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  1. I don’t think you can realistically say that when Hendersonville played possibly the best team in the state last night. I bet Hendersonville has a solid year. Wilson Central might be a surprise team too.
  2. Sounds like they learn and make adjustments and are pretty successful thereafter. Just my observation.
  3. Yes he has. Touted this group very highly too.
  4. I think Lebanon will be fine. They had good crowd support and they did not look bad at all. Gallatin just made the stops when they had to and when the Lebanon defense got tired they allowed a score. Gallatin did not do anything fancy at all, they just pounded and pounded away at them. Gallatin connected on a few passes that really helped. They just missed on a few others that could have as well. I think the kicking game was big too. 52 yard punt and a 56 yard punt the other way both flip flopped the field.
  5. It was as advertised a defensive slugfest. Lots of penalties on both sides but a very hard hitting game. Gallatin did what I thought they would just pound the rock. Passing game showed up when it had too. Lebanon will win a bunch of games this year with that defense and strong ground game. It just was not gonna happen tonight in Watson’s debut.
  6. Pry that home arrest bracelet off your ankle and come see yourself.
  7. Somebody who watched you play and nab 6 interceptions vs LaVergne!!
  8. Are you actually Dwayne Sherlin? If so you might remember your jamboree in 89’. Lost 14-0, I asked Darnell Bass what happened? He said we did not run anything but maybe 5 plays. I think that season ended ok!! Win or lose I think Gallatin will be just fine!!
  9. Rookie, you stay on the boards and watch.
  10. Gentry has down a great job at rebuilding Lebanon. They are on solid ground right now. Gallatin is building to solid ground. Win or lose this does not make or break the season. It would be nice to start it out right though.
  11. I don’t necessarily agree with that. Lose it’s one step, need to get better; win it’s one step need to get better.
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