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  1. MSURacer

    Hookfin leaves Haywood

    Hookfin woke a sleeping giant. If nothing else, he showed how viable that program can be in the right hands. No idea what the administration and community support is like, but they have some of the best athletes in West TN year in and year out.
  2. MSURacer

    2019 Top Ten in 5A

    I'll add those to my honorable mentions, along with West Creek and Kenwood.
  3. MSURacer

    2019 Top Ten in 5A

    He can coach, and he should definitely have some talent most years at G-town. Y’all might have found a good one. Just gotta see how he manages the pressure. It ain’t Northeast anymore. He’s got boosters and history breathing down his neck now.
  4. MSURacer

    2019 Top Ten in 5A

    I’m no expert, but I personally think Watson is a good coach. I was impressed with his teams at Northeast and I think he will do well with the resources he’ll get at a Sumner Co school.
  5. MSURacer

    2019 Top Ten in 5A

    Odoms could be our next D1 caliber player. He was an outstanding DB last season. Can’t wait to see what he does as a 2-way player. Speaking of D1, also saw today where Nick Metzinger signed with Memphis. With the timing idk of it’s a full scholarship or preferred walk-on situation, but he’ll be lacing up some cleats regardless. Congrats to that young man. Been a beast of a lineman since his sophomore year.
  6. MSURacer

    2019 Top Ten in 6A

    That is outrageous. I think our season tickets were $35 the last time I purchased them. Maybe $40. It’s been a couple of years. Our general admissions tickets are only $6, which is why that $15 number jumped out at me so much.,
  7. MSURacer

    2019 Top Ten in 6A

    Y'all's tickets are 15 dollars?
  8. MSURacer

    2019 Top Ten in 5A

    I wouldn't be surprised either. Never can tell with those Memphis teams though. Sometimes they really bring it like Brighton did in '17 and Ridgeway did in '14, but more often than not HC has had their number. I don't know what any of them are offering up this year. Ridgeway, Kirby, Brighton, Munford, etc...I just threw out the most familiar name.
  9. MSURacer

    2019 Top Ten in 5A

    1. Beech 2. Powell 3. Oak Ridge 4. Central 5. Henry County 6. Fulton 7. Hillsboro 8. Ridgeway 9. Gallatin 10. Crockett
  10. MSURacer

    Dr. Tom Johns- Middle TN

    RIP and wishing the best for his friends and family.
  11. MSURacer

    Henry County @ Milan Scrimmage

    Yes it is Bona. Just a Junior too so plenty of time for him to polish up. Looks like Foster saw some action on defense with a couple of interceptions. I like that we look to be continuing the trend of having some of our better athletes play on both sides of the ball. Worked out pretty well for us last year, especially in the secondary.
  12. MSURacer

    Collierville Head coach

  13. MSURacer

    Arthur Halle Stadium

  14. MSURacer

    Trent Dilfer named HC at Lipscomb Academy

    Didn't follow his playing career much, but I always liked him on ESPN. Seemed like a really good football mind.
  15. MSURacer

    2019 Henry County Patriots

    Congrats to Ethan Thompson (Murray State), Samari Rack (Bethel), and Alex Coffield (Sewanee) on signing football scholarships. Wouldn't be surprised to see Paxton Pierpoint, Nick Metzinger, and Will Parish (football or baseball) to land somewhere as well. Great job and best of luck to all.