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  1. Tomcat upcoming sophmore Caden Harris CB/WR picks up his first offer from Johnson C. Smith University
  2. That speed from Pearl is different, better get someone on 8
  3. Sounds like an if to me As well. All three of those things happen still down 7 lol
  4. Unless it was missed.. one of your coaches stated your kids said sum first but hey
  5. First fumble y’all was down 20-13… second y’all was down 27-19… either team was stopping each other easily a 2 TD swing my guy!
  6. Who said anything bout #12? I didn’t single out anyone lol
  7. If anything it woulda brought y’all within 7.. both those fumbles happened in the first half. Y’all go win it! Truly pulling for y’all
  8. You’ve never been to our stadium so you wouldn’t get it.
  9. Stalking the team as they walked in from both sides for one. Sore loser? Not at all. Agitating players as well
  10. Underestimating your opponent. Can talk about what ifs all day. They won for sure. But those who watched and were their know. Pearl was two clear fumbles blown down and one drop from being at home. I hope they win it for sure
  11. Was more cocky than swagger n confidence. It’s a difference
  12. Not gonna lie, film can lie. PC rolled in and by their players demeanor that thought they were gonna roll us with no issue.. but carry on
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