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  1. The question is which IMG team are the Raptors facing? The national team or the travel team. If they do put this on ESPN I would think they would bring the Big boys
  2. Probably the most notable game in the state and nobody’s talking about? It takes a lot of you know what to agree to play them boys. Hats off to the Raptors
  3. Bands and Cheerleaders allowed so that will definitely help for the most part.
  4. This is Week 1 for both of these teams. Hillsboro’s returns their Sr QB and getting a new OC “Zach Mettenberger” LSU/Titans but lost there big time RB. PC is a senior heavy team lead by our QB. Also PC will have a new person calling defense this year. Who you got?
  5. We know most of charger nation don’t respect/like us which is cool for one reason or another but much respect to them. Their a well put team and running a offense that NOBODY wants to play against. Everybody has their own opinion. We got Hillsboro and East Nashville the week after. One game at a time BC we can’t even think about the playoffs yet. Good luck to both of u guys.
  6. I’m thinking about catching this game
  7. 1 Pearl Cohn 2 Cane Ridge 3 East Nashville 4 Hillsboro 5 Overton 6 Stratford 7 Hillwood 8 McGavock 9 Hunters lane 10 Maplewood 11 Antioch 12 Glencliff 13 Whites creek I seriously think 5-10 is getting real tight. Hillwood would be the sleeper.
  8. They also reported if the kids tried to transfer they would be deemed in eligible per scs which I don’t know how they could make that call.
  9. Only other game I know at the moment is Whites creek play Glencliff. Cane ridge was pose to play Ravenwood this week but they dropped CR. I think this East Nashville’s bye week. Middle schools athletics and far as fall is a no go. They haven’t been able to practice anyway
  10. BREAKING: Metro Nashville Public Schools Director of Schools Adrienne Battle Announces that Metro Nashville can play football next Friday, September 25... We got the green light to go!! ALL GAS Pc vs Hillsboro at PC
  11. Probably was based on what’s coming back and national number but we was surprised also being ahead of Alcoa.
  12. So y’all gone play Greeneville on the 25th?? I seen one of the GV coaches on social media saying they will they will gladly except oo
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