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  1. crow6424

    Upperman 2019

    Not that I know of. He is more athletic than actual QB. If he gets stronger and faster he will put up some ungodly numbers in this region though
  2. crow6424

    Upperman 2019

    Yes, we know how good our running back was this year. If you don’t think this kid will be one of the top talents in the district, you may want to reevaluate. http://www.hudl.com/v/2AukAj
  3. crow6424

    Upperman 2019

    Yeah, the QB who almost took them to a state championship game is a low standard
  4. crow6424

    Mj Bears 2019

    MJ will win it all this year
  5. crow6424

    AA State Predictions

    I want to see DeKalb win the whole thing
  6. crow6424

    2018-2019 8AA

    I believe Upperman’s coaching staff knows what they are doing. 2 time state champions are usually well coached.
  7. crow6424

    We need SHOT CLOCKS asap!

    Needs one terrible bad
  8. crow6424

    Upperman 2019

    I believe our QB will be back. If he gets a little faster, quicker, stronger, he will be incredible.
  9. crow6424

    2018-2019 8AA

    I tried to tell everyone after the championship that Upperman’s young talent runs deep.
  10. crow6424

    Best Team In The State

    I watched the Devils in the last 2 championships and think they would compete with anyone in the public classification. I would would be happy as well if that was my squad.
  11. crow6424

    Best Team In The State

    No doubt any of the top 8 teams in the state could beat each other at any given time but I go on what happened during the season to make my judgment. Alcoa is the only team that can make the claim in my book by what they accomplished and going undefeated. Beating Maryville at home seals the deal for me. No one else did that, including the 6a champs.
  12. crow6424

    Best Team In The State

    Alcoa is the only one who proved it on the field in the public classification. Alcoa beat Maryville, Maryville beat Oakland, and Alcoa is undefeated.
  13. crow6424

    3A Title Game - Alcoa vs Covington

    That kid is someone I would want on my team. He was great.
  14. What’s the word on start time?
  15. crow6424

    3A Title Game - Alcoa vs Covington

    That was a great game. Congrats Alcoa