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  1. Two solid teams playing at Loudon next Friday night. Who ya got and why?
  2. That's what happens when you are already expecting an easy win over Cannon County. Cannon is the underdog..... but!
  3. No doubt. But, the uestion is will Loudon have enough firepower to beat Alcoa? It should be a good game!
  4. The Jackets are coming to the Brickyard for the first time. Hopefully the rain will be out by game time. This should be a great game!
  5. Should be a great night for high school football in the Brickyard!
  6. Playoff football returns to the Brickyard as the Bobcats will be welcoming Sweetwater. How do you guys feel about this one?
  7. Not sure if the Bocats can hang with them. They are from your area and Rhea Co. scrimmaged GC. How do you think GC will stack up to the Blue Raiders?
  8. Richlands young QB can throw it! They are also pretty solid up front. I like the change in offensive scheme and they'll get after you on defense if the Jamboree was any indication. However, conditioning may be their weakness
  9. Should be a very competitive league. I'm expecting a big turnaround at Squatch with the new energy brought into the program through a coaching change and facility upgrade! I feel assured coach Mac will have them ready win this region.
  10. From the outside looking in all the signs point to a Stewart Co. win. The advantages for Stewart include: 1. TEN hard fought wins this season. Those guys never quit and overcome adverstiy. 2. Giles has an almost three hour commute, so Stewart County will prolly have more fans. 3. Home field advantage.... just ask Straford and Fairview about that.
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