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  1. Backs do run hard. 13 was player of the game. 15 mixed in a few good, tough runs. Of course 9 did his thing on the ground. Have to stop being so sloppy with the ball, though. He put it on the ground a couple times and made an ill-advised pass across the middle that Camden safety just dropped. And we're about to start singing that same old tune about the playbook. Thought they had been making some progress, but then attempted only like 2 or 3 passes? Not gonna get it done if we come up against a talented team with enough speed to keep those boys from getting the edge. Despite the score, this game left some to be desired for me. Huntingdon needs some competition. They need to be in a dog fight before the post season. So far it looks like MAYBE Milan will give them any challenge this year, if Milan can get it turned around.
  2. I believe Peyton Manning would have some apt words here. Kid needs to shut up and kick....
  3. Yikes. Good luck to Henry Co from west Tn, but I sure am glad I'm not one of the ones trying to sit out there and wait that one out...
  4. At what point would they decide to push the game to tomorrow. That's awfully late
  5. Give me a few mins. I'll brb. Looks like you jumped in there yourself.. No crow? U big dummy.
  6. When Whitwell beat SP the first time, i said lookout GBack. Several GB posters said GB had nothing to look out for. They were untouchable in 1A. Some major crow eating to be had tonight! Congrats to Whitwell and Cornersville. I'm gonna say that Cville is the underdog in the game of underdogs here, but should be a good one..
  7. Big time point. Woodard was the player of the game last night. Kid runs as hard as any I've seen all year. Your QB is also much improved. Solid game with very few mistakes
  8. Going with Greenback by 3 scores in this one. Whitwell has had a great run this year, but I feel like they're going to hit the wall next week.
  9. Wrong. I don't know a single actual person that believed Huntingdon would run away with that game.. plenty thought we had a shot to win, but no one was seriously saying Huntingdon was 2-3 scores better. Huntingdon gave them their best test of the season so far and the game lived up to the hype. It wouldn't have been the most anticipated game in the state this week if anyone thought it would be a blowout either way...
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