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  1. Good hard fought game. I am a huge Ingle Martin fan, but really didn't understand the 3 times CPA had 3rd and 3 or 4 and knew they were going for it on 4th down but didn't do what they are best at and pound the rock. Ran end around once on 3rd and 4 and got nothing, then ran inside on 4th and failed. Another time passed incomplete on 3rd and 4, then ran on 4th and failed. If the strength of your team is running between the ends and you know you are going to go for it on 4th down, then run it twice and try to get 4 yards on those 2 runs. But if I was coaching, they never would have gotten that far. I haven't looked at replay but how do you have a defensive holding 10 yards down the field chasing a back running a sweep? The 4th down catch was not a catch, but that's what you get sometimes with HS refs and no replay. There were some other bad calls both ways during the game but that one determined the final outcome. Called incomplete correctly and CPA wins. Too bad. With all that said, CPA made way too many mistakes and mostly squandered too many trips inside ECS's 25 yard line. If they had taken care of the ball and taken care of business when they had good field position, the refs wouldn't have mattered. Also it is hard to win a state crown without a FG kicking game. Credit to ECS for bending and not breaking defensively and for a great season and championship. BUT watch out next year. CPA will be VERY tough.
  2. They weren't favored after their Mr. Football candidate and a second star got hurt and wasn't able to play if you are talking about the Notre Dame game.
  3. Don't go to as many CPA games as I used to but still follow them closely. Not a betting man, but I know this - you will be poor real quick betting against CPA. They almost never lose a game they are favored in or that is a tossup. The coaches always find a way to win those games. With that said, I did go last night and I was so impressed with the Lipscomb support and crowd. I have been going to most of the CPA games since they built their on campus stadium and I have NEVER seen the visitors stands full 45 minutes before gametime with more LA fans coming and many standing on sidelines. CPA had a fair sized crowd but the stands were far from full. LA crowd was louder. Great atmosphere and congrats to LA for a great season and to CPA for a return to Cookeville to defend title. This is NOT the same CPA team ECS beat week 1.
  4. How did you like this analysis? Pretty spot on.
  5. Ah, Booger, your guys won fair and square last year, but there was not a 2 week gap before previous game so different comparison, and even the Boog has to admit that CPA's best player not playing made a difference last year. Final outcome may have been the same, but game would have been different. Best coaches in the world cannot out coach injuries at the HS level. All I know is that the record shows that Martin rarely gets outcoached. You won't get rich betting against him. Just sayin'.
  6. Two really good teams with great coaching and several top tier athletes. My take: - With 2 weeks to prepare, can't see anyone outcoaching CPA's Martin and staff. Advantage CPA - CPA seniors on a mission after getting close last 2 years. Advantage CPA - Barring turnovers and big penalties, BGA will have trouble stopping CPA ground game which will chew up clock and limit BGA possessions. - Can't see BGA passing game being flawness enough against CPA fast defense to score every possession which they may have to do to outscore CPA. Artificial turf will help BGA's athletes and passing game, and they will score, but not enough. CPA 35 - BGA 21
  7. Coach Martin and CPA has lost 10 regular season games the last 8 years. They also have 6 playoff losses (2 -3rd round, 2-semis, 2-finals). Overall 91-16 counting this year. I cannot remember them in that time ever losing a game they solidly favored to win. If history means anything, I am betting on CPA this week.
  8. Lacking appreciation for EHS experience up front has nothing to do with it. The fact remains that EHS was effective running between the tackles, especially No.32 who CPA really had trouble tackling. In the second half when their offensive got going it was primarily due to the inside running game.
  9. I disagree, cbg. Were you at the game? Ensworth's QB came out throwing the ball. mostly hot routes to try and get the athletes out in space with room to run. They underestimated CPA's defensive speed, and couldn't beat them running wide or short passes. So they did throw downfield some and actually their QB made some really nice throws. The only score for EN in the first half was an 85 yard catch and run that was thrown about 35 yards. They did do some wildcat direct snaps to the speed running back but again CPA did not give up much to that. Bottom line, CPA was the better team. More balanced, more disciplined and in better condition. The game was very long because of TV (started 15 minutes late) and because of play stoppage for Ensworth injuries and about 7-8 EN players cramping up on the field. IMO, Ensworth offensive scheme was faulty. They should have attacked the middle of the defensive line with their power backs. That was the only place CPA was vulnerable and it showed on a couple of EN drives. CPA looked VERY good. Will be a contender for state.
  10. Hi, CoachT, Can you please delete this account? I haven't used it in many years and I need to use the email for a new account I set up. The new account won't let me use the email assigned to this one. Thanks
  11. With all due respect, moderators do not apply the same rules to CPA as they do other schools. I have seen many multiple threads on other schools that were not shut down, and many more controversial threads and posts allowed. Being a moderator is tough, but censoring threads and posts without at least warning or explaining that do not violate the CoachT rules should be avoided and done consistently. One problem is that many detractors troll for CPA threads and posts and post things purposefully to get the thread shut down. I started a thread once on CPA basketball strictly to discuss the season and it was shut down as well because of posts by detractors who troll. The moderators should censor or block the trollers, not just censor the entire legitimate threads and all posts.
  12. The Spann absence is not really an impact with Dreher and Davis both shooting as good as Spann ever did. If Richard and Adams don't play, it will make a difference as they will have no depth inside. Johnson will need to really step up to help inside. Of course, they run so much, inside play is not as critical as it is for most teams.
  13. In the last 10 years, the state finals (in all classes) have had 44 West Tn. teams in it and 19 have won. Middle Tn. has had 64 teams in the finals and won 31.
  14. Well, season is over and not that anyone cares, but I am done with CoachT. Will probably be good news to many. I have always enjoyed analyzing football and basketball and giving a CPA report and perspective. But I just can't stand anymore reading the hateful attacks, baseless accusations, and outright slander from those who would rather impune schools, coaches, players and fans rather than discuss sports. I have never posted a personal attack on any coach or player on CoachT, and I regret getting sucked in to arguments with unreasonable hateful people. I probably wrote some things in defense of CPA I never should have penned because many I responded to didn't deserve a response. To all the great athletes and coaches in Tenn., keep working hard and be proud of your successes. I will continue to watch but not post.
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