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  1. Springfield is solid. Enough so that I don't think our region will be decided in August anymore. I also think Memphis Central dropping to 5A could have a bigger impact on our side of the bracket than I have seen mentioned. They haven't been in the discussion for a couple of years, but I expect them to fare quite a bit better in 5A than they did in 6A.
  2. I get what you’re saying, but you seem to be swinging at a shadow. The posters you’re actually calling out haven’t really been the crap talkers. I will readily admit we have some posters who incessantly talk s*** on here, but there’s only a couple of them and they haven’t been very active of late. In their conspicuous absence, you really are just coming across as an a**hole, no offense lol
  3. With all the athletes in our freshman and sophomore classes, I’m sure we can find 2 or 3 who can catch and run. I already like Jayce Kendall.
  4. He's a really good player, and is capable of far more than we typically ask of him. Fortunately he's just a sophomore, and already has 26 games under his belt. If I were a betting man I'd say he's in for a pretty strong next couple of years.
  5. I said earlier I was torn, but I'll definitely end up pulling for Gaddis and the Cats lol
  6. Wow. I didn't even realize Haywood was still playing, let alone won tonight Go Tomcats!
  7. I agree. It was a good game and a good overall season. HC may not have been "great" this year, but they turned out pretty dang good from where they started. And I really like the nucleus of talent they have coming back for these next couple of years. Best of luck to our seniors. Odoms has a real shot at a great career at Memphis. Guys like Perry, Littleton, Kendall, etc. are all gonna be missed, and I think Jamarcus Johnson is good enough to play small college ball. What a monster year.
  8. Trolling aside, how is MJ looking next year? Now that we're gonna be in the same class I might have to start following yall more closely.
  9. Congrats to Summit. The QB went beast mode as expected. I'm torn next week. On one hand I'd like to see the team that knocked us out go on to win state but on the other I'd like to see Coach Gaddis win another ring.
  10. Heck with it I’ll say 32-28 Henry County.
  11. The Summit QB is a beast. Even if the other brother doesn't play it will take a great effort from the HC defense to slow him down. That said, our defense has been rolling since they got humbled by Brentwood. I think it'll be a dang good game.
  12. And I know NOTHING about them, but they must be pretty dang good to outlast an “up” Beech team.
  13. If we’re being completely honest, HC should be in the semifinals d*** near every year in the current regional alignment.
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