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  1. He Speaking it into existence lmao
  2. When y'all tried to bail when the district was made I thought t$$aa was going to accept it because it didn't make since to us for yall and us to travel that far. Now that republic joined yall should have more ammo to move.
  3. Mannnnn you about to make me sign into coacht from my labtop lmao
  4. They str8 hammer. They probably have the most D1 talent in the midstate maybe besides ravenwood. Heck they barely have kids under 6ft. They can beat a lot of teams out of district but a few teams in the area has there number. I seen AE and and I think EN could put at least 40 up on them. That's the only Comparison I can think off back your way.
  5. I'm 100% sure whites creek has about 500 kids in the whole school. They have even took teachers away. The school board meetings even from last year they're talking about shutting it down.
  6. Lol ain't no telling. They was probably trying to get it together for us again.
  7. You toning down????? You was turnt a few weeks ago.
  8. Then you get people who want to put aMultiplier on open zones which would put everybody in Nashville 5 or 6a along with memphis
  9. That site is trash lol. We had 2a number for the past few years. This year we got 175 extra students that wasn't counted for which gave us 3a numbers. Whites creek is a 2a school and playing in 3a. I'm wondering if maplewood is going to drop. Republic,kipp,DA and Hunters Lane is killing them
  10. That's the goal BC but a nice mountain to climb.
  11. Well maybe from the video Alcoa DL is just bigger then most teams back that way and you can't beat Team oriented guys. I think that's the main thing that's got us going so far this year.
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