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  1. I’m glad you contributed. And I believe you. No reason not to... Umpires have a unbelievably hard job. I can’t imagine having to listen to all the complaints even during the best called game.
  2. He’s going to UIC to experience the cold windy city... I’ll still be paying tuition for a sophomore female... I’ll pop in / off every so often. Another not for the faint of heart schedule. Ravenwood which some are saying is the best team in the state and Miami Dolphins just to name a couple...
  3. Most pitchers don’t change their windup mechanics during the game, so you’d have to assume yes. It’s a dumb HS only rule, but yet still a rule. Over the last 2 years I’ve seen it called 5 or 6 times. Mostly during the post season. Once I saw it called after the pitch was hit for a double and since it was an illegal pitch, the batter had to come back to the plate and continue his at bat. Imagine Dusty’s reaction in that situation! It’s always called after several innings and I’m sure sometimes after an apposing coach has pointed it out in hopes to disrupt a pitcher’s game. Last year I saw a Vandy commit with plus stuff melt down and get pulled after facing 11 batters in an inning after it was called... Most coaches begrudgingly agree it’s a proper call and move forward. Dusty’s reaction seems like there is more to the story. The umpire might have said something that didn’t sit well with him. I can’t imagine a coach reacting like what is shown just by being told his pitcher cannot use a hybrid windup.
  4. He’s doing good. Working out a lot lately. Happy to be done with HS and looking forward to college in a few months. Per the field stuff, I’m not sure who wouldn’t want home field advantage? I think the talk of the slop is more potent than the slop. Head games and what not. Sometimes so powerful that your video hype man uses the Sponge Bob song for music in the pregame video... like a joke that didn’t turn out so funny in the end. There was talk of 2019 class revenge in other sports, but I never saw that materialize. Basketball final four? Nope... Soccer championship? Nope... Baseball championship? Nope... Maybe lacrosse? I dunno... I’m gonna miss you Booger!
  5. You ever smoked turf? I think the Brady Bunch used to have a turf backyard...
  6. I hate that for you guys. Good luck on your search now. Lots of talent returning next season and great facilities should help attract someone quickly I’d guess...
  7. I watched, I believe there were a total of 3 against TRA and one bench warning against Webb Knoxville. I really couldn't tell you why any occurred. One was called on player walking to the bench with his back to the official that called it... another was called on a player that was making sure his teammate got to the bench without getting another one, they must have got the numbers screwed up on that one. I believe it was the coach's son, that's a senior (there are two of them) that fouled out early in the 3rd because of a technical. It was tough seeing him sob in his father's arms after fouling out because of a technical... Webb was by far the superior team that day without the technicals, so I don't think it affected the outcome, but in the past it really seemed like you had to show an official up pretty good to get a technical... It feels like I've seen a lot bad officials this year. I think the best was the crew that did the Grace / CPA game. They let the players play and settle it on the court. They could have easily called a technical on us when some students ran onto the court prematurely with .8 seconds left in the game. I think the final four crew would have, I think the Elite 8 official that was 45 minutes late to our girl's game and then just butchered calls all night long would have, I think the angry little official that was a part of our regional championship crew would have... I know it's hard to be an official, but... In the regionals I saw a player kick a ball into the stands and nothing was called, but then later call a technical for face guarding. And it doesn't seem to be just high school. I think it was last night that I saw an NBA player get called for one by just starring... And don't even get me started on the 6 point call that cost Vanderbilt a win over Tennessee
  8. It was a tough day to be a Lion, but I thought Knoxville Webb showed a lot of sportsmanship. Good luck to both the Spartans and Tipton Rosemark tomorrow, feels like it will be a very good game.
  9. Thanks for the kind words! It was great meeting a fellow CoachT poster in person and Grace’s fan base. It was great game and a shame someone had to lose (overused cliche I know). Thr second half was one of the most exciting I’ve seen. I was worried those last 4 minutes. After watching the winning shot many times, it struck me how great the penetration and kick out to Stout by the sophomore Zapp really was... I hope we can meet again in baseball, also my favorite time of the year (12 inning scrimmage last night). But first we’ve got some more work to do with the bouncing ball.
  10. Foiled again by the Mothman while I was typing out way too many words! Edited to say, many many years ago I started out a few game with a smiley face drawn on my palm which I guess truly was taunting but I never got called for a technical. Lots of rule changes since then though...
  11. I’ll help you out because there are parts of this thread that are laughable... I’ve seen Webb play CPA four times this year. Webb is an exciting team to watch. I particularly like #3’s game, a very explosive player that plays well above the rim and has a nice shot from the 3 point line as we saw in the region championship. Number 13 is also a very good player, clutch shot maker when needed. Number 23 is as good as you’d think the top ranked player in the state (2020) would be. He did receive two technical fouls in the last game. It appeared both team were giving warnings about trash talking or whatever. Shortly afterward #23 and a CPA player had a conversation before and during a free throw attempt. After the made try, a referee called a double technical on both players. A few possessions later or maybe even the next, #23 received a second technical for what appeared to be face guarding (I was unaware that was a technical foul). His back was facing me, so I have no idea if any talking was also taking place. He will not miss a game, the decision has been made. As a CPA fan, I do believe one of the referees was pretty bad. He was not the one that called the technicals, but he did almost exclusively call fouls on the CPA girls and boys that night. And he appeared angry during both games. Of course, I don’t believe that’s why we lost both games. The original poster mentioned Drew yelling, but I thought he showed a lot of restraint because this one particular referee yelled at Drew during the first quarter and seemed like he was hoping to throw a technical our way. As to “the little salty elitist over at CPA”, I’m not familiar with them...
  12. Back when CPA and others were moving from D1 to D2, ole @Booger said something about Lipscomb and CPA would be battling for the AA Middle Region title. I laughed at him, and for the last two years I've felt pretty confident about that laugh, but now... Maybe Booger does "nose" stuff! Who wouldn't have hired him? It was a national news type hire. He seems like a great guy and I'm sure he'll assemble a top notch staff. It will be interesting to watch. I wish Lipscomb well and my guess is they will do very well. Do I hope over the next eight years that they go to 4 semifinal games, 4 championship games and win two of them? Nah, but you guys can understand that I'm sure. See you guys next August unless the rumors I'm hearing about Tony Romo taking over at Goodpasture are true!
  13. I don’t want to quell your enthusiasm, but the HS coaches you mention were assistant coaches first. I’ve always had a soft spot for Trent because his son died at age 5 and I couldn’t imagine the pain he endured. But his resume? He doesn’t have one as a coach. His player resume doesn’t translate into him being a good HS coach. Heck, it’s not even that good. The only Super Bowl winning QB to be let go the following year. One pro bowl appearance. Lipscomb already had a WR coach with the same number of pro bowls... I hope he does great and I wish him the best. BGA will be the team to worry about in the middle next year. A lot of very good skill position players returning, but they’ll need to figure out something to improve their line play as I understand most were seniors.
  14. Hey there, sorry just now seeing this... Yep, it went well this time! He was able to drive today (it was his right knee) and PT is going well. I hear CAK is loaded (again), but I hope we both get lucky and make it to the state tournament. I’m excited to see our team play, we return almost all of our pitching from last year and I believe our Clemson football player will be back in the lineup this year. Basketball - I can tell you that Webb (Bell Buckle) is for real. Two juniors that are fun to watch. They easily beat us by 27. It looks like Goodpasture is also very good from the middle section.
  15. Thanks! The CoachT football community is a fun place to hangout online for sure. Lots of great conversations over the last four years or so. A lot of good and knowledgeable guys, gals and Booger... Friday was fun for sure. Even back in middle school I thought this year’s team would be special. I watched Kane receive his All-American bowl jersey today and was so happy for him after the way his season ended last year. I feel blessed that my son was a member of such a great senior class on and off the field. No on the basketball playing. Hope to see you guys in baseball. My son’s second ACL surgery attempt is the 26th, so he won’t be an active player, but still a part of the team. Any prayers you want to offer up on that day for it to go smoothly would be welcomed. Take care all and have a great holiday season!
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