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  1. They are planning on having graduation there.....they better get it done! Hopefully the weather will break soon.
  2. 8-20 Summit 8-27 @Beech 9-3 Kenwood 9-10 Brentwood 9-17 @Northwest 9-24 South Gibson 10-1 Springfield 10-8 @Paducah Tillman 10-15 OPEN WEEK 10-22 @Northeast 10-29 Portland
  3. If someone has our schedule with dates for next year, please post it. I have been told the new turf field will be ready for next season.
  4. This game will come down to two things, just like all playoff games.....who can make the fewest mistakes & make the biggest plays. I have one question.....what does the Yanker think about this game? He knows all...GO BIG RED!!!
  5. So we are looking at 5 non region games to pick up.....not an easy task!
  6. What will our region look like next year? I understand TSSAA has reclassified the divisions & we will lose some & add some.
  7. Dickson County still cares about football. What hurt them is building the 2nd high school in the county. The same would happen in Henry County if they built another school.
  8. I asked & was told to hold on to my receipt in case anything was cancelled.
  9. Congrats to HC on a great & exciting season. Hats off & a big congrats to DC. You guys never quit & you earned it. Now go to Summit ,kick butt & then go to Cookeville & bring that gold ball back to West Tn!
  10. I am so looking forward to the Yankers prediction after he reads this thread...it should be good! Roll Red Roll !!!
  11. Has anyone let the Yanker know this is a Thursday kickoff? We really need to hear from the wise one!
  12. The Yanker is getting pretty good at predicting scores....I’m impressed!
  13. I just left with 5 min remaining in 4th....Big Red up 56-0!
  14. Did anyone notice how bad the field looked? It was all chopped up. Something will have to be done as far as the turf issue is concerned. That field last night looked awful.
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