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  1. We usually travel well to most games good luck to the wildcats next week
  2. Congrats Tullahoma good luck next week vs Betsy
  3. Horrible missed face mask right in front of the official
  4. He is going to Arkansas that's jaylen Lewis
  5. On the road to the game ready for kickoff
  6. happy thanksgiving to all and safe travels on friday to my fellow tomcat fans
  7. def ready to take the long trip to see this game @reddyrebel6 u getting me on the sidelines lol
  8. same brother think we plan on leaving about 2 o clock
  9. dont think so the sun reporter was at westview mahs
  10. Hats off to sgc nothing but respect for the hornets. They gave the tomcats all they wanted and more. Haywood had to earn that win the hard way
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