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  1. I agree. I understand passing when they were playing way behind the chains due to bad snaps or penalties. The RB screen pass worked both times. I know it’s not easy but the Jacket QB has trouble holding a wet football. I kind of expected a similar offensive game like we saw at White House running 9
  2. I seen both teams play and I can see your prediction happening
  3. The Jackets will pretty much see the same offense and players from last season. Portland is capable of scoring for sure. The Panthers likes to run but the QB can sling it when he needs to. I expect the Jacket defense to get some stops. Right now my biggest concern is the Jacket offense. I see this game being in the 20s either way.
  4. Numbers of interest. ( doesn’t have anything to do with outcome) Both teams opponents have an avg 3-4 overall record. Jackets (including both blowout losses) avg 25 pts a game giving up 28. Jackets avg in region games is 38 giving up 33. MC avg points per game is 31 giving up 17. In region they avg 24 giving up 19. The Jackets have played a tougher non region schedule IMO but MC has played the tougher region schedule up to this point with no common opponents played. Numbers don’t matter alot of times but doesn’t look good on paper for the Jackets.....and yes I know football is not played on paper! Just an observation for discussion since this threads has been slow
  5. It appears that big # 33 is playing TB when MC is lined up in the I formation. Like last yr the Jackets will probably struggle bringing him down. Seems like the Jackets may need to go big at DTs
  6. Maybe on the best team MC has played. CreekWood got a good team.
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