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  1. quit skippin your focus medicine and attempt to pay attention to the storyline at hand num-acorns.....it was tuition free schoolin that Booger & FF51 were banterin bout.... Booger just sayin
  2. once again.....one must look at the opponents that the Raiders have played....only one other quality opponent besides the team that put over 400 yds of offense on them.....17 ant such a great number Booger just sayin
  3. Booger

    CCS @ ND

    the Hill People do run stuff down off them slopes......but serpents ant allowed Booger just sayin
  4. u no whos is quite as a rat... Booger just sayin
  5. Booger

    CCS @ ND

    yep....apparently everybody but Harrison Central & them Baptist over at Bonny Oaks r due this year....even them Baptist had their due up until the end....ND is right for the pickin and St Elmo is gettin this thing served to them on a platter ....hopefully Fant and his Irishmen...or whats left of them....can find a way to make them earn it a bit Booger just sayin
  6. the Rhea county thumpin was a head shaker....Red Bank runnin clock before intermission ...thats a Booger Pickin
  7. thinkin Booger heard that once before.....twice...thrice Booger just sayin
  8. Booger

    CCS @ ND

    its real bad stuff...and its yougly to watch... ...but shirley to the heavens The ST Elmo Sword of Joshua Full Gospel Independent Pentecostal Assembly just off the Broad Street on Charger Drive ant gonna roll into Vermont Avenue and put no 35-7 beat down on the Irish.... ....that just dont seem right....even if them Chargers get lucky nuff to win over the Irishmen by 1 pt....will b considered it the largest win in that institutions history.. ...sure wishin Booger & Family Booger could b there to lay witness to ND gettin the big upset over them St Elmo holyrollers... Booger just sayin
  9. they better b for kickin out bout 30 bodys outta them hallways if u want to get some of that d2-AA Booger just sayin
  10. want to think so.....real solid team from front to rear......real young also....finally got to see them tuesday....was real impressed at how they possessed, passed and played together.....strongest team Shim has had in a bit.....thinkin they may even b better that Boogerettes class.....only cause they didnt possess the ball quite as well as this team...and not as many capable of strectin that net either ....not sure how far they run....but Shim has to b stoked about the near future Booger just sayin
  11. Booger

    CCS @ ND

    finda a better group of ear whisper's... Booger just sayin
  12. yep...not sure what Booger were thinkin about thursday.....CAK is comin to Vermont Ave Thursday....if W-L records mean anything.......The Lady Irish will have them feet full... them Warriors ant got but 1 in the L column Booger just sayin
  13. Booger

    CCS @ ND

    it appears he is puttin much more effort into the classroom...at least thats the word, as FF51 would say....except Boogers sources really nose sumthin....we shall see....time will b the tru teller as to his success.. ....as for the FB...at one point he had D-1 P5 coaches & offers all over the hallways....but that faded a bit....hes not the first and want b the last that has happened to.....one thing for sure he is burnin it up on the field...but the Irish have many doin that on Saturdays ...hopin for nuthin but the best for the young man Booger just sayin
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