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  1. Would love to see West repeat but that page team returns almost every one next year might be the other side of the state to bring a gold ball home
  2. And I forgot my favorite mav good dog Ella the true MVP of all time
  3. Congratulations to all the Mavs and their fans and especially to Coach Gilliam on his first gold ball now him and Coach Brown will never have to hear the Old yeah you're a good coach but you never won state again.
  4. All right Mavs East TN is 2-0 now make 3-0 for the sweep
  5. Wtg rebels domination on all fronts so happy for Coach Brown. Hats off to Page
  6. 0 points in the 1st qtr 39 in the 2nd West needed that stop there at the end and the score right before halftime. Impressed with Page nice passing game they have
  7. Picking West but thinking it will be a close one. Sometimes or most times teams struggle in their 1st championship appearance sometimes it's players but usually it's coaching staffs that forget what got them there. So Page has that advantage as they were there last year Go Rebels
  8. As for Latham getting flagged I think it was more he was standing over or in the face of the Powell player. Both him and Greene were yapping all night but Greene wasn't in anyone's face while doing it. And that wasn't just any teammate chewing out Latham it was his brother
  9. I think for those who don't like Coach Lowe it's more about the persona he portrays as to who he really is I don't know him personally so I can't say he's bad or good what I do know is he's a really good football coach
  10. Hated to see Maryville's season end in such a lopsided loss but maybe the young men returning for next year remember the feeling and use it as fuel during the off season
  11. Go Mavs hoping to longtime East TN coaches get their 1st gold ball next week
  12. Going with my rebs don't know much about page other than what I saw last night after our semi was finished any Page fans got any insight?
  13. And it helps if you get a 99 yd pick six and a punt return for six as well
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