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  1. Booger

    Top 10 3A

    The Tinheads and them buncha supportin Goons go 5-5 Booger just sayin
  2. Booger

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    that came a little late in the year...talk bout makin a move in time to help the program plan Booger just sayin
  3. Booger

    Boyd Buchanan Job

    had a chance at the best in the area.....and the North Brainerd Levee Swamp Pirate Capitons got cold feet when the changes required to hire him & play in this new DII-AA was just too much to bare Booger just sayin
  4. Booger

    interesting 2019/2020 games

    been to and thru Corbin once or forth before.....excited bout this little matchup gainst that KY juggernaut that took down Alcoee just recently in that series....or thinkin it was a series til them Goons councild that second game cause they said accused them redhounds of cheatin when they turn that f5 into a wind gust .. ...havin to go outta state to find some tuff outta region apponents could bring sum bruisin on the Irish...but thats what Fant likes....that series we had with that state championship team down in Calhoun City, MS a few years back was a blast of a barn burner......the Irish went 1-1 with them before takin on the Baylor schedule......NDs young team will no doubt have their hands full up in KY Booger just sayin
  5. Booger

    Upperman 2019

    c'mon......quit nibblin and swallow that thang so Booger can jerks those lips off Booger just sayin
  6. Booger

    interesting 2019/2020 games

    ND at Corbin KY Booger just sayin
  7. Booger

    Upperman 2019

    that ant no hump.......thats a mountain......but this could b the year.......Aluminum citys outlook for 2019 could b the dimmest since 2002 Booger just sayin
  8. Booger

    Collierville Head coach

    intrestin.....hearin could b a smidgin of internal riffin over decision......hearin a couple good repeatin interviewers already been givin their tryoput tshirts and sent on their way.....guessin by Booger says chances r high he comes from within...not sure why tho .....those new facilitys reminds Booger of that new buildout down in Alabaster Alabama......crazy money Booger just sayin
  9. Booger

    Notre Dame 2019

    .......yall invited us over to the North Brainerd Levee Swamp for your Homecomin in 2017......but that was a middle September date.....now yall have invited us back for parade week again......but now its 25 Oct.......our last regular season game.......Them Southern Baptist over at Sliverdale schedule us every year for their homecomin too..... ......guessin yall 2 r bankin on ND becomin everybodys ddormat again soon......it wernt too long ago...everybody scheduled ND for their homecomin Booger just sayin
  10. Booger

    Upperman 2019

    only way Dunlop dafeets Baxter is if that baxter HC comes back off that playto down to Raykin Ave and starts coachin again Booger just sayin
  11. Booger

    White House Football- God’s land

    now that was quite a reach....even for a newby... Booger just sayin
  12. Booger

    Gerald Riggs Jr. Interview

    the knowledge meeter in that room for sure went up a buncha notches Booger just sayin
  13. Booger

    2019 Sequatchie County Indians

    he ant curbin it yet.....that hole scheem ant completely played itself out yet.... ......and to think all that time on the T$$AA board cuttin deals and screamin cheatin on all the Privates......once Fant arrived on Vermont Ave and Dunlops 60 years of annual monster celebrations cause they were doormattin that uppity private catholic school from chattanooga ....... he really started cryin fowl play over on Vermont Ave.......and then he gets caught with dirty hands in the cookie jar over ineligible players when he chunked rocks at ND all them years.....Booger thinkin all that stuff over there was a shady inside backdoor plot deal tween that school directin feller and that lane feller to keep that season from a 0-10 look...u go b a elementary teacher for a few days; then threaten to sue me, then Ill put u back in at your ole gig until the end of the year so they want have to tear your name off sum of the structures.....yep...sounds like sum of that ole Gulf Shore Pink Pony Pub deal cuttin stuff.... ....ole Booger wood still like to line up gainst that shifty principle and his lil Injun friend on the tee box.....they both real famous icons over in that valley ....if they had only kept those 2 jerseys locked up in the uniform room....and facebrook didnt exist Booger just sayin
  14. Booger

    Notre Dame 2019

    lets just say that weve lost a very supportive system that was puttin great players out to the hole city....and this hread coachin cat was puttin some our youngins up gainst sum serious competition.....like the Alcoees, Farroguts, Beardens....wernt dodgin nobody to keep a steller record..he was just chasin the best competition he could find.......and he was doin a lot of things in line with what the Irish staff and program and other programs that were doin to prep them.....and the direct line catholic support system......butthurt egos have gotten the best of that for the moment......for the moment.....for the moment Booger just sayin
  15. Booger


    so are you outta the loop.....or r you part of the know that has managed to keep him away from leavin to that private school Booger just sayin