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  1. I'm sure Roc would like to put a good beating on us. These types of years happen when you don't facilitate a flood of transfers and always play one of the hardest non-district schedules around. I think we'll be ready when it's tournament time.
  2. Actually, I think there is a big choral tradition at Goodpasture...
  3. You crazy guys make me miss 3A!
  4. Does he have any track offers?
  5. After a quick look through the game film, ECS looks to have decent sized linemen (one SEC type). Two really quick backs. Another SEC LB / Fullback. CPA is young (age and/or experience). My guess is they'll be similar to the 2016 team. There were some plays that looked promising. After a crazy hard schedule, I'd bet they'll be battle ready for the playoffs.
  6. They’re big fans of natural grass and rain for sure!
  7. Yep, added 6 high school students this year, 4 females and 2 males that aren’t on the team...
  8. August 2- at Springfield (5 PM)August 6- at GallatinAugust 9- MaplewoodAugust 16- at Macon County (Industrial Bowl Jamboree)
  9. Lausanne RB is supposed to be very good, but Eric Gray was very special. I'm not sure how it'd be possible to have two of him back to back
  10. So BGA hired the last DC that beat CPA? Makes sense given CPA has put up over 500 yards of offense each game in 3 meetings since joining D2. They are pretty fired up to beat us in something. I think their record is something like 3-25 against CPA sports teams since we joined D2... Quite a few season ending loses to the purple. It feels like this is becoming a pretty big rivalry. It'll be fun to watch, hopefully... But, have you ever seen CPA lose to a passing team? I can only remember Amari Rogers and Knox Catholic in 2016, I think. BGA can be all world in the defensive backfield, but if CPA can run the ball up the middle for 7-10 yards each attempt, well...
  11. Champagnat Catholic: 2018 - Lost in the 2A championship game 2017 - Won the 2A championship game 2016 - Lost in the 2A championship game Sounds like a pretty good program!!! I'm gonna miss seeing CPA play you guys this year though...
  12. BGA lost their coach that brought the highly recruited skill position players onto the team and they’re worse than last year in the trenches. At least this is what BGA parents are saying... CPA has a very hard schedule that should have them battle ready for the playoffs. I wouldn’t count them out in the final D2 2A mix. They should have a good running game and the same staff that always produces a very good line and defense. Ingle will be mentoring the next QB in waiting... It should be a fun year.
  13. Hi. What would you like to talk about? Trinity Christian from Jackson, right? Who are your regional opponents this year? I'm guessing you are A? Did USJ drop down to A this year or was that just a rumor? Do you feel you guys will be improved from last year? Without any research, my guess is Friendship Christian will be a top team in the state in A this year. I don't think they lost a lot of seniors. I'm not sure about Davidson, I think their top 3 recruits were seniors.
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