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  1. Any scores? Harpeth and MLK were tied at half but haven't heard an update
  2. I agree and I like cheatham and East in 2nd round and cheatham over East in finals.
  3. Did Welch even get a shot at this job? I thought he was coach in waiting.
  4. Cheatham county girls will be solid again. That team last year only had 2 seniors. Once again it will come down to can they get past East or Pearl in the regions.
  5. I think your right but I'll be rooting for the cubs and war eagles.
  6. They may very well be the 3rd seed in this region. They should beat Harpeth and that would make the Camden game huge. Assuming Fairview and cubs are playing for 1 and 2 in the region.
  7. Hey I went 2 and 1. I watched an instructional video about football before I picked. It was on the internet's. Lol Nice win for your eagles don't think many seen that spread coming. And for the record I'm a Harpeth alum.
  8. This thread got quite real quick....who y'all got tonight? I'll take Fairview by 21 Cheatham by 7 And heck Stewart by 7, and only because sycamore is averaging 9 points a game. This maybe sycamore last opportunity to get a W though.
  9. James transferred to Fairview. Imo it's the blue devil's and everyone else. Ward is your MVP
  10. Exactly what I said above," sycamore defense kept it from being worse". With the amount of turnovers it should have been worse, regardless if they completed the 2 passes or not.
  11. Should have been worse, cubs had a 60 yarder called back and a turnover inside eagles 20. Sycamore defense kept it from being worse.
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