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  1. Possibly. I didn’t think they could preseason last yr but they proved me wrong. Offensively they have to replace the RB. Defensively they have to replace a DL and 3 LBs and a FS....which I think they will. I expect the Jackets to be the #1 seed facing Hardin Co in the 3rd again. Hardin, if healthy, will be tough. Haywood may be the semi team again from the west. Will be tough
  2. Springfield returns most OL and DL, QB, WR, K. Biggest replacements are 3 LBs and RB. I expect them to 3 peat. Im expecting a showdown with Hardin Co before Haywood. Hardin returns a very good passing attack. From the very little knowledge I have of other region foes CreekWood lost some firepower and MC lost their main weapon at RB. Heritage lost their best RB and WR but return their QB. WH should have a good RB return. Portland lost their main weapon at QB. 1 Spfd 2 WH 3 CreekWood 4 Heritage 5 Portland 6 MC 7 Greenbrier * the 2,3,4 spots are really a tossup imo.
  3. Going to be 5 classes is what I’m hearing , starting in 2021
  4. Jackets had a terrible day with the offense execution and didn’t look like they had many backup plans. Fumbled punt ....sigh. Credit Cyclones for shutting the run down. Cyclones won that in the trenches. Jackets defense did what I expected for most part. I saw several missed tackles that was frustrating. Jackets defense had to wear out due to the offense struggles. Cyclones caught the Jackets having a bad offensive day. Best team won and congrats
  5. Congrats to Cyclones! Jackets had to many self inflictions that they weren’t going to overcome. Cyclone defense took away the run game and that’s that.
  6. Im still predicting this biased opinion. From very little highlight reels I’ve seen the Jackets will have to contain the QB and not let him scramble all over the place and make plays with his legs and arms. I like our chances if they can contain him more times than not
  7. I know what you mean.....like after watching film ....Haywood by far looked bigger and faster than Betsy imho. But it will all be settled in Cookeville Saturday
  8. Watching some hudl highlights EHS QB will be tough to defend since he’s so elusive. Jackets have defensive speed so it will be interesting to see how this will shake out. QB like that can be dangerous with the RPOs and read options imo. Saw some WR screens that were well blocked. I expect the Cyclones to make plays and I expect the Jacket coaches to adjust and make plays. I expect both teams to have their way at times on both sides of the ball. Neither team can really afford self inflicted mistakes imo. Also......I grew up a Vols fan here in Northern MidTN so .... to Jason Whitten
  9. How many Srs will the Cyclones have? Jackets have like 9 (ish)
  10. Numbers or rankings doesn’t matter but fun facts to throw around for conversation sake. It appears that the #1 Cyclones have been consistent and according to the strength + success on the T ranking 1-20 in 4A they have beaten.... 17 Sullivan South (6-6) 8 Nolensville (11-3) 3 Greene Co All stars 2x (10-3) The #5 Yellow Jackets started out on a rough patch. Trying to figure themselves out after losing a 3 headed monster from last yrs team. But they have seem to hit a hot streak the 2nd half of the season on into the playoffs...... Lost to: 12 Montgomery Central (7-3) 9 Marshall Co (9-3) Won: 14 WH Heritage (7-4) 10 Creek Wood (9-3) 7 Hardin Co (11-2) 4 Haywood (12-2) 1 Elizab............... ^ We’ll see just my 2 cent agenda
  11. The Jackets will be physical as well. Any Jacket fans know if the team practiced on Austin Peays turf this wk? I think they may have 2 yrs ago in preparation for playing on the carpet.
  12. Soak it up! Will be a nice little drive for the Cyclone faithful I see
  13. The Jackets will be playing on turf for the first time this yr
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