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    Yes I lived in Upper Alnwick beside the famous ALCOA's PAINTED BRIDGE and was a successful RING SEEKER at ALCOA too! ( LB/TE)

    Dislikes- WBH fans- Poor losers!! (WhiningTITS)

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  1. The Zebras buck ALL WhiningTITs in the mouth! ALWAYS!
  2. GoonSquad slaying em tonight! Hook line and sinker these CS’ers gotta be related to the BAXTER’s!
  3. That would be great! Too many Championships (9) in this state! Combine 1&2, 3&4, 5&6 with 2 DII games and let it fly ! Heck we’ve been beat bad but one thing we don’t do is run around whining & crying about every little thing! Gotta get ya ahh a mancard there bud!
  4. Well..... Weather is unpredictable and the TSSAA can’t control everything. One thing you can count on though; whiningTIT’s lose games!
  5. My book said +14 ! I think he’s been on his feet too long or working too close to those nasty Red Rebs!
  6. We’ll even throw in a Goon T for yaaaa! Size Medium!
  7. That short’N next to Boog, is that CS’er UCman? Can’t tell , sure sounds like him!
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