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  1. Not sure why that idiot spearchucker is not banned, if you look at his history it’s all garbage and racially motivated. Yeah, everyone needs a random mouth-breather from Ashland City giving us his take on Metro schools...
  2. After seeing some of the models, it looks like 2020 fall sports will take some luck also... I sure hope the models are wrong...
  3. I’m afraid some of these comments will not age well... I hope they do, but even Fox News has hosted experts that say this virus has a mortality rate 10 times that of the seasonal flu. Experts, not me, also say a person with seasonal flu usually infects 1.1 additional people, but with COVID-19 the infection rate grows to 2.5 people. Estimates have been projected that 70-150 million people in the US could end up with the virus, with 20% of those cases being critical. That’s a scary number. Having no sports sucks, but if the above is a realistic estimate, this could be one of the biggest events of our lifetimes. We’ll need to work as one team again, united, not split into teams of red and blue. As a son with parents in their 80s, I really hope this is a hoax...
  4. It’d be weird seeing him on the other side. The staff is too good to stay together forever though... I’d be happy for him, just happier if it was for a team not in our classification!
  5. Who is this Haywood you guys speak of?
  6. CoachT pickers were perfect... really only one close game and it was the saddest
  7. Definitely on the ground... No excuses though, we had several chances to make this one play irrelevant.
  8. Yep, congratulations to any ECS fans on CoachT. The bad calls and turnovers seemed to cancel each other out. CPA had a lot of plays that would have changed the outcome with a little luck. ECS had a nice drive in the 4th that earned them the win. I’m very proud of this young CPA team. See you guys next year!
  9. I know you guys like the underdog role! You got them right where you want them. My second most anticipated game.
  10. Springfield and Davidson Academy also... I couldn’t be a total homer!
  11. Good luck to you guys also. I’m sure we’ll meet up in baseball again this year. Those games are always a lot of fun.
  12. Great post. The atmosphere at CPA v. Lipscomb was also very enjoyable. I miss the craziness of the 3A forum also, but we are here now and there are less people to feed the trolls... so, there are less trolls...
  13. Based on Coach T’s “Big Ones”, a lot of folks think this week will be full of lopsided games... Who thinks differently? Greenback v. Lake County (60%) Peabody (56.5%) v. Meigs County Pearl-Cohn v. Alcoa (92.5%) Springfield v. Elizabethton (92.5%) Summit v. Knox Central (75.5%) Ravenwood v. Maryville (87.7%) USJ v. Davidson County (64.4%) ECS (79.7%) v. CPA MBA v. McCallie (83.8%) I’ll go out on a limb and say Summit, Ravenwood, CPA, and MBA give the “favorites” a good game and sneak away with a gold ball. Regionally biased, I know... What do you guys think?
  14. Faith and Tim have always been Ensworth parents... I think maybe there has been a mix-up with Sheryl Crow. Or maybe the Dilfer allure pulling in cheerleaders also. Lipscomb (sans kickers) warms up at another location and arrives at the field 5-10 minutes before kickoff. Not sure the purpose here... maybe making the other team wonder where their opponent might be instead focusing on the game... My guess is they will travel well. It was said that Lipscomb purchased tickets for the families for our home coming game against them, which was cool, I think the biggest combined crowd I’ve seen at CPA. Lots of passing, of course. Most to #10 who is a really good receiver. Good luck Bucs, don’t get distracted by the dog and pony show on the sideline.
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