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  1. GWAVE1

    William Blount 2019

    I agree about entertaining but the logical part of me says...so what. I can’t understand why this one program has so much drama on here year after year yet I find myself commenting on it....once again. Lol!
  2. GWAVE1

    William Blount 2019

    Why is Shadroach such a hot topic? I have yet to figure out why this is a big deal and why people even care.
  3. GWAVE1

    R'dale ?, ?, ?.............

    2priceless was a great poster!!
  4. I can say at Gallatin that kids have been encouraged to play multiple sports. When Ponchez Mason played just a few years ago, he competed in a travel baseball team that were playing at a high level and that coincided with early fall football practices. He did what he could until the baseball games were over and he could practice full time. Did not seem to hurt him at all since he is at Georgia Tech on a full ride and was a Mr Football finalist.
  5. GWAVE1

    Turf in Sumner County

    And the team you pull for is???? I bet bet that question never gets answered.
  6. GWAVE1

    Turf in Sumner County

    Take away Beech, who has owned Gallatin of late, at 8-0 and Gallatin is 13-9 the last 10 years vs Sumner Co rivals. I definitely feel as you do though. Things are gonna improve!! And that tradition is still very strong and there is still a very large win margin.
  7. GWAVE1

    Turf in Sumner County

    Usually the fans of teams with no tradition make fun of those who do. I bet your team ended with a loss last year just like mine did.
  8. GWAVE1

    William Blount 2019

    Hard to believe one poster can cause this much concern. Sounds overblown to me.
  9. GWAVE1

    Turf in Sumner County

    Gallatin’s playing surface is over 100 years old. The current home side is built with old donated steel from L&N Railroad. It has one of the largest press boxes around, with all due respect to Hendersonville, and is free standing. The tradition at Gallatin is almost unmatched in Tennessee. Having said that I seriously doubt you will see a turf field anytime soon at Gallatin. It has been looked into and the cost is just too much. You have to either get the equipment to groom it or sign a contract to have it maintained, which adds to the cost. Current fields are warranted for around 20 years of life expectancy. The cost either way can be a wash, for example cost of fertilizer, seed, upkeep, water and sand that has to be bought per year. I am not up on the injury part of the conversation. I do know that Beech could use the turf because of the drainage issue but I still want to know how they get the money to do it. It is also more practical that other teams do it and can practice on it which would be tough for Gallatin since it is off campus.
  10. GWAVE1

    Turf in Sumner County

    Oh I agree with you. Beech is the one school in Sumner Co that needs a revamping of their field and turf could be the answer. That field is a swampy mess at times.
  11. GWAVE1

    Turf in Sumner County

    At the $750000 cost, probably not gonna happen at Gallatin anytime soon. Too many other stadium problems to get solved first.
  12. GWAVE1

    Turf in Sumner County

    No, I don’t think the school board puts up this money. It is not in the budget. Plus the school board would feel obligated to do the same for every school which would never happen. This has to be a private donor or QB Club raising the money. Until I hear specifics I think this is a want and not an actuality.
  13. GWAVE1

    Turf in Sumner County

    I want to know how they plan on paying for it. Serious question.
  14. GWAVE1

    Metro Rumors

    Eddie Woods
  15. GWAVE1

    District 9-AAA

    So much for rankings! That young Gallatin team is impressive!