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  1. Faith and Tim have always been Ensworth parents... I think maybe there has been a mix-up with Sheryl Crow. Or maybe the Dilfer allure pulling in cheerleaders also. Lipscomb (sans kickers) warms up at another location and arrives at the field 5-10 minutes before kickoff. Not sure the purpose here... maybe making the other team wonder where their opponent might be instead focusing on the game... My guess is they will travel well. It was said that Lipscomb purchased tickets for the families for our home coming game against them, which was cool, I think the biggest combined crowd I’ve seen at CPA. Lots of passing, of course. Most to #10 who is a really good receiver. Good luck Bucs, don’t get distracted by the dog and pony show on the sideline.
  2. I’d rather see a rematch in the final game between CPA / ECS, but I think star studded BGA might pull an upset... I’m generally against making any predictions, but the grand prize for Booger’s Gold Ball Pickin’ Contest makes it hard not to throw your thoughts and hopes out there!
  3. RD 1 Winners: Knox Grace Lipscomb CPA CCS ECS BGA FRA Lausanne Quarterfinal Winners: Knox Grace CPA BGA Lausanne Semi-Final Winners: CPA Lausanne 2019 Championship: CPA 31 Lausanne 13
  4. Murphy Fair on 104.5 last night said it was best looking field he’d seen. He’s seen a few...
  5. @Booger !!! A thread talking about intentional knee injuries and [redacted]. In honor of @chainsaw2, “pulling for McCallie big time”!
  6. NCS came to DII in 2017 with the majority of us new D2ers.
  7. Mothman is an enigma! Personally I had some “humble confidence” as I walked by all the happy BGA tailgaters in the parking lot...
  8. I'm sure Roc would like to put a good beating on us. These types of years happen when you don't facilitate a flood of transfers and always play one of the hardest non-district schedules around. I think we'll be ready when it's tournament time.
  9. Actually, I think there is a big choral tradition at Goodpasture...
  10. You crazy guys make me miss 3A!
  11. Does he have any track offers?
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