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  1. They could even reach out to across state lines. I’m sure premier Kentucky or alabama teams would want to try them. Good luck lol
  2. Lol I would agree. Hendersonville had them as the opening game last two years. We didn’t back down. They killed us. it’s hard for any team to “want” to play Oakland. but they will find games. Reach out to some premier 4a 5A teams
  3. Great teams find a way to win. Same can be said for Smyrna. Grinded it out lose late or Bartlett. Beech had a great year oakland did too. both lost one game great teams find a way to get there. better team just won it.
  4. It was tough. But let’s say it was 14-14 there. Oakland still showed they were better. That makes it a closer game but it was always Oakland. Even if it finished 24-21
  5. It’s hard to swallow but I don’t see any way oakland wasn’t gonna win. Beech never stopped them. Oakland just has more talent and will have more talent going forward. beech had a good season and they all should be happy they made state. Silver balls are tough to swallow but Oakland just has the team
  6. Comish can’t wait to see y’all next year. Your team is growing and showing. Gonna. Be. A. Fun. Region.
  7. Bump11 it’s alllll good. I know the feeling trust me. it’s over now. We get to see some epic 5A ball next year
  8. I know that feeling. Trust me. 0 gold balls for Hendersonville. It’s an open wound. Salt pours in each year. can’t wait to chat next season. idk what team you root for but imagine it’s beech. Eers. heck of a season to beech. Next year we all go 5A. y’all got there. Congrats. TheCommissioner. We share a region next year I think it’s at Springfield. Can’t wait! gonna be a wild region 7-5A time
  9. Ranked 15 in nation. I’d love to see it. if Oakland came ready still think it’ll be 28-14 Oakland.
  10. Bump. It’s okay. I know the feeling. But to try and act like that was a bad calll. let’s all move on. it was for a kneel down. he didn’t run a verticals okay for a TD. it’s okay. On to next year.
  11. JRB idk who in 6A woulda matched up. 5A west maybe keeps it within 2 scores. 4a no shot vs that team. alcoa loses by 10+ maybe Baylor they were big LA could be close who knows but it’s Tennessee no John Bosco no Mater Dei Maybe someone can get on the Oakland level in 6A next year. Hard to do
  12. Bump we love ya but that was all class. It was to take a knee and salute the seniors. see ya next year can’t wait to banter with you in 5A congrats Oakland. Reload. Do it again.
  13. You mean creasy? He’s staying. No way. idk who called the time out but those Oakland seniors deserve the 30 seconds of recognition bump11. Idk how you got no class out of that. Congrats to Oakland. what a year READY FOR NEXT YEAR. NEW CLASSES Hendersonville and Beech in 5A. Let’s go
  14. Exactly. That’s why I don’t see creasy leaving. With new classification. It’s a smoke show oakland vs Maryville next year in semis decides the class. That’ll be the way for two years. would love a 6A team to come out of no where. But that’s the truth
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