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  1. Maryville by 21...hopefully West stays healthy as next weeks game against Central is for the region and possibly 4 straight home games during the playoffs.
  2. After what I saw tonight, its a miracle these Rebels are still undefeated when they could easily be 2-3. I would love to say they are getting better, but in reality they arent. I know the injury bug has hit them hard but there is entirely too much talent and athleticism on that roster to not be straight plowing through this schedule... This Thursday though will be a complete beatdown by Alcoa. The only way I see West winning is if Alcoa has to forfeit bc of Covid. Would love to be wrong but I got Alcoa by however many they want. Go Rebels
  3. So I move back to town and a couple of key players that were Rebels last season now play for Oak Ridge? Times are a changing. Guess that means Bearden should win this one easily.
  4. I Think Oak Ridge wins 24-19. Special teams blunders doom West.
  5. Catholic pretty much had their way with West...granted some players were out but still that was one team. One thing that cant be understated is how badly West wants this championship. Every opponent or everyone left in the bracket is worthy and no one should be overlooking any other team. Interesting stat - West has never lost a 3rd round playoff game in all of their playoff seasons. The second round and semifinals have been the least kind to the Rebels from Marble City.
  6. I think Oak Ridge is playing as well as anyone right now...really hope West is taking Oak Ridge seriously and not overlooking them because of the first matchup. Oak Ridge had some guys out that game I think and I know theyre looking for revenge. West needs to protect the ball this go around and make sure theyre special teams are up to par bc last week was abysmal. They will need every point to win this game against Oak Ridge. Go West
  7. Central playing great as always when it counts...make it 13 straight playoff wins for the Bobcats. I say 31-21 Central
  8. Would love to see it as well but for that to happen West has to be sound in all three phases of the game...Special teams yesterday was atrocious minus the kickoff return for the TD. Missed fgs and xps have doomed West in the past and even cost them a State title in 2013. This West team isnt even as good as that West team was and they need to be focused bc this Oak Ridge team is way better than the one they faced back in September and could beat them.
  9. West up 32-3...looks like that West defense really showed up tonight...special teams needs a lot of work especially if they play Oak Ridge next week. Go Rebels!
  10. Seriously dont know much about Walker Valley other than their offense puts up points and based on yesterday are a ball hawking defense. Would love to know more from a WV fan. West needs to bring it on Friday and protect the ball. Hopefully our guys are over Covid and continue marching to Cookeville.
  11. Is everyone back for West or are there still players out bc of covid? This game should have stayed canceled, but im glad West got to play and get some game reps for guys who hadnt been able to play. Looking forward to Round 2. Go West!
  12. Props to Walker Valley for beating Powell...looking forward to the game this Friday at West. Powell had a good year and has a ton of talent coming back next year. The new regions will be interesting especially now that West and Powell could potentially meet in the Semifinals as opposed to the second round or quarterfinals.
  13. Well hopefully the players that can play will make this a game and they dont get hurt in the process with so much more at stake down the line. As someone said earlier props to Coach Brown in making this matchup happen, but it really wasn't needed especially with playoffs about to start. Go West
  14. Hope Fulton recovers in time for the playoffs...very sorry to hear the school and those kids are going through this.
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