. Out athlete everyone??? I mean you cant find a school in the nation that's 85% + African American that dont have Athletes. We can't help it most of metro schools are open zone. Chess and checkers lmao and the end of the year will yall be saying checkmate or go in hiding llike goldenbear did?
  7. What does that say about your guys coaching ?? Cant get over the speed bump?
  8. Ughhh Republic is a district team now. Only reason use and Oakland had to schedule them is because teams like yours choose Glencliff
  9. He played. I think its sportnashville who posted the video of him picking the MJ QB off.
  10. Grimes just volunteers wth npa and his name is not on nothing from what I seen. These 5 students stay under the same roof and has been playing together since little league football am I correct? If they are moving from memphis to Brentwood "210 miles" How can you stop it?
  11. I think we to high at the moment. We have to prove it.
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