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  1. brian2000

    Redistricting for Class 4A

    Regardless, schools shouldn’t be allowed to pick and choose which region they want to play in. 6A numbers shouldn’t be in 4A or vice versa imo.
  2. brian2000

    2A Championship Trousdale Co vs. Peabody

    On TV that ref moved that punt back about 10-12 inches lol after punt team touched it
  3. brian2000

    4A Title Game #1 Greeneville Vs. Haywood

    Go Tomcats from Springfield
  4. brian2000

    Springfield vs Haywood again......

    Haywood was bigger and faster. The summary of the game is the Jackets started the game looking like crap on both sides. Before you know it it was 14-0. Then the Jackets finally started playing defense recoverying a fumble and the offense started to move the ball. Haywood fumbled the about 4 times in first half and Jackets only recovered one. Halftime score 14-7. Jackets get the ball 2nd half and starts off around the 10 yd line in there own territory. QB throws a pick and gives the Tomcats great field position. 21-7. Fat takes KO down past the 50 on nice return. Couple plays later SHS QB throws it into double coverage at the goal line and its picked again. Haywood has a long drive with a couple of long runs and now it’s 28-7 in 3rd. And that about sealed the deal. On the KO Jackets try a reverse by pitching the wet ball and fumbled it.....giving Haywood great field position again. The Tomcats made Springfield pay once again making it 35-7. Tomcats scored 21 pts in about 5/6 mins. At that pt it was time to start warming up the bus.
  5. brian2000

    Springfield vs Haywood again......

    Good luck to Haywood. Beat green
  6. brian2000

    Springfield vs Haywood again......

    Biased 34-33 Jackets Safe travels fellow Jackets
  7. brian2000

    Springfield vs Haywood again......

    Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Jackets and to the Haywood Tomcat fans!
  8. brian2000

    Springfield vs Haywood again......

    SHS has avged 39 pts their last seven games with a 13 pt game in there. This game feels like it will another shoot out.
  9. brian2000

    Springfield vs Haywood again......

    I agree lol Springfield have been the champs against Jackson schools last couple of yrs haha
  10. brian2000

    Springfield vs Haywood again......

    Lol im gonna give it back pepboy lol
  11. brian2000

    Springfield vs Haywood again......

    Now!.....got carried away...... lil devil tempting me lol Much respect for Haywood. No doubt in my mind that the Tomcats are looking for revenge like they were a wk ago. The Jackets must absolutely play flawless on offense again. The Jacket defense better get things corrected bc Haywood has been avging 40 pts a game since they started their win streak on Sept 28 and I expect they will make an attempt to keep that streak going.
  12. brian2000

    Springfield vs Haywood again......

    The Jackets have that as well. But I’m not here to coddle or kiss the ring.......you feel me pepboy?
  13. brian2000

    Springfield vs Haywood again......

    Us? What you going to blow that trumpet and make that place loud? Us L O L
  14. brian2000

    Springfield vs Haywood again......

    To bad the fans can’t strap it up and play against one another lol. I feel like Bill Goldberging a mutha