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  1. Quarterfinal Picks: 1.Peabody 2.Covington 3.Whitehaven 4.ECS 5MUS
  2. I wonder about the DC crowd. They only brought a small handful for the first game if my old memory serves me correctly. Certainly we can do better ourselves but the weather forecast for Friday isn't very pretty: cold with showers. GO BIG RED
  3. I've had much respect for you and Tandem over the years. If you make it to Paris would love to meet up with you and share a big pot of Shrimp Creole we'll be cooking . GO BIG RED
  4. Round 2 choices: 1.McCallie 2.Ensworth 3.MUS 4.ECS. 5.FRA 6.Nashville Christian 7.Whitehaven 8.Houston 9.Dyer County 10.Crockett County 11.Milan 12.Covington 13.Fairley 14.Lake County 15.Middle College
  5. Alas, kwc, you erred again. I missed #'s 10 & 18 . GO BIG RED
  6. WE Big Red fans and old friends are pulling for the Jackets!
  7. GO CHOCTAWS and also Kenwood and Clarksville High
  8. I certainly am soft and getting softer but it absolutely won't keep me from bundling up and going. The players around me at steak night last night were pleased with the weather!! Remember that they can't bundle. These boys certainly deserve our support on a night like tonight GO BIG RED and C"MON BIG RED NATION
  9. Week 12/Playoff Round 1. selections: 1.Houston 2.White Station 3.Memphis Central 4.Whitehaven 5.Henry County 6.Clarksville 7.Dyer County 8.Southwind 9.Haywood County 10.Fayette Ware 11.Crockett County 12.Millington 13.South Gibson 14.Covington 15.Milan 16.Wooddale 17.Peabody 18.Mitchell 19.Union City 20.Fairley 21.Lake County 22.MASE 23West Carroll 24.Middle College 25.DCA 26.Fayette Academy 27.ECS 28.BGA 29.FRA 30.Lausanne
  10. kwc, with all the time and energy you put in on this project over the years, I didn't have the heart to correct you. Thanks for doing this for all of us!
  11. Lucifer,s week 11 choices: 1.Mitchell 2.White Station 3.Whitehaven 4.Ridgeway 5.Cordova 6.Covington 7Houston 8.Fayette Academy 9.Northpoint Christian 10Millington 11.Fayette Ware 12.ECS 13Bartlett 14.Pope John Paul 15. MUS 16.Lausanne 17.MBA 18.Munford 19.Brighton .
  12. Good question but I'm pretty sure I haven't missed anywhere that many. kwc has been carrying me that way for several weeks.
  13. As to the use of #1, perhaps the health of his hammy has something to do with it. GO BIG RED
  14. Heavy rain forecast for late afternoon Friday into the night and possibly Saturday. Senior night this week and having parents standing out in a pouring rain is a bummer.therefore the switch. In my opinion,its a grand plan GO BIG RED
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