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  1. Dang! It was a great dunk
  2. Caine has been great for this program. He was out coached this game but he hasn’t been out coached much. He will learn from this and we will be better next year.
  3. At least they won one while they were loaded
  4. Alcoa is the best pound for pound team in the state and pound for pound one of the best teams in the country but the best 6a teams and best private schools are a little better. Not by much though
  5. Are really good. Look for them to compete for a state championship. They are loaded with talent for a AA school.
  6. I have watched every championship game besides the Powell game and this was the best game so far.
  7. They have another girl Cobb that can do some things. As long as they play good defense and play smart they will be very competitive.
  8. I would bet on Oakland in 6a Would definitely compete in 4a and 5a though
  9. Only if Alcoa didn’t show up. And I literally mean if Alcoa didn’t show up.
  10. Can you give us some context?
  11. This is the most exciting game of the championships. Can’t wait to get this one started.
  12. I don’t think you will ever find a free one this game. NFHS will show it for 10.99 and you can just cancel the subscription after the championships.
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