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  1. I predict Jackets win 48-0. Starters will be pilled around halftime. Backups may get a couple of scores as well.
  2. I figured since covid cancels their could be exceptions.
  3. How does Daniel Boone get 1 seed when they are 2-1 and D. Crockett is 3-1? Boone and Cherokee couldn’t have cancelled a same date non region game and play?
  4. Can someone refresh me on the rule if their happens to be a 3 way tie fighting for 2 or 3 playoff spots?
  5. NW : 21: 1-9 20: 1-7 19: 3-7 18: 2-8 17: 1-9 16: 6-5 Their SR class will go 7-31 during their tenure
  6. Kind of feel sorry for NW kids....getting drilled every wk in a collision sport. Tuff!
  7. Game could go either depending on who plays better, makes less mistakes, etc. Here is a little useless info...in 4 common region games Portland average score is 30-27. Henry Co average score is 36-16. Portland run defense appears to be a weakness. HC has a better balanced offense and Portland is much better running than passing. I predict 31-20 Patriots at home
  8. It looks like Springfield will host Brighton in the first round in a couple of weeks. Why didn’t Brighton and Memphis Overton reschedule their region game that was covid cancelled on September 3? Both just had a bye week the same Friday. Overton may have had a chance instead of Brighton.
  9. Oh wow! It’s amazing the turn those teams took. Crazy! May have gotten Boro in the POs
  10. Didnt think it would have been 48 points better
  11. I bet it was. I had to set at home and watch Socialdweebs due to work. Kudos to the fellas for being able to have connection for the broadcast. Appreciate them!!
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