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  1. Punting----***** Point after--***** Kickoff--** (hopefully improving as our kicker matures) GO BIG RED
  2. Don't forget 10 and 17, both are improving each time out. 17 may have the strongest arm of the four and he is one heck of a runner ( remember the run he made in clean up last year?) GO BIG RED )
  3. 7 on 7 last night was a much better show for our patriots.Many more completions and scores; many fewer interceptions, less defensive mistakes. We are a long way from a finished product but we seem to be on the way. GO BIG RED
  4. My view of the first 7 on 7 , for what it's worth: A lot of completions but far,far too many to the opposition! There are four kids working at the QB slot; all bring something to the table. IMO the starting one or two is far from being decided.It is very early and all will have a chance to show what they can do. It is way too soon to be declaring the winner for the starting spot. GO BIG RED
  5. We outscored Lexington 3 to 2. But I would give the edge to the Tigers because we couldn't get their D line blocked an they essentially shut down our run game. Our run offense consisted of two nice long runs by the two Kendalls, J. and D. with one each The passing game was impressive with Eli being accurate on both long and short routes.Defense did pretty good except for once again allowing runners to get outside. GO BIG RED
  6. This was one of the better Spring scrimmages I can remember watching. Both teams showed an abundance of talent And promise. As usual, Milan has some very good looking backfield talent with a couple of sure enough burners. Their passing game wasn't real impressive but there could be many reasons for that( QB playing baseball? )Their line was a typical springtime line With a lot of learning going on.The Patriot lines, on the other hand , looked a little better after the first couple of series . The secondary, a source of concern to some on these threads, did pretty good with three or four interceptions The defensive line is big and played pretty well, There were five RBs who showed their wares and all looked good in my eyes: The phantom, J. Travis, J Kendall, D Davis and T. Haepp.Impressive newcomer Q. Kendall ( injuries ) and J. Johnson ( soccer ) did not play.Our new QB made some good throws and managed the team very well ( all of his backups are in baseball ) Thursday night ( no longer Friday ) we get the Lexington Tigers @ Bethel GO BIG RED
  7. Thanks to you, Havengrad , and to kwc.. I and most folks up here are pulling for the WH Tigers though there are a few who support Oakland because of Coach Creasy's past experience on the Patriot staff. In 2011 I stayed in Cookeville fpr the Saturday games and rooted for you guys. The kicking game cost you that championship. This new scheduling won't let me be there this year but I will be beside the tube cheering for the Tigers. GO BIG RED
  8. Sorry to hear of your mishap and misfortune, Yanker.I recall years ago when you went missing that we called an APB for you including Nurslng homes, hospitals, psychiatry units and jails especially in the JJackson area but the search was fruitless. Happy to expect you back for this very important week. GO BIG RED
  9. Tandem and eers: We would love you join us tailgateing. We are cooking ribs and expect them to be very tasty.We'll probably start eating between 5 and 5:30. We will be in the large tent nearest the fieldhouse on the practice field. I will be the big old guy in red probably sitting near the fire. GO BIG RED
  10. kwc, I actually missed 2 quarterfinals, games 1 and 5. Drat !! I should have respected da Haven !
  11. I for one won't be expecting this to be a walk and I doubt very seriously that the team and coaches will.We all know what kind of football Region 6 plays and what kind of team Beech always fields.I have the ultimate respect for Beech posters eers and Tandem for their accurate and objective reporting on these threads.Tandem, in early 2011, predicted the Patriots potential. Early this year eers noticed this years team's possibilities and stated them here.What they say should be thoughtfully considered. GO BIG RED
  12. What a shame that a fine team like Kirby had such poor fan support at such an important game. We had the visiting stands packed and more red in the home side than Kirby despite the almost 150 mile trip to get there.Take out their very entertaining band and there were less than 100 Kirby fans . Those kids deserve better. GO BIG RED .
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