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  1. Care to share? I know Ravenwood and Summit have the strongest recent history, but I haven't heard much this offseason about Brentwood, Franklin, Centennial, or Indy.
  2. Are you thinking Williamson County or Shelby County? It's hard to imagine anybody else.
  3. I don't think so, but HC fans are plenty used to it. We've been on an island for pretty much our entire history, and it seems like we've been in a Clarksville region since the beginning of time. We have far more history with the Clarksville schools and Dickson County than we do with any west TN schools, except maybe JCM. It would be nice to have some closer, more community-tied rivalries, but this is the hand we were dealt.
  4. I admittedly don't fallow 1A or 2A ball very closely. I know UC and Trenton have won multiple gold balls, but I didn't realize they'd won 4. If that's the case, then yeah, they deserve more credit. I neglected to mention Lake County as well. I believe they've won 2 or 3 of their own. Sometimes I forget about them tucked away in their corner over there, but they've had a very good history. It's really hard to make any distinctive list. There are a ton of historically solid programs in West TN. I was remiss not to include Germantown as well. And I'm not so sure I wouldn't have had them #1.
  5. Very true. The Williamson County growth has seeped into Maury County. The Maury side of Spring Hill and Columbia are both booming. Columbia Central has already proven they can win, having won a state title back in 2010. Very surprising they aren't more consistent.
  6. It’s a tough schedule. I think 9-1 or 8-2 are the most likely scenarios. 10-0 is possible, but it would take a maximum effort from this group. My honest opinion? I think we go 9-1 regular season and then finish 14-1….
  7. Fri Aug. 19 7:00 PM at Summit Fri Aug. 26 7:00 PM Beech Fri Sep. 2 7:00 PM at Kenwood R Fri Sep. 9 7:00 PM at Brentwood Fri Sep. 16 7:00 PM Clarksville NW R Fri Sep. 23 7:00 PM at South Gibson Fri Sep. 30 7:00 PM at Springfield R Fri Oct. 7 7:00 PM Paducah Tilghman (KY) Fri Oct. 21 7:00 PM Clarksville NE R Fri Oct. 28 7:00 PM at Portland R
  8. Are Milan and Huntingdon considered large schools? Or JCM and Haywood for that matter? I've always considered them smaller to mid-sized. I definitely have some bias favoring Henry County though. No argument there. We actually have a losing record against several schools on this list, including a whopping 0-15 against Milan. Not much better against JCM. And Huntingdon and Haywood have historically had our number as well. We've just had a really, really good last 15 years or so. We had some good teams sprinkled throughout the 70's, 80's, and 90's, but HCHS was not the consistent contender it is now until around 2005. But combining our recent success with that of the old Paris Grove High School? I had to put us pretty high up there.
  9. Going to combine some historic schools with their modern counterparts to really tie in the history of their general area. 1. Milan 2. Grove High/Henry County 3. Huntingdon 4. Jackson High/JCM 5. Haywood 6. Byars-Hall/Covington 7. Union City 8. Peabody 9. Dyersburg 10. Martin High/Westview
  10. Yep. They were a load. Looking back, it’s kinda surprising we didn’t have an even bigger drop-off the following year. It wasn’t just the 18-19 starters. A lot of our top end depth that year were seniors too. Gotta give mad respect to Coach Counce. He still cobbled together what was left and went 8-3 the next year. Andrew Jelks is an assistant coach now.
  11. Reminds me of our first state championship team. Went 10-2 the year before, returned pretty much everyone, “shocked the world” and went 15-0, then graduated probably the best senior class we’ve ever had. Was definitely a drop-off the next year, although it wasn’t quite as dramatic as losing all 22 starters. Believe it was 18 if memory serves. That’s a tough row to hoe.
  12. Yeah I doubt Halls in west TN will ever cross paths with, or let alone be confused with, Knox Halls. Still think they should've gone with Halls Crossroads though. Even sounds cooler.
  13. I find it hard to believe some weights, somewhere, couldn't be rounded up for the players to use. Heck, a local gym or even a different school in that area (Dickson? McEwen?) might be willing to help out. I know people up in NW Tennessee and SW Kentucky have been scrambling every which way to help out the Mayfield community after that tornado came through.
  14. Best of luck to Coach Wes Miller on being named the new Patriots basketball coach. Seems to be a solid hire from everything I've heard and read. No idea if Coach Greer has retired or just moving on somewhere else, but he's put some really fun teams to watch on the court at HCHS. Wishing him all the best.
  15. If the money is there to be made, I don't mind it being paid out to the right people. I would much rather a broke college kid be getting that money than have it lining the already-swollen pockets of coaches and administrators. And while we're at it, I wish they WOULD let high school kids get in on the NIL action. I don't see how it's any different than the poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks who has to go to work at Sonic after school to help the family keep the lights on. Like I said, if somebody's willing to pay them, let them earn. I don't care about socialism, capitalism, communism, alcoholism, or any other -ism people like to throw around. Labor, mental and physical labor, is what keeps this little social experiment called "civilization" going, and there's always a pie to be divvied up. At least divvy it up fairly.
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