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  1. Yes sir, I have enjoyed being this "Patriot Nation" guy not only on here but instagram as well. To be honest with what I was doing on IG, it just took up too much of my time. I love those players tho, they have heart, and you can't teach that. Thats something you either have or you don't. I feel very encouraged regardless of the outcome tomorrow night. We have the right kids for the next two years to get the job done. Who knows I may pop up here and there as bigred88. Its hard not to discuss Patriot football.
  2. Retiring from all accounts which was this one and bigred88. Just over being this "patriot nation" character.
  3. Anyways just wanted to let fellow posters know I am retiring from the Coach T message boards. Good luck to my Patriots this season.
  4. Yes sir! Good luck to the Tomcats. I think yall are going to have another outstanding season. Haywood will be playing for a championship this year mark my words!!
  5. Haha!!! Well I guess I wasnt too good at it!
  6. Well well well...I guess I got the answers I was looking for. Guys I was BigRed88. Yeah sneaky tactic but it worked. I dont care if we are a 50 point underdog. SUPPORT YOUR TEAM!!!! There is no award for picking the winner! Now that i got that out of the way, for my REAL prediction... HC - 35 Summit - 31
  7. 13 is Brady Pierce. He is a stud WR. He just goes out and makes things happen. Heck of a ball player.
  8. All I will say right now is I have very strong opinions on this game and the outcome. I'm going to hold off for now...
  9. Well its time for the rematch from last years semifinals between Summit and Henry County. Whats everyone's thoughts on this game??
  10. Absolutely man! Will always brag on him as well as some other kids. They work their butts off!
  11. Yessir Ryan is absolutely team first, he could care less about any individual award. I feel like he is going to put up big numbers in just about every game this year. I wouldnt be at all surprised if he throws 3 to 4 TDs per game. And some games he gets some rushing TDs. Kids a baller and I don't mind one bit bragging on that young man! I think he more than deserves it! We'll see but out of those first 4 games my personal hope is we can go at least 3-1. I know we are playing for November but if we could knock off 2 of those 3 beasts at the beginning of the year. My oh my!! Lets just see how it rolls! Either way we will be battle tested and ready for war come playoff time! GO BIG RED!!!
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