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  1. Went from the worst field in Summer Co to the best looking.
  2. Did not realize Murphy’s book was out yet.
  3. Florida now has joined them in starting on time.
  4. Georgia and Nebraska are going forward with full seasons. Virginia and California are not playing.
  5. This is true. Georgia to play 10 game season with full playoffs.
  6. Just telling you what was in the paper.
  7. Yeah you must be old!! Lol!!
  8. These are Covid numbers from a phone call conducted with Sumner Regional and Hendersonville Hospital. There were 24 hospitalizations in June. Those are facts not hearsay. Hendersonville has over 150 beds.
  9. As of this past Monday they had 25 hospitalizations in Sumner Co in July. It was in the paper today.
  10. Finally something worth reading....
  11. I cannot find an article that says otherwise. For some reason I cannot paste the URL to the article I was reading.
  12. 8 days ago they were planning on starting the season on time.
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