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  1. Cant believe its been 4 weeks now that the Rebels won State! Last Friday as we were all Frozen, the thought did cross my mind how all those games would have played out had the weather been that cold that weekend. Go Rebels! Happy New Year everyone
  2. So it looks like West will be traveling to AC on Oct 6th...looking forward to the game as it will be a great measuring stick for both teams. Have you guys as a TD favorite as of today. Merry Christmas
  3. This is as true a statement as there is. Looking back at that Powell-West game, that game really was a war out there between both schools. I think Powell probably beats Page by a similar score as West did. No disrespect to those schools out west because next year might be a different story, but for the last few seasons East Tennessee has been the victor in the 5A game minus the Oak Ridge-Summitt game in 2020. Will that trend change as teams move up or down is the story.
  4. Whoever they get better go undefeated in region play for the next two years.
  5. Honestly i enjoyed Chattanooga way more than Cookeville...it was super nice getting some food before the game and then walking over. The stadium was nicer was as well.
  6. Honestly i was talking about these next couple of years...any chance to go to Blankenship for a game I'll take. I'm glad West is keeping Alcoa on the schedule, I just want to play the best 5A and 6A have to offer in this area...heck Id take Anderson Co over Fulton at this point.
  7. Would have loved to see West play Oak Ridge...
  8. The posters were saying that Page brings back everyone and should be there a 3rd straight year in Chattanooga come next fall...I was curious if they were at all worried about Beech being in there way, since they're dropping down from 6A. Also, I like West to be in the mix, but Powell brings back their offensive and defensive lines and to win state you have to be great in the trenches. West should be solid on the defensive side, but they do lose 4 starters on the Oline.
  9. Ill add that Latham barely played in some of his games and was taken out well before halftime. Congrats to Bishop but I think Bishop last year was way better than Bishop this year. Karns overall record and performance against the teams they faced this year compared to last year also proves it. How did White Co lose with this kid...his stats are amazing.
  10. Looking at next year...with Page bringing everyone back, is Beech going to be a threat to them since theyve dropped down to 5A? Also I like either Powell or Oak Ridge to come out of the East.
  11. I think Central has a chance to get in that convo with the kids they have coming up through the ranks if they stay the course and play for Central.
  12. Ok does anyone predict Bearden or Farragut to take down Maryville this year?
  13. West freshman and sophomores are no joke...they hit that weight room hard and take that next step...i can see them playing the day after Thanksgiving...beyond that i dont know. Glad to be Champs this year!
  14. Yep they were a close knit bunch and the coaches are really gonna miss coaching this group of kids.
  15. I predict there will be multiple head coaching changes at different schools before Spring
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