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  1. Awesome for Jawon! He’s pretty dang good on the hardwood too if anyone is following bball
  2. They would have won 6A that year too.
  3. Will be a special RB/DB wherever he ends up. Hopefully it’s at HC.
  4. Just that he might be moving. I don’t want to air a kid’s personal business on here, so I’ll spare any details, but I’ve been hearing that it’s a possibility from some reputable sources for a while now. Don’t know if anything is set in stone though. HC will be fine regardless.
  5. As for our 2020 prospects, I’m not even sure what all we have back next year. I know we have some key departures along with some key returnees, but idk about the meat of the roster, particularly the O-line. I know the D-line was senior heavy. I like our QB, receivers, and tight end. Also have a really solid RB returning in Jamarcus Johnson, but will need to find some depth there, especially if Z. Kendall is leaving. And I know some key pieces on D are returning. All in all it will probably be another good HC team, but I don’t know enough to say whether it can be great.
  6. All due credit to DC, but It was a full blown collapse by HC. Kids simply didn’t want it bad enough in the 2nd half. DC did. Hopefully the underclassmen learned something from it. Was hoping for a rematch myself. In fact, at one point last night while we were still up big I peeped the score of yall’s game and it almost felt like fate was setting us up for a rematch, but then Dyer County had other plans. Good luck to the Bobcats next week.
  7. Man, I hate to see it end for guys like Jayln Foster, Joe Travis, Davy Harrod, etc. this group of seniors has been a part of some very memorable moments for HC and played a big role in last years’ run to Cookeville. Hope they’re holding their heads high. 10-3 ain’t a bad way to go out.
  8. Let’s just paint over the Dickson County barrel and use it
  9. Hey if nothing else, I think we finally found a rival lol
  10. I’m taking Summit, but I’ve had no shortage of s*** takes all year so who knows.
  11. Welp, congrats to Dyer County. They dominated the 2nd half. I think our boys expected them to just lay down after going up 24-7. It was a good game though. Worth the price of admission and then some. Good luck at Summit next week Choctaws.
  12. Both teams have had a great season, and I do think Dyer has a better showing this time around both in the stands and on the field, but Henry County holds down the fort in this one... I’m thinking something along the lines of 31-14 HC
  13. I thought I did see #3 in the wildcat a couple of times, although my eyes might've deceived me as 3 and 8 are easy to mix up with our jersey font. As for Ridgeway and their 6-down front, all due credit, but I thought we were simply too conservative last night. 4 completions on 6 passing attempts for 54 yards. 9 yards/attempt is pretty dang good, and a big chunk of that came on the last drive. I get the importance of establishing the run, but I wish they'd trust this QB a little more. If they have much hope of getting to Cookeville, they're likely gonna need his arm at some point.
  14. I’ve been saying for a couple years that someone from that region was eventually gonna jump up and surprise the rest of 5A. It’s simply too rich a football area for it not to happen at some point. I’m not saying they beat Beech next week, but the foregone conclusion of region 6 owning region 5 every year was bound to be turned on its head at some point.
  15. Congrats to the Choctaws. @WingT08 I refuse to look ahead after tonight's encounter, but you might be right about that rematch. Good luck next week. Looks like we have a rematch of our own.
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