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  1. Booger

    Alcoa @ Austin East

    another rout by the Tinheads Booger just sayin
  2. Booger

    Tennessean's Supernatural 25 (10-18-18)

    Booger nose one thing......denyin The Fighting Irish at least a 25th spot is a buncha Bull Malarky.....and the McCallie boys whooped up on the BA who r in front Booger just sayin
  3. Booger

    GCA hosts Chattanooga Christian

    tell yall Karns Baptist one thing.....yall better b for fittin the lil ram lambs sum shin guards cause them trenchers of St Elmos Sword of Joshua Full Independent Pentecostal Assemblians r gonna b plungin forth at them ankles thruout the evenins contest Booger just sayin
  4. Booger

    CAK at Webb

    go ahead and tell the pettin zoo PrayWhileURaisinThem needs to collect on one of them full ill days......cause if u bunch a Karns Baptist snake ranglers can muster up enuff venom to take down St Elmos Sword of Joshua Full Gospel Independent Pentecostal Assemblians from just off Broad Street on Charger Drive......u will b more likey b journeyin over to south Nashille to take on FRA ...now if yall cant man up on them visitin chargers....u want even have to use a ill day.....cause u more than likely gonna goin down the street and see them webb boys of Haslams again....fortunately the Irish ant in the cards for u in this years playoffs Booger just sayin
  5. Booger

    Notre Dame @ Chattanooga Christian

    Booger just sayin
  6. Booger

    Notre Dame @ Chattanooga Christian

    had a nite crawler in the shallows all week waitin to see if a nibble from a mormon could get had...and not a won bite.....thrashin goes down and Booger cant keep enuff livers on the hook...... Sword Of Joshua Full Gospel Independent Pentecostal Assembly gets a little bit of dreams and imaginaryin moments for a half thinkin david mite hit goliath with a marble tossed out of their scrotum pouch.........then superior coachin staffs step in at the break and adjust to the lo blowin choppin signals and reality hits..... ....great game and great nite...always enjoy walkin a mile from the parkin lot to play St Elmo......creds to the Sword Of Joshua Full Gospel Independent Pentecostal Assembly just off Broad Street on Charger Drive for scarappin sum decent football....for a half Booger just sayin
  7. Booger

    Notre Dame @ Chattanooga Christian

    Have to admit u caught ole booger on a fishin expedition.... .....regardless the Irish completed the task of ownin the 2nd half minus 3 starters booger just sayin
  8. Booger

    Notre Dame @ Chattanooga Christian

    we finally figured out their coaches signal to cut low on our line at half time while watchin film......once we did that we just altered our play once they gave the signal to their line to close their eyes and dive for the ankles and took charge of the 2nd half....kinda of a cheezy way to play defensive football.....but with it bein legal on defense you kinda just adjust and hope for the best.....it did remove 2 of our trenchers from the game with knee injurys......the cowardly strategery did work for a half tho great win at the end of the day for the Irish.....Region Champs again Booger just sayin
  9. Booger

    CAK at Webb

    for bout a half Booger just sayin
  10. Booger

    Notre Dame @ Chattanooga Christian

    u thinkin there might b another chance that the Head Jehova Master down at The Sword of Joshua Full Gospel Independent Pentecostal Assembly just off Broad Street on Charger Drive will b callin them Pobielglo and Valadie fellers over at ND after the game.........wantin to have another Sportsmanship meetin cause that Jags Single Wing put two many points on that soccer field turnt into a football field scoreboard.... ......u nose sumbodys Hillary is hurtin when they call u wantin to have a yall beat us too much meetin......and thats after the s beat a team by 50 the week before, Fant couldnt get a hand shake afterwards and the mormans beat another team by 55 a few weeks later......hope the Irish dont lose this game to what the jerry lewis of them poddercasters call a stud offense.. ..one thing is almost for sure....that chattanoogan.com and that CCS lovin sportswriter they got gotta give sum coverage to the Irish this week.....if the the happin to lose this game they would do 2 pages Booger just sayin
  11. Booger

    3A State Championship contenders

    oh...if you brood of tinheads only new.......ant nobody up in aluminum city ever been able to strut about in a pair of em like ole Booger.....garonteed Booger just sayin
  12. Booger

    Chattanooga Area Podcast

    family of boogers set aside time weekly to dial up a hotspot just so family of boogers can listen to the duynamo duop.... Booger just sayin
  13. Booger

    Notre Dame @ Chattanooga Christian

    wonder if them folks down there in St Elmo gonna open up that East gate so the old folks ant gotta walk 1/2 mile to get in the bleachers.....the chattanoogan.com ant writn nuthin bout that... .....and theytore up the states best grass soccer pitch to build that mess Booger just sayin
  14. Booger

    Chattanooga Area Podcast

    and sumbody send Patrick a Road mccNally map so he can come up to speed on orientation of the chattanooga area......Red Bank and Baylor ant no mile away......its at least 5 clicks away by bird......and if the Irish r gonna make it to Soddy in 20 minutes there better b a popo with blue lights and airhorn leadin the way and a centry at every intersection between with a whislte wavin them thru......do sum homework son ......and ND were on the low end of 3a in the old system....not 5a Patrick......and that was with a TSSAA attached 1.8X smarter than PUBs multiplier.....Booger gonna have to come in provide Pat sum accurate data so he quits trippin up ...."i dont know what Boyd Buchanon is, but i think they r christians" Booger just sayin
  15. Booger

    DII Mr. Football Nominations

    Notre Dame had the baddest LB that Booger ever seen play the game in person a few years ago...over 500 tackles in his HS career...he owned young men....and he got snuffed.....a lot of kids win it that should...but most dont......bout as valid as the Heisman Booger just sayin