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  1. It was absolutely ridiculous. It took our physical play away and that is why we aren’t advancing.
  2. I don’t know he was just a Sophmore last year. He has to be the front runner. Cayden Shanks from Upperman will probably be in the conversation as well. Is Quillen committed as a pitcher?
  3. Greeneville was too good for anyone with Gillespie and Satterfield. They were fun to watch until we had to play them.
  4. Nevermind. Turns out they were that much better than the field.
  5. No one in the state can guard that kid.
  6. You did say double digits haha. Good win for Indy though.
  7. Can’t argue with that. I sat with the family of #1 of Ridgeway both nights. They were a fun bunch of people. The Fulton players consoled our players at the end of the game was a class move as well. Fulton is pure class.
  8. Fulton was just too athletic for us. They are fun to watch and should be a great championship game.
  9. Hopefully we can get two Putnam county teams in the championship
  10. Shoot well, limit turnovers, and defense and Cookeville can compet
  11. Fulton isn’t that much better than the field.
  12. I wonder if any of these refs are from the Tullahoma region?
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