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  1. Definitely. It’s just a crazy stat.
  2. Not so fun fact: Henry County is 1-5 in its last 6 season openers, and in the lone game they won, they trailed the entire game until the final seconds. Each game was against a school from a lower classification. That is extremely bizarre for a team that has gone 48-17 with a state championship game appearance in that timeframe.
  3. And the folks at Haywood were pleasant as always.
  4. The O-line got its lunch eaten tonight. Hats off to Haywood. Good looking team with potential to be great if they cut out the penalties.
  5. Funny how perspectives work. In 2017, I witnessed a young Henry County team travel to Germantown and take a superior Red Devils team to overtime. Kudos to them for hanging on for the W though. They’ve definitely earned it the past two years
  6. I don’t doubt for a second that Haywood has some frontline athletes that are better than the ones at Germantown, especially in a single given year, but I would be very surprised if that’s the case across the board and down the depth chart, which in many cases is where these games are won.
  7. Anyone know what the weather forecast is looking like for Brownsville tomorrow night?
  8. Henry County Clarksville Riverdale Northwest Hopkinsville Greenbrier Crockett County
  9. Hope so. Seems like it’s been tabled for 3-4 years. What’s crazy is it would save us money in the long run. People don’t realize how much it costs on a year to year basis to keep a grass field up to standard.
  10. FWIW, Brentwood shut out Beech in a scrimmage a couple weeks ago. Brentwood will likely be the best team we face this year. Haywood and Germantown might be our two most winnable non region games.
  11. Good observations. I will add that it was great to see Jamarcus Johnson back toting the rock, and he did it like he had something to prove!
  12. I've kept my eye on this region for a while now. I still expect someone from 5-5A to jump up and surprise the rest of 5A one of these years. Just not sure when.
  13. If one was gonna pluck a coach from Clarksville I’d say you all got the right one.
  14. PC is usually legit. They always seem to be right there with Hillsboro and Cane Ridge as the cream of the crop in Nashville. As for Northeast, seems I remember hearing they lost a lot from last year. Plus a new head coach. I’m sure they still have some talent, they always do, but I’ve heard several people from over there say they expect Clarksville High to be the class of Montgomery County this year. And I heard on the main event region preview that NW has 18 starters back. I know they’ve struggled for years and have a new coach as well, but if that is true they should contend for a playoff spot. Should.
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