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  1. White House will have to get Ranen some help. He can’t do it on his own. Heritage has to address the line issues on both sides of the ball. They got whipped up front most every game.
  2. I’ll have you a 2021 Preview on Heritage when we get closer to next summer. The Patriots have went to the playoffs the last 2 years and finished with a 7-4 record in each campaign. It’s time for Heritage to take the next step! I will tell you that White House has a really good Running Back in Ranen Blackburn coming back for 2021. Kid is a STUD!
  3. I heard that Hendersonville has 12 players out for contact tracing. I do not know which ones.
  4. If TSSAA leaves it with 9 teams they would have to give an additional spot or two for the playoffs. No way those schools will go for that!
  5. Heritage did not start out with all of their starters in there against MC. The Patriots got the ball to start the game and marched it down the Indians throat for a TD. The Defense started mostly backups and gave up 2 quick TD’s to MC. Heritage was down 14-7 at Halftime. Coach Dickerson made a change at the half, and put their starters in their for the whole 2nd Half. When that changed was made, they played their brand of Football. Heritage scored 14 unanswered and shut out MC in the 2nd Half. The Patriots could have added another TD at the end of the game, but kneeled on it at the MC 5 yard line. Heritage also turned it over on downs inside MC’s 20 early in the 4th. So in reality, it could have been a 21 point Win. Heritage was trying to rest some guys and get healthy, but that almost backfired. I believe the Patriots will come out Friday Night and play with their hair on fire.
  6. We’ll see what happens come Friday night, that’s why they play the game.
  7. Yeah, the Bobcats Offense was bad this year. I’m not sure what Greenbrier needs to do moving forward. They changed from the old Wing T to a multiple set a few years back.
  8. Fake News. You know why Heritage plays up to 4A? It’s because the gate is better. No one comes to y’all’s games.
  9. I think you are decreasing this thread’s intelligence with your ignorance.
  10. They sure did. I’m not going to make excuses, but I’m not sure why Heritage didn’t practice during fall break. The Patriots looked flat from the jump.
  11. I was up in that press box. I am Heritage’s PA Announcer. And yes Heritage moved the ball at times like they wanted to in the 2nd half. Your Lines did dominate up front and that was the difference. I will say, reduce those turnovers and it would have probably been worse. There is no excuse for how the Patriots played, but not practicing during Fall Break was a big part of the problem IMO. When Heritage brings their “A” game they are not far behind Creek Wood. Also, there is no way Westmoreland is in a tougher region that WHH is. Both Springfield & Creek Wood are very good football teams. The Yellow Jackets have been in the State Championship Game 2 out of the last 3 years. Has anyone in your Region done that during that span? Even for 2A? Creek Wood is 9-0 and they are playing 8-1 Springfield on Friday Night for the Region Championship. I sure hope Heritage gets to come over to Westmoreland next year.
  12. Being a former Greenbrier Football player, I have to say it! “Go Bobcats!”
  13. I disagree. If the field has some traction, the Yellow Jackets will Win by 2 or more scores.
  14. This is just awful! I’m feel for Dekalb County’s Players, Coaches, & families.
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