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  1. Dang S4L, give Clarksville D a little credit! My lord! Lol! I love the enthusiasm!
  2. Yeah Lane isnt that bad of a guy! He says UT will go into the Swamp and upset those big bad Gators! Nothing would make me happier!
  3. Now time for my prediction. The Patriots have either been scoring one more TD than I say or Allowing one less TD than I predict. So I'm going to go with a final score of Henry County 35 Clarksville 14 Wouldnt be at all suprised if this defense only allows 7 points. I have a very hard time thinking Clarksville will put the same amount of points up as Brentwood. We shall see!
  4. He has been covering Tennessee Vols Football for a long time now and he does a lot with 247sports.com and govols247.com. He covers recruiting stuff and has been in the game a long time now. Most people will know who he is.
  5. Just thought I would share what John Brice posted about our freshman QB Ryan Damron. "Promising '23 QB already carving his niche as a freshman. Watch this dude for sure" - John Brice
  6. Lol we probably need a shutout or two for that to happen u was pretty close on then scoring 13 I think.
  7. Yeah we have seen good size all year and good athletes!
  8. Yeah HC is a for sure top 4 team in 5A no question! If you ask me I think they are better than Beech and will prove it if they have the opportunity. Beech is #2 for now since they are still undefeated but these polls go out the window come playoff time. I dont think Beech would have beat Brentwood last Friday night and I dont think most teams in 5A could beat Brentwood in my opinion
  9. Henry County with one of the toughest Strength of Schedules
  10. Got my eye on this game as well. HC/G-Town just a few weeks away
  11. Cant wait to see the outcome of this game
  12. Gallatin and Beech will be a good game. No blowouts either way. Likely a very close game.
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