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  1. Booger

    DCA @ Goodpasture 2018

    wahoo tip toein thin ice Booger just sayin
  2. Booger

    Webb Vs. ECS at Vandy on 8/17/18

    wow.....hard to believe they kept Flash Gordan himmed up....he is scary Booger just sayin
  3. dont u no it coach...good to see u siitin up top gainst the suites on overwatch for the Irish......worse ND showin since the McMinn game 2015... ..thanks for comin Booger just sayin
  4. thanks LCM...hope the family and boys r well...hope your eyes have recovered from that nasty viewin.....the Irish couldnt get outta their own way and the Baylor people nose it......no injurys other than egos...so maybe the crap stuff can be righted and ND can move on with a decent result.......the lose atmosphere may be catchin up with them a bit.... ......still football time and that is a plus...good luck up your way Booger just sayin
  5. u ant lyin brother...xmas in august for baylor Booger just sayin
  6. thanks BreadTruck......cant imagine havein a worst game....we were really bad.....we definately help them not have to work to hard for it....thought the Irish had a chance....Irish had more total offense and was still down 35-7 at the half.....talk about givin xmas gifts to sumone ....ant seen nuthin like that since we turned it over 5x gainst Alcoa a few years back in the semis.....but they only turned 4 of theirs into points...Baylor turned all 5 of the ones we gave them in the 1st half into 35.......no chance to when with 7 turnovers.......and we completed more passes to Baylor than ourselves... ....we commit to givin a team xmas gifts like that and we shall not win a game Booger just sayin
  7. bad bad bad Troll....we gave it to them for sure...cant beat nobody with 7 turnovers.....5 in the first half alone......when u let a team convert 5 first have turnovers into 35 points w/ only 11 offensive plays......youve doomed yourself for the night......even against the team we played last night u have no chance..... .....hopefully the Irish rebound and move on Booger just sayin
  8. nobooger ever said nuthin bout respectin them Goons...maybe the program.......only cause for any positive attachment to them Goon is cause they himmed ole Booger up for a photo op and autigraphs...... ant got no tank top yet either...but BPM got one... ... and boy was Booger Mama ill bout that Twister Marron Lipstick on Boogers collar Booger just sayin
  9. Booger

    Grundy football and new coach

    Booger just sayin
  10. Booger

    Signal Mountain @ East Hamilton

    glad to see u back stirrin the pot PA......were thinkin all that big shakin up in the house of owls had PA takin a perminent LOA and lookin for a new team Booger just sayin
  11. Booger

    Lipscomb Academy

    nope....wernt him......but them Big Redders think the donor is now Booger just sayin
  12. Booger


    thats what Booger been tryin to spell out to Sparty4Life....can u get in his ear Booger just sayin
  13. 28+better.?....thats SUM pressive addin and subtractin Sparty Booger just sayin SUM
  14. Fighting Irish had more talent than them last year and it didnt matter...and the Fighting Irish went no loss until the championship gainst the T$$AAs premier co-opin model.....it will take for all things to line up almost perfectly with sum lucky charms for ND to take down the Suk Creek Raiders.....its a numbers game.....the Fighting Irish r pretty darn good.....but its still very short on the mighty Baylors numbers and resources........the Irish may play only 16 players .....thats what makes this so excitin .....the Baylor fans can throw up pregame excuse that they r scheduled to finish last......that they graduated 5 D1 players......that they r down...they r young......all those things that prep just in case the unimaginable happens....... ....ND is as young if not younger than the Baylor......if the Irish can bust them in the mouth enuff with their new identity, go injury free, keep the ball off the ground...........then the Fightin Irish might just pull off sumthin that the Irish can talk bout for a long long time ...cant wait to see if the kids have been able to pick up on the new defense the new DC that was HC at St George has installed in the short few weeks hes been here ....line them up cause its HS smashmouth football time and it will b a great night to watch sum old school jags offense...regardless Booger just sayin
  15. Booger

    Webb Vs. ECS at Vandy on 8/17/18

    we now have a HC coach from out there that has coached gainst them for a while.....was actually thinkin DC for ECS for a while....says ECS should be very decent... ....ECS contain the lightnin bug to only a few break aways and they win...man above has given that young man very very special speed...Haslams boys have nothin else to offer....ECS line will have very little resistance....not sure yet Booger can pull for the Eagles Booger just sayin