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  1. somebody please indulge ole Booger on how this threadin business a paint stripe in maryville is gettin 6 plus pages..... ...and they is 2 more maryville threads gettin same attention Booger just sayin
  2. same kinda folks that for decades......have been beginnin them conversations around all them public schools up and down that squatchie valley Booger's lil' tee pee dwellin peyote puffin injun buddy squats in... ....and them ant clouds hangin over that north valley either Booger just sayin
  3. that autonomous filed tank has to be linked to one of them global positionin space stations in the sky.... ...you cant just fill it up with paint and hit the go button Booger just sayin
  4. a $95.88 purchase of a annual cycle of that lady's stone will bring MissHawking up to speed on the tongue of StarsNBars and chewin his fat in no time Booger just sayin
  5. Booger didnt say mama rett....and thinkin them others had a pom pom shaker in stang outfit..... maybe been wrong before tho Booger just sayin
  6. MoonDogRex check double time on them folks gettin some book learnin, rappin out some tunes on that CoC property or havin some tithin attachment to that property........then come back with sumthin higher than 40%.... ...and thats on just only 5 that arrives in the Booger Mind Booger just sayin
  7. one must understood FBfan26.....that offshoot of Belmont Blvd is all but lil' country..... big richy, tom rett, timothy and faithful, ashly graceful Booger just sayin
  8. May that perpetual light shine upon her. My most sincere condolences, Sir
  9. Dresden, MASE, MC and SP Booger just sayin
  10. well pass up that buffet this evenin and get that fundin in to Coach Booger just sayin
  11. like the leader of Mapogos coalition dressed in Bulldog attire Booger just sayin
  12. tradertwo nose how that scoop can get foggish after a few tugs of sauce at the local speakeasy Booger just sayin
  13. LA has indeed paid and are still payin ole Chuck dont have to be convinced....but T$$AA is No sir....no Booger brain housin group explosion over anything hapnin over at that educatin institution Frist built....nor any of their coachin hires.....them Ensworth folks no all the baggage their bringin in from you Church of Christers....or anywhere else.... they deserve anything that blows up in their faces....to include T$$AA, who would never touch Ensworth ....speakin of head explosions.....Chucky's buddy thebroisawesome didnt fare so well Booger just sayin
  14. callin BPM.....over...out Booger just sayin
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