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  1. Yea I could see that. Could #5 do anything else on offense? He played well on defense last season for sure.
  2. About time BDP plays an out of region opponent their own size...i kid i kid With SC recent struggles and WH transition I could see this game in the 20s possibly going either way. WH 24 SC 20
  3. WC had a couple of 3-7 seasons but I expect their very best on Friday. I saw were Trey Aric is/was their OC....former assistant coach in Springfield. Glad the Wilson boys have made SHS football fun again! Go Jackets!
  4. The starters looked ready to go in the jamboree even though the competition wasn’t great. Our D appeared to be quick and swarm after the ball. I agree that our scoring could possibly dip a little. I like our experience up front and group of RBs. I have enjoyed the playoffs the last several yrs and I hope they can make another deep run.
  5. Well it’s that time again....where does time go? The Jackets travel to Wilson Co to take on Central for game 1. They graduated key skilled players but plenty of weapons to spark the offense. Jackets return 4 starters on the OL and a few skilled players who played a lot of snaps last season. New starter at QB who played well on defense last season as well. The defense returns several starters and will be a strength imo. Got a good group of young kickers who will get better as time goes. I don’t know much about Wilson Central but my guess..... SHS 27 WCHS 14
  6. Regardless, schools shouldn’t be allowed to pick and choose which region they want to play in. 6A numbers shouldn’t be in 4A or vice versa imo.
  7. On TV that ref moved that punt back about 10-12 inches lol after punt team touched it
  8. Haywood was bigger and faster. The summary of the game is the Jackets started the game looking like crap on both sides. Before you know it it was 14-0. Then the Jackets finally started playing defense recoverying a fumble and the offense started to move the ball. Haywood fumbled the about 4 times in first half and Jackets only recovered one. Halftime score 14-7. Jackets get the ball 2nd half and starts off around the 10 yd line in there own territory. QB throws a pick and gives the Tomcats great field position. 21-7. Fat takes KO down past the 50 on nice return. Couple plays later SHS QB throws it into double coverage at the goal line and its picked again. Haywood has a long drive with a couple of long runs and now it’s 28-7 in 3rd. And that about sealed the deal. On the KO Jackets try a reverse by pitching the wet ball and fumbled it.....giving Haywood great field position again. The Tomcats made Springfield pay once again making it 35-7. Tomcats scored 21 pts in about 5/6 mins. At that pt it was time to start warming up the bus.
  9. Biased 34-33 Jackets Safe travels fellow Jackets
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Jackets and to the Haywood Tomcat fans!
  11. SHS has avged 39 pts their last seven games with a 13 pt game in there. This game feels like it will another shoot out.
  12. I agree lol Springfield have been the champs against Jackson schools last couple of yrs haha
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