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  1. So many Blowouts today. 2A was so far from being a competitive product with all these darn classes.
  2. With that mindset there is always a limit of schools who are “eliminated” from being competitive its just how far. heck have 8 classes
  3. 3. Just one example- East Nashville won one game against an opponent with a winning record since district tourneys began and needed OT to beat that average team last night and made the state tourney… only 3 wins against above .500 teams all year. Really 4 pub classes just not necessary in my opinion. Sure everybody feels good cause more gold balls and more money for T$$AA.
  4. What a fun darn game not skin it the game just watched it randomly on the network. Sure glad I did!
  5. Fr he could be. Hope he doesnt transfer out. Wouldnt expect as GP has a great program but if a kid is top 50 nationally and they are not already at the highest level or have some home grown roots etc OT or out of area Prep is how it plays out alot of times recent and moving forward.
  6. Somto Cyril was at Hamilton Heights in Chatt. Left for OT Elite. Another top 45 in the country leaving the state.
  7. Yup heck alot of people can’t hit 17/21 on full speed layups. Incredible achievement by an incredible player. Sounds like the player/coaches realized it was a historic night so they kept putting her in position to make it actually historic and she kept knocking em down. Thats a good coach and team. Thoughtful and worrying about the other teams ability to keep the game close or guard a player is the opponents issue. All records like this come with somebody way really special played too many minutes or shot to much its the only way the records like this get broken.
  8. Oh I read them and they make sense. They didnt propose they passed maybe you should read. I didnt pick the article basing it off success of the district that’s irrelevant. With this its a group of ideas or principle not a subject like algebra so harder to see if its in books or teacher’s curriculum just many times it was just parents saying it was being taught by a teacher not in official curriculum so of course that makes sense to send a link to an example of that guess they were all lying and you are right. You’ve taken this way into left field from my original comments anyway
  9. Editing and Added 90% of reply 10 mins after I respond lol but nah got no problem with that at least had a say in it instead of some govt cuck forcing it
  10. I love how I have to provide data and links for everybody but y'all just say whatever lol Yes they have . https://www.reuters.com/world/us/critical-race-theory-roils-tennessee-school-district-2021-09-21/ https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/politics/2021/05/05/tennessee-bans-critical-race-theory-schools-withhold-funding/4948306001/
  11. Well TN does good on wierdo curriculum id say but for how long idk they had many trying to teach critical race theory and some gender fluid reading but TN I think shut it down.
  12. Its less like socialism lol taking ppls money (tax payers) who dont want to pay into a system anymore is more socialism. ppl would like to get money back and choose for thier kids. Or poor ppl would like to go to a school not ran by Govt crazies more worried about gender studies
  13. Didnt know that about size as he is good size for freshman, hes got some moxy could ba an all state type QB if the OC will open the play book and hopefully gets developed well.
  14. “Everybody gets so emotional lol He’s just looking at the data and where public schools are compared to where they have been and where they are trending. They are down in ever major category such as Science, Math, Reading for 30 years and no amount of funding or boo hooing has seemed to curve it because its a home, policy and ten other thing issue so why not try something different instead of pumping money in something that keeps failing. Idk on whose right or wrong but something will give. The average kid coming out of high school struggles to read at a 7th grade level or do simple math and don’t have any ability to work with their hands either lol“ “Look at satisfaction rate and data for current voucher program. Compare scores, attendance, post secondary education levels etc of private vs public. Compare private vs public with no williamson county or magnet schools included is quite telling. Plenty of actual data out there if you look. I dont want to change the whole thread I was just making a point on someones comment on Gov Lee hating pub schools which I thought was not accurate.” https://thehill.com/opinion/education/4295760-plummeting-test-scores-an-america-getting-dumber-might-be-the-least-of-our-problems/amp/ https://tennesseelookout.com/briefs/report-tennessee-public-school-student-losses-traced-to-surge-in-private-school-enrollment/ ^my original posts What are you trying to argue about what Im saying? Actually be specific I never said I liked Nashville/govt control, county control sounds nice if it were more that way Nashville and more so Washington run the show the reason many if could afford it and had the means would go private. Im using specific issues and points and you’re not telling me Im wrong just that you dont agree and rambling about stuff so whats the point lol thats why I'm saying its wasted time Id rather just talk sports I could careless which route TN whatever is best for kids. Ive done pretty well with a old country school education. I was just defending Bill lee as I dont think hes out to get everybody lol - as for any more data than links above go to any private school website look at the data I mentioned of above then go to state website and compare to public to much to link or heck just go to the schools. Nothing I said requires any more than that or ask around not hard to figure out why one is typically a better learning environment lol
  15. Data and stats are out there form your own opinions on academic achievements and change of that space possibly in the future. I'm good on not having a debate with 5 ppl cause its a emotional subject for some. Whats the verdict on the transfer rule?
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