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  1. That's a fact! Hampton has a good team but I would say Westview played about 4 or maybe 5 teams that were better than Hampton. Riverside had a good team but Huntingdon, MAHS, and Peabody were forsure better than Riverside. In the Riverside we didn't come out ready to play and had some players sick. A do over with Westview and Riverside would be just like the Hampton game.
  2. 101.3 and 90.3 all from Martin. I think Riverside has a live stream i think its TNL Today
  3. Will any tickets be sold at the gate or just on GoFan?
  4. Westview vs Camden game was called at the starting of the 3rd quarter for lightning.
  5. Don't know how true it is but was told they have 17 transfers.
  6. Maybe this game starts before 8 pm unlike last weeks game.
  7. The guy is bad off. I would be willing to bet that MAHS probably hasn't been hit in the mouth all night like Huntingdon will do.
  8. I read that also. I was wondering if half of Huntingdon's team quit or if it was a miss print. I think at this point anyone can get beat if you have an off night but 42-15. I don't see that.
  9. And that game was called right after halftime and Westview had 3 tds called back. Simpson didn't have a good night throwing the ball but it also had come a flood right before the game.
  10. Who has Huntingdon beat that makes them world beaters? McKenzie would have beaten Huntingdon by 5 tds if it hadn't been raining that night. They put 63 pts on basically Milan's JV.
  11. Simpson had around 50 yards passing because Westview had around 250 yards rushing in the first half. After halftime Westview only played JV Qb and Jv runningback. Westview still don't have the running back/linebacker 6.1" 205+ that they were going to start the year out with. He's only played 1-2 quarters all year so if he returns it only makes Westview better on both sides of the ball. Westview has way more in the play book than what they have shown and will only go as deep in it as they have too. Westview wins this game!
  12. https://www.facebook.com/208257439212292/posts/4500497986654861/
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