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  1. Talented upcoming senior class that I'm sure is eager to go out with a bang after losing in the semifinals the last two years. The QB should be one of 5A's best, and he has a host of returning weapons. Losing Townsend at RB stinks, but Morgan Barrick returning helps big time and there is plenty of talent in the underclasses to ease the load. The star left tackle is coming back and much of the defense returns intact. Nothing is ever given in 5A, but HC should be on a pretty exclusive list of top contenders. We'll see how it all comes together.
  2. Can somebody explain to me why William Blount High School gets so much attention on this site? I've never read through any of the WB threads, so forgive my ignorance. But for a program that has never been very successful, I'm continually amazed by how much discussion it gets. I would go so far as to say the only programs that get more action on the 5A/6A boards are Maryville and Oak Ridge. And I'm not asking in a snarky way, I am genuinely curious.
  3. Very true, but that's the key point that comes with growth. Eventually demographics do shift, although that trend is quite a bit slower in DC than in places like Wilco or RuCo. I doubt anyone is holding their breath waiting for DC to become a powerhouse again, but I don't think the program is a lost cause. I still say if they got the right person in there, and a few dominoes fell their way, there remains potential for a very solid program. Granted, I am biased as a Henry County fan. I still retain a begrudged respect for Dickson County as a former rival. They were tough as nails for years.
  4. They won't ever be a year-in-year-out contender for state championships, but they should absolutely be a regular playoff qualifier in 6A. And if that area keeps growing, they should occasionally be able to field teams that can win 2-3+ playoff games. I guess the one threat with growth is the possibility of new high schools being built, but Dickson actually sits in a pretty advantageous position. Their growth is steady but it's not overwhelming. Their situation seems a lot less unpredictable than other areas around Middle TN.
  5. Agreed. I know Dickson County fell on some tough times in the Wilco region, but frankly, they should not only compete, they should be one of the perennial favorites in their new region. Way too much history and resources there to be a yearly 1-2 win team. The right person can still win there with support. And with the smaller Wilco schools moving up and pushing Dickson out of that region, their worst days should probably be behind them. But that's only if the administration and community are willing to make a positive effort.
  6. They have always struggled in the post season. They’ve only made it past the 2nd round twice in the program’s history I think, but they still used to field tough teams pretty much every year. Problem for them in recent years is they were locked into one of the toughest regions in the state. It killed a lot of the momentum and morale in that program, but that shouldn't be an issue in their new region. With all the growth that county has seen, and the fact that there’s still only 2 high schools, cobbling together enough talent to win 4-6 games a year should not be that tall of a task.
  7. I expect the west side of the bracket to look not much different than it did this year. Henry County, Springfield, Memphis Central, Green Hill/MJ, and maybe even Page again will likely compete for a spot in Chattanooga. And I fully expect all the usual suspects from East TN to be back in the equation. The more 5A changes the more it stays the same in that regard.
  8. I appreciate the kind words, Facts. I actually got bolted for a few days. Think I typed one too many "filtered" words, sorry about that @CoachT. Sometimes it's easy to forget this is a high school sports site. That said, you're dead on about Henry County's footprint around the state. It's something we definitely should take more pride in.
  9. Okay? Changes nothing about anything I said.
  10. Actually no I wasn’t, but if the shoe fits, lace it up I guess.
  11. 1. I have sensed that a couple of Henry County posters have absolutely nothing else positive going on in their lives besides HC football. It explains a great deal of why they act the way they do on here. 2. Page needed a 35-point 4th quarter, a literal miracle, to beat an 8-5 Henry County team. 3. See #2 All that aside, best of luck to Page next week. I think it's Powell's year, but McNamara might just have something for them. We will see... As for Henry County. Don't sweat it. I don't blame other fans for circling the carcass. Pickens are ripe right now. But they will lick their wounds and probably be back with a much stronger team next season.
  12. Been away for the holiday visiting family. Glad I didn’t watch this one. Sounds like it was a real gut puncher. Congrats to Page. I hope HC doesn’t let this overshadow what turned out to be a really good season. Fantastic turnaround. Use this for motivation into next year. Think we have like 13-14 starters coming back + most of the quality depth. Build it up and keep it moving. GBR
  13. I'm sure this will annoy my fellow Henry County faithful, but I still believe Page is the favorite here. I've been saying for weeks (around the time we were 3-5 and Springfield dropped their game to Beech) that whoever comes out of that bracket will have the upper hand over whoever comes out of this one. If I am wrong, it will be some of the sweetest crow I've ever eaten.
  14. Incredible athlete. Fast as grease lightning. I'd put him 2nd only to Marsalis in terms of athleticism. I also think Najee played on the best team we've ever fielded, but he was a big reason it was our best.
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