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  1. Don't let a couple of Huntingdon posters make you all think that. Yeah we don't make it as far as we would like every year, but not many teams do. We are never the biggest, fastest, strongest team, but we will be competitive and win a lot more than we probably shouldn't. We are also never the "self proclaimed" state champions. That gets thrown around here on the T from year to year, but it isn't always the Huntingdon posters. Yet we get trashed around on here by everyone. We ran into a better MAHS team with a lot of seniors and lost by a point. We will work and try to be better next year.
  2. I don’t know the kid personally, but I did watch a video on YouTube where he talked about knowing he wont go down there and start day 1. Taking the “Mac Jones approach” as he calls it. It’s true. Learn from the best and set your self up to light it up for one year and your set for life. Smart kid.
  3. His son was already committed to Bama before he even took a snap in 2A. Not sure what more exposure he would need lol
  4. Hats off to the QB for Hampton. That kid is a baller. Tough, smart, patient runner. Could sling it if needed. And came up hard and made perfect tackles on defense. Not to mention his demeanor and body language were impressive.
  5. Does anyone know when Mr Football voting has to be turned in? Do they vote again once the finalists are trimmed down to 3?
  6. You’re 100% correct brother. #2 is a stud! You could tell once their nerves settled they were wayyyyyy hungrier than McK. That DLine especially was even pumping me up lol
  7. Hard to watch indeed. However the Coach on the NFHS Stream was complaining to the refs to "let them play ball!" Wow lol
  8. Bring it back to Carroll County Rebs. Can’t wait to hear all the “#7 and #11 are legit, huh” comments in about 75 minutes.
  9. My prediction for today... Marquez Taylor gets an offer from UTC (if he hasn't already)
  10. Saw the post on 1A in 2022 and figured I would get the conversation started for 2A. Who are the favorites in the West and the East for next season?
  11. I don't think you watched their game from last week on Youtube, unless you watched it on NHFS Network. Peabody wasn't able to stream the game from last week. The game from last year is on there.
  12. It is on NFHS Network. It will cost you about $10 for 1 month subscription but to me it’s worth it if your area doesn’t broadcast the State Championships on cable.
  13. Good luck to the runnin Rebs. Taylor & McCreary are a handful. QB Cassidy can also tout it and throw it around also, but he may be a better safety. Haven't seen anything on SP this year. What athletes should we be looking for?
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