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  1. See I didn’t know that but that makes sense to me now.
  2. I’m still puzzled woods left…
  3. Wow and Ron Lam just took the Overton job…. I think folks is going to fight over that CR job.
  4. Yepp and at the end of the day they don’t care as long as little Joe is on the field..Crazy you normally hear things like this happen in little country towns.
  5. Ensworth folks know how to keep there mouths closed. That what it breaks down to. I’m still tripping that a few LA parents is what got all this started lol
  6. https://x.com/iamkylergarcia/status/1765752539415199973?s=46&t=6U-y0OSQm3GR6luev3SYBw Thats a huge offer. Cornell offered Pearl Cohn 25 DE/DT
  7. You know folks in today’s climate is going to find something to complain about. It started with public and private then it moved to open zone and county and now when the boarding schools start winning, it’s a problem. To be truthful about the national schedule/ playing ranked teams I was just thinking out loud. As a fan of Tennessee high school football it’s good seeing the state of Tennessee getting that exposure “No matter what team” and seeing how we match up.
  8. I think Lipscomb should have went the IMG route and started played a national schedule, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Cheating our not everyone was cheering for them when they played them top teams from other states. Quite frankly it made TN football look good. I wonder will McCallie pick up with LA left off and start scheduling them top 25 teams. People already don’t like them and want them gone because it’s a boarding school…
  9. I’m a Middle TN guy and was just puzzled when I seen this post. No knock on Lexington because I actually enjoy the fans but that’s two totally different atmospheres in my mind.
  10. I never thought about it like that…Wow
  11. Can’t say that because remember his name was in the hat when Antioch first came open but the principal didn’t hire him.
  12. I wouldn’t neither at the moment.We’re Senior and Sophomore heavy. This Sophomore class is just about big as the class that’s graduating this year. They working extra hard so we will see how it turns out.
  13. This is the year upperman needs to prove it.
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