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  1. You were the only one that had hope all year. You and your team took a beating early and know you are one of the few teams still alive. Crazy stuff
  2. It maybe one of the better games in the State this week. Trousdale will be tough to beat twice in a season but if you guys play your best ball you can beat anybody that you will face in the playoffs.
  3. I actually wouldn’t mind coming to Watertown but it’s a little further away for me.
  4. I went earlier this year. It was backed during a regular season game so this should be great. I hope Dekalb brings their A game again.
  5. I will say it again. Dekalb must play the game of their lives to win. I think I will attend this game.
  6. Interesting stuff They did a pretty good job ranking the teams. I think you could move Covington and East Nashville in front of Upperman. I don’t know enough about Wooddale to have an opinion on them.
  7. Oneida gets the win. Tough team that cold weather benefits
  8. I think Loudon rolls. Red Bank is a good team but exploited Upperman’s glaring weakness at DB. They ran simple routes but were wide open all night. Loudon will be able to cover that and win the game. Our region was weaker than normal but will be competitive next year. Upperman returns a ton of talent. Will be hard to replace our Mr football nominee QB but I guarantee we will be a good team again next year.
  9. Upperman is killing them selves. If we can get the mistakes fixed, we will make this a game. 14-0 at the half. Red Bank is up
  10. I met Hammer there last year when we Alcoa. I hadn’t had their doughnuts in years but it was very good.
  11. Just do the opposite of California and your life will be great
  12. I was there for the last game. PC was missing a lot of their starters and had control of pretty much the entire game. That is why they play the game though. Good luck
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