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  1. GWAVE1

    William Blount 2019

    Where is the visitor’s side?
  2. Why did you start with 2006, why not 2002 or 1995....doesn’t matter. That 65% winning pct means Gallatin won more than they lost including beating TC last time they played. Sad attempt because Hartsville is not on the radar anymore. Concentrate on Watertown and Friendship or Red Boiling Springs.
  3. Really are you 10 years old...it’s a 2qtr scrimmage with little to no game planning. Last I checked when it counted TC lost.
  4. You cannot have facts from something that has not happened yet.
  5. This isn’t 15 years ago.
  6. Blinded by that Austin 3:16 shirt and the smell of pork and beans I see.
  7. You haven’t been around lately...welcome to the party!
  8. GWAVE1

    2019 Henry County Patriots

    Is it that many? More than I thought!
  9. GWAVE1

    2019 Henry County Patriots

    Beech is loaded. Any victory over them will say a lot about your program.
  10. But not enough according to the TSSAA to move up. Don’t believe everything you read about kids coming either.
  11. There are 84 on the roster. Just curious as to your impressions.
  12. Did you got to see any of the spring practices/ scrimmages?
  13. They do not have a current enrollment of over 1700.
  14. GWAVE1

    Wilson Central at Shelbyville 5/17 (Friday)

    Interested in this
  15. Good to have some of the Hendersonville Commandos at the Green and Gold game tonight.