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  1. Inman Bull dawgs won the middle school tmsaa A championship 20-0
  2. Henry county is having a tuff year. We’re down pretty bad with only 14 Sr. And injury and starters out for disciplinary reason and they held SG to 0. I wouldn’t lose any sleep is I were the tomcats. Just sayin
  3. If we get Jayce Kendal and Cole Townsend back for the NE game. We have a chance.
  4. Not Counce. I would say not anyone. I honestly hope Counce Jr. stays with us until he retires. Im hoping this be more of a wake up call. I personally think the world of what the Counce’s have done for Henry County. In the leaderships defense we lost several top players do to injury and disciplinary reasons. Some changes just need to be made. The same old same is just not getting it done.
  5. Sam here. HC class of 2000. On this thread after the Paducah game I said these coaches have been exposed this year. You hit the nail right on the head about the talent to just win games. I really noticed a problem in the 2018 state game when we had plenty of talent but the play calls weren’t working at all and it seems like they just kept beating that same dead horse. Same thing happened when we lost to Dyer county in the playoffs. We had a great team. But they got wise to us running up the middle. What was our play calls? Up the middle 3rd down no gain. 4th down. Same thing up the middle. And the crowd is just losing their minds how we all see it and the ones paid to just keep crippling our kids with the same thing that just hasn’t worked. Nothing will change because there is some really good talent coming up. But we get exposed in the big games
  6. Don’t let the door hittm on the way out.
  7. Heck can BIG RED even beat Northeast??? They have been wanting to catch us with our pants down every year. New offensive coordinator HE AINT CUTTING IT!! THESE COACHES HAVE BEEN EXPOSED!!! Just Frustrated
  8. This game is live on YouTube at Social Dweebs Sports. If this helps anyone
  9. We just keep losing key guys. It’s hard to stay optimistic brother. Just being honest.
  10. Better luck next year if that’s the case.
  11. #24 for HC is out for the season at the very least. Not sure about next year for him. Still no Cole Townsend at RB. Not sure about Javion Boyd. Fingers crossed maybe Jayce Kendal plays Friday. It’s hard to make a prediction not knowing who’s out for sure.
  12. Wrong. It was the commissioner. On the week 8 region7 5A thread. He said HC Would lose to Paducah because we won’t have our home cooked refs. Then in another post he told someone he wasn’t even at that game. The refs blew plenty of calls for both sides I’ll agree with that.
  13. You guys have changed your tone also. Yal we’re nice and humble before Friday and y’all barely beat the worst team HC has had in years. And the other guy on here keeps going on about paid home cooked refs. And our 2 top guys were out. HC would have won that game easily otherwise. People know that that’s why they are saying HC could make a good playoff run. We are just waiting on some guys to get healthy. It’s just facts. Enjoy the 1 win.
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