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  1. Coaching. Good athletes dont play. No continuity. Seems like they get a new coach ever year..Should have this one for 4 at least. His son is a freshman.
  2. White county easily . White county is on the cusp of turning their program around. Wait and see! Cannon doesnt have the numbers.
  3. Spot on..your not going to have much success throwing even if your wr are better than their corners. Uhs is sitting with 6-8 guys back in coverage every play. Amazing they play the run so well from what looks like 6 guys in the box.
  4. First and foremost UHS defense has stifled everyone. I dont think anyones varsity has moved the ball on them. Secondly from my point of view they are trying to get a look at the new skill guys. They definitely have kept their biggest weapon in bubble wrap. So yes they have been holding back and protecting their QB and not relying on him. Cookeville will be the first team they let him loose on. Once he starts breaking loose big runs on you that opens up things for the RBs.
  5. They only played one quarter. Think it was 13-0
  6. Looks like they were using the transfer and the returning QB both..
  7. How does your new qb compare to the previous one? The guy last year ran the ball like Tebow at Florida. Thats tough to replace.
  8. Lol. Really? You HAVE to be an Upperman hater. The bees are the favorites no matter how you look at it. I say upperman by 7.
  9. Playing up is the way to go. Thats why cookeville is bounced early every year. They play down all their non region games to fluff their record. May come watch this one being on a saturday.
  10. unapproved website has them one spot ahead of you. So should come down to coaching and who makes the least mistakes..Good chance you could start the season 2-2 tho.
  11. Monterey looked solid. They should be a player in their region..
  12. Just saying you guys are completely delusional if you think you could beat catholic this year. They would win by 3 scores. And they dont bring anymore more players in then Alcoa does. Even your coach knows it .Doesnt look like he wanted any of them this year lol..might be a top 5 team in your area. But your the bottom part of the top 5.
  13. Seems like there was a game since then? You guys dont like to talk about the fact you were a blown call away from getting sent back home with your tail between your legs huh?
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