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  1. I heard White House defeated Smith County at Watertown last Friday. They lost to Trousdale Last Friday missing 2 players but beat them yesterday at Portland by 20. White House lost their two best players to graduation so don’t know what to make of them right now.
  2. How’d spring practice finish up?
  3. White House opens spring practice this Thursday, I don't think they have any spring scrimmages scheduled due to the later start date.
  4. I believe BDP has their lift-a-thon tomorrow night. It’ll be interesting to see the turnout for the boys. I’ve heard coach has made some changes/improvements in the locker room and weight room since taking over as well. First chance to see the new staff at work. Looking forward to a great night.
  5. Well, WHHS has definitely gone through some changes the past 10 years. The stability of the coaching staff has been something the program has had to overcome outside of Porter and Hamilton. I don’t think they’re as far away as you make think Loco. They do play in a tough region where 6-4 doesn’t get you in the playoffs as was the case last season. I think Hamilton will make the right hire. It may not be a quick hire as you want it to be but it’ll be the right hire. Worst thing you can do is make a quick one and the coach stays a year and is out. However, I sure hope an experienced coach is hire to help the overall young staff. I trust the admin and coach to make the best hire possible. I hope BDP can get back to the days where 2-3 losses is painful and stings.
  6. Slow? This thread? WH team speed? Guess I’m confused.
  7. I believe BDP will be better than some think. The turnover may be a good thing for all involved. Changes sting for some early on but long term. Blue Devil football will be fine. I think WH finishes in the top 4 and makes the playoffs. Their non-region schedule did get tougher with Station Camp and Watertown replacing East Robertson and Sycamore. Any staff additions?
  8. A new year brings a new coach roaming the sidelines. Coach Porter has been the HC since the late 80s and is no longer in charge. Ryan Hamilton is now the man tasked with leading BDP back to the promise land. I hope he does well and I believe he will lead this program to new heights. BDP baby! Go Devils. Thoughts?
  9. Any updates on the hiring of additional staff?
  10. White House has dropped East Robertson and Sycamore and picked up Watertown and Station Camp. The schedule will be tougher in 2019 than this past year. As I said, the DC is extremely crucial not only to this upcoming season but to the tenure of Hamilton. I could see Hamilton taking his time to make sure he hires the right person. I hear that all the coaches will be gone, etc. but none of that really matters if he makes the wrong hire. I believe he will make the best hire for him, the staff, kids, and program in general. Although some things are still up in the air, I am excited about the future of BDP football. To the alumni that are concerned, roll your sleeves and help out. BDP!!
  11. I assume Coach Hamilton will remain as the OC even wearing the head coach hat?? His next hire is vital in my opinion. He needs an experienced coach that can handle the defense under his watch. It will be very interesting to see what teaching positions become available for him to use. From my knowledge, Porter, Honeycutt, and Jackson will all remain as part of the faculty in the Fall. If so, teaching spots are slim. I wish nothing but the best for all involved during this time of change.
  12. I would assume Coach Hamilton is waiting to see what teaching positions the admin gives him to hire a coach. It’s still early in the process as it pertains to teaching spots. I would say late to mid February some people will start to be interviewed/hired. Thanks for your concern though. Hope the search in Trousdale is going well.
  13. It has been quiet around the football facility other than offseason workouts. Basketball is in full swing around BDP country!
  14. Who even plays 8 man football around here? Are the teams any good? Seems like a big letdown to play 8 man...maybe I am wrong.
  15. There was a player meeting Thursday morning. Was told that Honeycutt and Jackson were not present at the meeting. Two other assistants who reapplied were in attendance. So I guess there are a couple of openings on Hamilton’s staff.
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