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  1. He graduated brother Crow. Both of our stud running backs are coming back. If they put in work on the off-season, you could really see something special. Honestly, I think the biggest question mark will be the qb position. Our starting qb last year was injured in the quarter finals and the qb from this year stepped in and did a good job. How are you guys looking?
  2. Clayton Harris is ranked 15th DL in the state by Prep Redzone. He is just a junior. He could be Upperman’s best defense players all time before it’s all done.
  3. My roommate works with his mom. She says she is such a great person. Try to enjoy your family every moment of life. This is so terrible when something like this happens. Life just seems so unfair. I hope his family finds peace
  4. So Stone was the 2nd best team in the state in AAA. That’s the biggest shock of the season.
  5. I can’t believe that Stone kept this game so close. Props to them. I looked over Greenevilles schedule last night and they have beat some really good teams
  6. Harris Rollins Dedman if these three get bigger stronger faster on the off-season, the Bees could have the best team they have ever fielded. The were great last seaso. I know I’m missing out on a lot of talent players but these dudes are studs
  7. You may get your wish in the championship. The Upperman v Southside championship game for the girls was a blood bath. The roughest girls basketball game I have ever witnessed
  8. I don’t know much about Macon it would just be hard to believe they would stay down too long. I did forget about Cumberland they will be right there as well.
  9. I would think Macon will be good again as well in our district. So we have Upperman Livingston Macon White Co probably going to be tops in the state in one district
  10. I don’t see any one in the tournament that can compete with Greeneville when they are playing well
  11. The refs need a lesson on what an offensive foul is for the York Milan game. Three horrible calls in the 4 th quarter
  12. Tyners ability to take care of the ball and clock management is about the worst I have ever seen. A good team will beat them
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