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  1. Honestly, they should've adjusted to the holding penalties years ago. It's been a long time coming and will make the game more exciting and entertaining.
  2. Agreed. I was disappointed with ECS this season. I will also throw in the 49 point loss to JCS this year, too. Not surprised that JCS won the game, just figured it would be a 7-14 point game. The issue with ECS was that their offense struggled for majority of the season. It's how they performed against good teams that was a disappointment more than anything.
  3. They dodged a bullet with MBA, Brentwood Academy, and I think Lipscomb Academy moving up to D2-AAA. Regarding to USJ, I think this hire is by far the best hire they have made post Mickey Marley in probably any sport.
  4. I can't think of track & field off the top of my head because there's so many athletes that can run in the meet from different schools. In addition, it's a sport that doesn't receive any publicity from media. Football, Liberty did go to Cookeville a few times but never had a shot to win it. North Side's 2012 team was probably the best team (recent years) in Jackson that didn't win a state championship. Basketball: Liberty in 2007 South Side in 2014 I think, maybe in 2015. Girls Basketball: South Side has been to Murfreesboro in recent years, but I don't think they have went to the championship game. North Side went to their championship game in 2006-2008 area with state tournaments in that frame. I do believe Madison went in girls basketball near that same time frame as well.
  5. Is that the main reason why all the other Gibson County schools won’t play them? I’ve heard that on the radio prior to the season starting and realized it’s true.
  6. I don't care if Northcut is losing the games, but the results are the same as the previous head coaches. I know he can coach, I've seen that. However, the team totals of 15-25 is getting old. I would expect some progression now. May not necessarily be wins, but I would expect them to find a way to scrap 40-45 points off the board, and lose games by 10-20 points, not lose by 38 to West Carroll.
  7. I thought moving the South Gibson/North Side game from North Side down side to North Parkway was a good idea. Heading south towards the equator will hopefully will get the girls hot, and boy, I was wrong. In all seriousness I don't know why they moved the game, something must have happened to North Side's gym. It's a JMCSS issue. But as long as South Side girls is thriving in basketball, all is good in Jackson. I don't know if it'll get fixed either because I don't think JMCSS cares about all four schools. They're obsessed with South Side and JCM, but can honestly careless about the other 3 schools. JCM girls are 11-10, but none of their 11 wins are against good teams. So, they're like some football teams where they're beating bad teams, and getting destroyed by good teams. North Side & Liberty will likely both finish winless, Madison and JCM are both beating bad teams but getting beat bad by good teams. They don't have the talent. But even if they do, I don't know if they were going to put the work like South Side and Gibson County (among others) would do.
  8. The toughest thing from deciding Mr./Mrs. Basketball (as well as Mr. Football) is that all stats are not weighed the same.
  9. 3 of the 4 technical fouls are legit. The only one that wasn't was the 3rd technical foul in which a player must have said something to the official. This is bad. Shoving a player because he commits a hard foul on you is a technical. It's a tech in college, in the NBA, and it's a tech at toddler ball on Saturday's. Slamming the ball on the ground is a technical foul in high school, it shows up the official. Slamming the ball on the ground where the ball goes above the head of the person that is slamming the ball is a technical foul in high school, college, the NBA, church league, and toddler ball on Saturday's. When a team already has two technical foul's (knowing the first two happened during the first half so the officials talked about that during the half), that team is going to be on edge during the whole remainder of the game. The last play of the first half was about a dirty foul, too. Kid shot a 3, the defender doesn't go for the ball. Ends up tackling the kid. The fourth technical foul was a stupid cheap shot by the HC player. HC is trying to foul, everybody in the gym knows that. Don't run into the Obion Central player knowing you can very well brace yourself to stop. One thing must happen from Henry County is respect. Respect the opponent, officials, fans, and the game.
  10. Is this is same Henry County coach that came from Peabody? The same one that a Peabody player quit on his team, and came back for their state tournament I believe?
  11. Agreed. Surprised Lewis County was able to get Derek Rang from Gatlinburg Pittman. GP is one of the best jobs in the state. Lewis County is going to win whether if they have a good coach or a young/energetic coach.
  12. Is this the award where people will post stats of what a player did their freshman season when they're juniors and seniors?
  13. But the USJ poster asked you a question. Are you going to answer it?
  14. I understand what you're saying. I think I have a feeling who is fourth on your list. But I'm not saying that the Liberty, South Side, and Madison's downfall is due to Sacred Heart and this (and/or that) school is recruiting players. There are way too many schools in Jackson, so the talent across the city (both public and private as a whole) is somewhat watered down as a result of that. When it comes to Sacred Heart, just seems like they're not invested into their athletics as a whole other than basketball....Football team is playing 8-man football, baseball team is below-average, they don't have a girls basketball team, but their boys team is 15-5. I don't have anything against their program, but it's a head scratcher for sure. That's all.
  15. Trying to figure out what you're saying...
  16. I'm okay if the answer is yes, but is Sacred Heart recruiting players?
  17. Yeah, I figured they would be talking about the other coach in West Tennessee. The one we all may can see leaving his school.
  18. I don't know who is giving out titles as his son is the #2 QB in the Class of whatever. It's not a fair expectation for anybody, especially for his son. If his son were to go to a camp and did well, and potentially was the second best QB at that camp in his graduating class, does not mean he is overall the 2nd best QB in the class of 2026. Someone gave that expectation to another QB at a "Nashville area" school and he hasn't panned out anywhere to being the "best QB in the class of 2024." But giving that QB that title has put way too much confidence into him where he is a little too cocky for himself (not referring to Jackson). With that being said, I saw his son play at the middle school level and he's good. But at this point in his career, saying he's the #2 QB in 2026 is a reach. Unless it was garbaged time, he hasn't played a snap on Friday night. He is not the second best QB in 2026. I'm more disappointed that someone gave him that title...
  19. DB swiped right on the Tinder portal, and BOOM!, the made to be! The love is real around the Holidays!
  20. Haywood needs to play Bartlett, Briarcrest, Brentwood, Ravenwood, MBA, etc. It's time for Haywood to step up their game scheduling. North Side, South Gibson, Milan just played y'all in region and didn't win a single game. Dyersburg wouldn't be much of a game, and Covington doesn't have the athletes to compare. Giving the past 3 scores between Milan and Haywood, it would be ridiculous for the Bulldogs to play Haywood knowing they're going to be in the toughest region in West Tennessee (and potentially the state). "When you're the smartest one in the room, you're in the wrong room." Haywood has ran it course scheduling local teams in West Tennessee. No benefit for either team. Sorry Haywood has scheduling issues, but this one is on the Tomcats for not scheduling teams in Middle Tennessee and the 6A schools in Memphis, and not scheduling games at an earlier date. Seems like y'all were late to the party on finding teams.
  21. In today's world, High School baseball coaches are set up to fail from the beginning. All high school football players have is their game film and camps to showcase their talent. There's not a "winter/spring travel league" for high school football players. With that, the HS football coaches have full control of their players. In addition, many college football coaches are inside the schools recruiting their players (that are seniors or younger players). That is currently happening right now. College football coaches are inside the high schools today. So the answer, I'm going to lean yes. If a high school player isn't focused on playing for the high school that he represents, and cares truly about his high school, then I'm probably not going to sit there and send information out to that player to colleges. I think kids care more about their summer league than their high school team, which is painful to say really. What's odd is high school players thinking that playing "more baseball" is going to get them to college baseball, and that's not true. What will get that kid to college baseball is lifting and working on their bodies to improve. Playing 30-35 High school baseball games, 60+ summer games, and not doing any offseason workouts on their own, is not going to get a kid to college.
  22. Absolutely agree. The offense at North Side shouldn't be run, run, run, screen/bubble pass, then let throw a ball 30 yards down field randomly, run, run, run etc.. The players got bored with Powell. It was just "meh" and he didn't treat he colleges and game officials with proper respect.
  23. True! Again, I think he’ll be fine at North Side. The switch will help as he heads to a school with some sort of expectation. I didn’t watch FW last year, but just figured that he was good enough of a coach to send his team to the playoffs, regardless of the scarcity of talent that he made had to deal with. The region that he is in now is a tough region. Playing against 3 pretty good teams, and will fight with Chester and South Side. It’ll be interesting to see!
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