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  1. You know, as I recall, people on this board were picking everybody but Covington to win 7-3A in each of the two previous years. Milan and South Gibson were mentioned in threads on Coach T as probable winners of this region. I think some of y'all are "experiencing deja vu all over again", as somebody once said. Some of the discussion sure sounds familiar. I look at this from an admittedly biased viewpoint, and I could be wrong, but I do believe that Covington will be heard from pretty strongly in 7-3A. I'll be glad to congratulate the winner if somebody else proves to be the region champ. Let the games begin!
  2. Being a Saturday game in Rutherford County, with it's growing population, I would expect a big crowd. It's also the weekend before the SEC opens play, so some folks will be looking for football to watch live. Somebody please report attendance here on coach T. This should be an interesting game. If it wasn't a 3-hour drive for me, I would consider it.
  3. My guess is that he will be ready. He was fully dressed out at the jamboree, with no bandages, braces, etc. I will be really surprised if he doesn’t play.
  4. Yeah, we've got no answer if it comes down to a "battle of the bands". You know, I told a Munford mom once "Munford could have a good football team if you got some of those 300 lb tuba players to play football instead." She said "one of those tuba players is my son". I took my foot out of my mouth and walked away.
  5. The Chargers open at 5A Munford. These teams would each like to get a win for in-county bragging rights. I have to think that Covington is favored by double digits, but in 2017 Munford beat us at their place. Covington went on to run the table the rest of the way until the 3A title game vs. Alcoa. So, these rivalry games are not always chalk. Munford had Dyersburg down 7-0 at the half of the jamboree Friday, and if I'm not mistaken, D'burg had no first downs. With all the subs that the teams were playing in the second half, D'burg came back and scored 3 times in the second half to win the scrimmage. I was impressed with Munford. Their QB made some good plays with his feet, and their running backs did well too. What's your opinion?
  6. Dyersburg Jamboree Game 4 Dyersburg 19 Munford 7
  7. Dyersburg Jamboree Game 3 USJ 21 Obion County Central 6
  8. Covington 9 Crockett County 0 in Dyersburg jamboree. Chargers forced and recovered 3 fumbles plus stopped CC on a 4th and 2. Charger D in mid-season form. Scored a TD on one fumble return. Chargers played Ruffin (1st) & Stewart (2nd) at QB. All-state RB Marcus Hayes sat out with an ankle after a 4-wheeler crash. The Offense moved the ball some and was inside the 5 going in when the 1st half ran out. Our squad is not playoff-ready based on our offense tonight, but I’m sure Coach Kirby didn’t show it all here. It’s a long season and we will improve. At Munford next week.
  9. Dyersburg Jamboree Game 2 Covington 9 Crockett County 0
  10. Dyersburg Jamboree results: Game 1 Brownsville 28 Brighton 3 and it wasn’t as close as the score indicated.
  11. Yeah, I'm a little concerned myself. I will see the Chargers vs. Crockett County in the jamboree tomorrow night. I'll let you know more after seeing them play. New coach, new QB, who knows?
  12. The Memphis Commercial Appeal has picked Covington to repeat as Champions of Region 7-3A. Their ranking for the regions looks like this: Region 7-3A 1. Covington 2. Milan 3. McNairy 4. South Gibson 5. Westview 6. Bolivar As a Covington fan, I realize that we have lost a lot of talent from the team that won the 3A Silver Ball last year, but I do see that we return 20 seniors (per the roster on Max__Preps). And the paper did mention some of our returning players: Can Covington's Marcus Hayes win Mr. Football? Hayes was a Mr. Football semifinalist in Class 3A last year as a sophomore and helped lead the Chargers to their second consecutive appearance in the state title game. Will the Chargers be back for a third time? Covington returns all-state selections in Hayes and linebackers Caleb Winfrey and Lareko Burton. Here's a link to the entire article: https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/sports/high-school/2019/08/15/high-school-football-tssaa-memphis-tennessee-preview-class-5-a-and-6-a/2007474001/
  13. The Dyersburg jamboree is Aug. 16. Covington will play Crockett County. I don't have the rest of the matchups, but in previous years teams in this event have included Munford, Brighton, Haywood County, Dyersburg, and Obion County.y Oh, and Union City.
  14. Your opinion edited into my post.......a little dirty pool. Covington has a great off-season program, and has for years. Alcoa's might be better, but that's debatable. Why not state your opinion separate from my words? Now, to the main point. I have heard rumors for a while about Alcoa, but until the OP showed a news article quoting members of the actual Alcoa school board about some questionable practices, I was not going to comment. Unless somebody lied in the news article, school board members made specific accusations in an open public meeting. If the accusations are true, then they do explain the difference between the two programs. Since you want to speak for Alcoa I'll ask you directly: were the accusations true?
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