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  1. Understand the optimism, but Dyersburg and Covington will still rule this region until Westview beats them in November. That's it! By the way, did Jaylen Moseley transfer from JCS?
  2. Waiting on the Ken Northcutt/North Side experiment to end...
  3. Well, my friend, welcome to the political world. Where a school system had around 3,300 students 10 years ago. They chose to close one of their schools (JCM). The enrollment numbers throughout the county have dropped at the high school level from the present to now. But a certain group of people got mad and frustrated, and JMCSS caved in. Therefore, here comes JCM. And now, we have 4 high schools again. This time, the enrollment from the 4 high schools are around 2,600-2,700 students. (NOTE: exclude Madison from both of those enrollment numbers). Jackson's biggest regret are several things: (1) I was informed a few months that a company wanted to install turf field to Liberty's field when they went to the state championship game a few years. Obviously, that company wants their name printed on the track around the stadium. JMCSS said no. (2) Reopening JCM was a regret, those students would be at Liberty. What Jackson needs to do is to build two new high schools. Invest $200 Million in doing that because that's what it'll take to make them "state of the art" but they can't. They just won't. North Side and South Side is getting older by the minute.
  4. Somebody has to get the job. But hey, give it to the guy that has "experience" as a head coach (despite it wasn't good) and screw the assistant coach that maybe an "up and coming" head coach but doesn't have experience. This is where "head coaching experience" is massively overrated.
  5. Curious: are you in the local media?
  6. Haven't had the chance to post on this so I will go ahead. I do like this hire for Humboldt. For Hayden Williams, it is currently a "lateral" job, but the chances to win will be higher than he was at Bolivar. I have no idea what's going on in Hardeman County, but I think it's a head scratcher to see both of their high schools in Bolivar and Middleton to have new principals over the Christmas Break. Another off the topic thing is the drive. There's not a "straight shot" from where Williams live currently to Bolivar. Going from Bolivar to Humboldt will cut off at least 1 hour each day for Williams. So, he can used that hour to either spend time with family, or still work with football. Move on to Humboldt, I think the Vikings are getting a coach that will no their strengths and most importantly, personnel. If Humboldt has the personnel and the QB to throw the football, they'll throw it. If they have the offensive line and running backs to run the football, they'll run it. I don't think HS football coaches utilized their personnel enough. If the players and community can buy in and play good fundamental football, then Humboldt should be a good decent football team. Hayden Williams will care. He's not going to invest so much time for his team not to care. In region play, Williams will get the benefit from playing Covington, Dyersburg, and Ripley, to playing Lake County, Dresden, and New York City.
  7. Just the fact that Westview hired a coach that lost 71-50 to Waverly, gave up 31 to 1-9 Bruceton (Bruceton only scored 30+ just twice last year), 62-25 to Milan, 55-14 to Riverside 72-41 to Milan, 61-13 to Huntingdon, and 47-14 to Adamsville is surprising. Camden's probably happy to pay for the real estate fees. Little Simpson can pad his stats and throw for all the passing yards he wants to. It's not going to matter.
  8. I'll take MASE in this one. I don't trust Union City...
  9. I think there will be plenty of jobs opening up in West Tennessee. It's no secret that two (or three) jobs should be available, but I think we can get to maybe 6. It's not a good thing because families are being impacted, but that's part of it.
  10. I don't know if it's a good thing that one game can dictate a coaching move. However, I have a feeling what school this is..
  11. No way Jose. Are teams not allowed to have bad games? I had a feeling you were waiting to say that, you just didn't know when to say it, until now.
  12. Don't let the 4-6 record from North Side to fool anybody, they haven't defeated a superior opponent. I don't think North Side is being utilized correctly offensively, I do believe they're lacking a QB that can throw the ball down field effectively. Can't score against good competition. The Indians will probably need to get to 35 to have a shot in this game. Unfortunately, I just don't see it. Marshall County appears to score a lot. I like the Tigers, 49-7.
  13. I don't dislike your Tornadoes, I want to make that clear. However, I'm not buying Union City. I do understand you do because you're a fan, I get that. If MASE scores 28 on Union City, then UC is in trouble because that means they have to score at least 29 (duh) to win. And when you look at what I just said, it's tough to UC to accomplish that. I understand Union City want to win 21-14 type ball games, but at some point, the points have to be put on the board against good competition. Unfortunately, they haven't in the last two years. I'm not ignoring those teams I mentioned are quality opponents, because they are.
  14. Let's not sit here and act like Gleason, South Fulton, Greenfield, Halls, and Humboldt are good. I'm glad Gleason went 6-4, I was on notice when they beat Fulton County, Perry County, and Bruceton this year. Greenfield had 3 wins this year, against an combined opponent record of 2-28. Humboldt has an SEC player on the team, but they went 0-10. Let's not sit here and act like Region 7-1A is the SEC here.
  15. Union City won, 10-6. Then, they played Huntingdon the week after, and scored 3. Imagine scoring 13 points in the final two games? That's tough. Oh, and by the way, y'all played USJ, Westview, and Huntingdon last year in the regular season, and didn't score 21 in a single game. But hey, scoring 56 on Houston County seemed like a fun thing to do. Lets move on to this year, scored 6 against Ensworth (a team you thought Union City could win because they had more "heart"), the following week y'all made the trip down to Jackson and lost to USJ, only scoring 19. And I'll buy you a dessert at the Longhorn/Olive Garden (whatever restaurant) you want in Union City because y'all scored 28 on Dresden. Are you noticing a trend here?
  16. Haha, I just got what you said. My mistake. You know what I mean lol...
  17. I'm going to say pump the breaks here real quick my friend. MASE has answered the physical play. They did beat Huntingdon two years ago, and the did beat the breaks off Lake County last year and won against Peabody. Put a check beside the "can they be physical." If MASE/Union City matchup next week, I think it'll be a bad matchup for Union City. Can the Tornadoes find a way to score 28 or 31 against MASE? Because Union City hasn't been able to score against quality competition the last two years. That's why I haven't been a fan of Union City.
  18. Disagree it's called not knowing your personnel. I watched all of their offensive plays on YouTube from the beginning of the game all the way til the 3 minute mark left of the 4th quarter. You're telling me that you have a 6'6 Tight End that's going to play football at Chattanooga, and all you can give him is 2 completions worth 10ish yards. JCS only threw the ball to him 3 times last night. Daniel Green should give JCS 10 receptions worth 75-100 ish yards and a touchdown every single Friday night. However, that doesn't happen because the offense isn't creative enough, and it's not balanced enough. I charted the first 20 plays of the JCS/TCA game last year. Mosley and Kam Boyd had the ball for the first 17 of the 20 plays last year. JCS' back up running back had the ball for the other 2 carries (Aldrige) and Green had it for the other play. In the game last night, JCS gave Mosley the ball the first 5 of 7 offensive plays. It's getting bad to the point where Kelly is getting tunnel vision. Kelly didn't roll out at all in the first half, but did it plenty of times in the second half. All JCS did was answered my question, how good is their offense if Mosley is out, Mosley/Kelly isn't connecting, a defense is good enough to stop Mosley. You add in the turnovers and the long drive TCA had in the 2nd quarter, JCS was out of that game. I think JCS had the ball for 3 offensive plays in the 3rd quarter. With that being said, there will be teams that will see this film, and there is a formula to beat JCS, even if Mosley is healthy.
  19. JCS is still a better football team than TCA without Mosley. Problem with them is what I said earlier in the season, JCS is too good to not half to rely on Mosley, but they chose to do so.
  20. My understanding is the tiebreakers will be (1) Head to Head win, and (2) Overall record. If your scenario is correct, Lexington will be the 3 seed (3-2 region record) and Chester County will be the 4 seed (head to head win over North Side. If Hardin County wins, and Chester County wins, then you'll have North Side, Lexington, and Chester County with a 2-3 region record. All three teams did defeat each other, and lost to each other (example: NS beat Lexington but lost to Chester. Lexington beat Chester but lost to NS. Chester lost to Lexington, but beat NS). Then we will have a three way tie and everything will fall in place like it is currently. North Side is the 3, and Lexington will be the 4. So, no fireworks will happen unless Lexington wins in Savannah. Which will be tough knowing it'll be Smith's senior night (I think), Hardin County will go for 10-0, and Lexington has a tough time scoring 21 points against good competition (only 19 points in last two games combined).
  21. Class 2A Region 5: You can potentially have a 3 way tie for 1st place, or you could have a 3 way tie for 2nd place. Am I reading that right?
  22. What's going to be interesting about the playoffs in Region 7-4A and Region 6-2A is that the regions are going to be dominating the counterpart regions (8-4A and 5-2A), so there will be rematches this year. Is Haywood retooling? Yes. But Crockett County will likely get another rematch where they could very well use this week (game @ Fayette Ware) as a way to implement and try new wrinkles throughout the season. If Crockett County doesn't take advantage of that this week, then they're wasting their time to improve the team. Haywood allowed 20+ points in a game 5 times this year. Last year, they only allowed 20+ points just twice. The point differential is down as a result of that. Haywood is willing to make their games a shootout, they allowed 57 to Obion Central, allowed 42 to Hardin County. I do see the Tomcats making the semifinals, but that's only because Region 7 & 8 are weak regions as a whole. So, someone has to be a semifinal team. However, if you had Hardin County and a fully healthy South Gibson team in Region 7, then I believe both of those teams would be semifinal teams.
  23. Mr. Bigster is correct here. Lake County is not playing FACS (JCS and Trinity exposed them), Harding Academy, and KIPP Academy on their schedule. I have no idea why West Carroll elected to schedule 3 Memphis teams to play, not my business either. It's tough to sit here and say "we lost to Camden, and they had over 200 penalty yards." and that's what happened to West Carroll this past Friday. If JCS plays West Carroll today, JCS wins the game by 40+ too. You may not know this, but when the new regions came out last year, two teams I've noticed two teams tried to move into different regions. Humboldt football tried to move over to the region West Carroll is in now. I don't know why, but I think we can agree that it's due to competition. Better chance to win the region. If not, get the 2 seed and host a playoff game. That all happened before we've seen Humboldt play a down this year. Unfortunately, Humboldt got denied. Milan volleyball appealed to move over to the Gibson County/Halls region in volleyball. They wanted a "easier chance" to make it to state. That got approved, and they made it to the state tournament as a result of that. I think he pointed Milan being 7-1. I don't want to bash on Milan, but if the SGC/Milan was correctly officiated, I don't think Milan wins the game. They were also trailing Chester County in the game, but ended up finding a way to win. Not saying Milan was "lucky" but luck is a part of sports. Everybody points at the record, and not on the film (I'll give you another example, PURE. We know they're better than 1-7 or whatever they are.)
  24. Agreed that Milan is beatable, but if the Tide is going to play the way they did against Milan the same way they played against JCM (which I know they're not), then it's going to be a long night for the black & gold on Friday. I know it was a "look ahead" game for Peabody, but y'all pressed the snooze button too much in the first half against the Cougars.
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