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  1. It may be a little stretch to get it before graduation but it is possible if weather cooperates. This time of year you never know how the weather will be. No work will get done next week thats for sure lol. I have done a lot of business with the guys that are doing the dirt work at Patriot Stadium. Definitely got the right guys for the job!
  2. Yes sir. I think most of Henry County is stoked about this. I know I am! Can't wait to keep up with the progress of this.
  3. The new turf field project has officially got under way in Henry County
  4. It was said our out of region games would be Summit, Beech, Brentwood, Paducah Tillman, and i think South Gibson but last I heard nothing was official. Maybe somebody else can put more insight on the schedule.
  5. Wellington is a Junior right now, i think Randall Foster and Dre Hepner can play very big roles this year possibly. They both seem pretty hungry to me. Several good players coming up, you got to love that!!
  6. Yes sir. I'm looking forward to that. I have family in Springfield. Can't wait for that.
  7. I will defer on the east but as far as the west Henry County will be a contender. With the loss of Beech, Summit, and Shelbyville all moving to 6A that opens the door. Im sure there will be one good Memphis team. And probably a couple teams in Middle Tennessee contending as well.
  8. Yes sir. Win or lose those games we will no doubt be battle tested against contending 6A schools.
  9. Although nothing is official I don't think. The games I have heard is Summit, Beech, Brentwood, South Gibson, and Paducah Tillman.
  10. I did somewhere grouchy ...nothing is official yet I don't believe.
  11. I figured I would go ahead and get this thread started. We are going to lose quite a few very good seniors but have several younger players that played big roles for us. Key Losses: Jawon Odoms, Jermarcus Johnson, Rylan Perry, Jayden Kendall, Damian Rushing, Sam Sleadd, Jordan Elkins, Mekhi Sanders, Rodney Littleton, Sanchez Aldridge, Eli Bona, Darrius Stephens Key Returners: Ryan Damron, Caden Marshall, Norman Duncan, Zamariyon Kendall, Jayce Kendall, Luke Brown, Dre Hepner, Cam Collins, Randall Foster, Beau Mitchell, Aiden Harrod, Lewis Hudson, Drew Beaver
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