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  1. If the injury bug has bitten Beech again it may be Hillsboros game the second time as well. I watched the matchup last week and felt that Hillsboro was flat and relied on huge plays late and lack of Execution by bEech. And man do I hope you are wrong about the other score. I'm hoping for another 36-35 thriller with hendersonville running it down their throats (not to bring up any recent nightmares that independence fans may have) Can't wait for next Friday !! Commandos have been watching tape since 1039pm last night
  2. YouTube has several full game films thanks to Williamson County's Tv channel. Just search and you'll find a few No doubt they are good and haven't been stopped. But no ones handing independence the gold ball just yet
  3. Our war team better bring the noise and give us some help on the road. The louder the better Indy is gonna be the front runner in 5A but they'll have to earn it the rest of the way every team will give them their best game.
  4. Anthony Hughes does nothing but impress me more each week. He simply flies around and has a nose for the ball on every play. First TD of the game was a Strip Sack by Smalls and an epic 49 yard scoop and score by Hughes. He made numerous tackles over the middle and kept #7 in check most of the game. With his added wrinkles in the passing game and even scoring in the run game he adds another dimension to the Commando offense. Oh, did I mention he's a sophomore. He and Brett Coker look like season veterans out there. Coker was putting the ball on the money all night and now has a grasp on the wing T but with his own flare. Hughes is going to be crucial vs Indy next week. I hope he and the rest of the D habe a picture of Bunch taped to their mirrors and film on non stop all week. Keeping Indy in check is going to be a tough task. Terrell Carter, Jack Towe , and Mike Harris all make it difficult for any defense due to their ability to score every time they touch the ball. I bet Hendersonville is the last team that Indy wanted to matchup with early in the playoffs
  5. Great to hear he is well. Glad there were no other big injuries in the game. Thought it might get outta hand the officials lost control. Thankfully with a coach like Hatfield, he never lets his group lose mental focus. Going to be a hulluva matchup next week. Indy and Hville always have great football games when they meet in the postseason.
  6. Ready to travel down to Thompson Station. The Commandos always love coming to Independence. Gonna be Independences toughest matchup thus far. I think we're gonna give Ya your money's worth next week. The commandos are pretty dang good themselves. Love the Beech Hillsboro rematch. No way does Beech lose to them twice
  7. It's playoff time!! Hope all teams safe travels and injury free contests. It's gonna be some great football can't wait to see who moves to 1-0! GO COMMANDOS!!
  8. Hillsboro wins due to home field and the better match up. I also will note that hillsboro doesn't mind playing on TV as I witnessed vs my Commandos this year. Once they get going at home, good luck. Gonna take big plays for Lavergne to stay in this one unless Hillboro overlooks them. (No offense to a very good lavergne team) Hillsboro 30- Lavergne 19 Independence is Indy. They create matchup problems and bring a dynamic offense to the table that loads points on teams in a flash. Cane Ridge can match up but lack of depth costs them in the second Half. Indy at home 42-20 Beech has talent across the board but sometimes get in the way of themselves with some of Crabtrees play calls. Almost too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to having two dynamic thunder and lightning back. They go on th road and squeeze a late win out at LC Beech 24-LC 23 Hendersonville will know a lot about themselves this week. With two some what walk though games to end the season, they now face a real opponent in Shelbyville. I believe the Commandos have the athleticism this year to handle Shelbyville. If they get the Wing T rolling with Coker Harris and Carter and Towe it will be tough sledding for Shelbyville. hendersonville 38- shelbyville 24 I hope for a great injury free night among all games played tomorrow! Everyone's 0-0 so it's anyone's game now just time to go take it.
  9. I feel his speed could be a factor but we have some athletes on D with Hughes at LB he can spy. Hillsboro 28 a Lav 22 Hendersonville 42- Shelbyville 30 Beech 21 - lc 20 Cane Ridge 16- Indy 45
  10. Indy having that Home Field until the finals is HUGE for that team. Cane Ridge has the talent and team to play with Indy but their lack of depth will show by halftime. Depth and matching up is huge vs Independence. Indy should win by at least 10. If my Commandos get past Shelbyville after finishing the season vs two cupcakes then that matchup would be a great one if the commando wing T gets moving vs Indy and can keep that powerful O off the field. (Hendersonville has proven in the last few years that they can go on the road to anyone's house and beat em. I know Indy fans want a shot at us.) Not looking too much into the future just yet. Got a lot of football to be played this week everyone's 0-0!!! Gonna be some great 5A playoffs in tennessee.
  11. Tough for Stewart's Creek getting the short end here in a tough region if this is how it plays out
  12. Does region 5 come down to coin flip. I'm scratching my head at these tie breakers. 1 Indy vs 4 Cane Ridge 2 Hendersonville vs. 3 ?? 2. ?? Vs. 3 Beech 1 Hillsboro vs 4 ?? All 4 teams in Region 5 behind Indy finished 4-3 in region play if I'm lookin at all the scores right. Lavergne and Stewerts Creek overall 6-4 shelbyville and Lincoln Co overall 7-3 Lavergn beat Lincoln Co Stewart's creek beat shelbyville Shelbyville beat lavergne LC beat shelbyville and Stewart's creek Gonna go to quite the tiebreak at least region 6 was somewhat easy to figure. I'm guessing Mondo is right since the better two overall records are #2 LC then #3 Shelbyville (LC winning H2H). The #4 seed falls to lavergne since they beat Stewart's Creek H2H
  13. Looks like we may have a wet field thoughout the night. Gonna be a lot of smash mouth football with neither team wanting to turn the ball over. Hoping for a great injury free game! I'm saying the Commando D stacks it up to stop Mason and company and will try and make someone else beat them. If the Commandos get the run going early it may be a long night for the Wave defense. These games are usually close and with the wet field I don't see either team running up the score. Pred: Commandos 31-Wave 21
  14. Back and getting ready for this playoff push! Won't be much to talk about after this week for the Commandos. Tonight is big in finishing top 2 in this Region.
  15. . Any chance he gets some action with the big boys after the freshman season concludes? Carter was a big influence in our secondary as a Freshman during our Playoff run two years ago. Haven't been able to watch the Commando freshman this year but I know even though it is rare for freshman to play varsity, Coach Hatfield is always looking for more pieces in that dynamic wing T.
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