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  1. Greeneville’s team played with class. Great group of kids. Congratulations
  2. I remember my first beer
  3. What a great team you guys have man. You guys deserve this one. Congrats Macon County
  4. 8aa best basketball in the State
  5. crow6424


    I stand with Larry the Legend
  6. I would like to see Macon win this thing since Covid happened to them last year. The first game is tough on players. All the hype and different gym layout. I air balled my first shot there.
  7. Thanks man, what a game. Tyner played with a lot of heart. That game could have went either way.
  8. Good luck to everyone I will be watching from from The Uppercumberland Reporter
  9. Dana has been going to state championships for over 20 years now. I can live with that. Also, girls basketball was non existent before Dana. Now we are a top program in the state
  10. The refs let them play defense without a foul call every second. As a Upperman fan, I didn’t like the outcome but it was an epic game. They should show a video of this game and show it to all officials across Tennessee.
  11. It sucks to be on the losing end but it’s what makes sports great
  12. That is correct Up by one, no one was around the girl who shot the layup. Could have ran the clock out.
  13. No way It was definitely our play that cost us. York played great as well.
  14. The head scratcher for me is when we were up by 1 and we stole the ball. The only thing we had to do is dribble the clock out and we decided to shoot the layup. All we had to do is dribble. Crazy
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