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Everything posted by PatriotNation

  1. Yeah HC is a for sure top 4 team in 5A no question! If you ask me I think they are better than Beech and will prove it if they have the opportunity. Beech is #2 for now since they are still undefeated but these polls go out the window come playoff time. I dont think Beech would have beat Brentwood last Friday night and I dont think most teams in 5A could beat Brentwood in my opinion
  2. Henry County with one of the toughest Strength of Schedules
  3. Got my eye on this game as well. HC/G-Town just a few weeks away
  4. Hows the coaching staff at SW?
  5. Cant wait to see the outcome of this game
  6. Gallatin and Beech will be a good game. No blowouts either way. Likely a very close game.
  7. The only problem with Kirby is the lack of competition. You have to schedule tough opponents if you want to make a deep run. Easy teams dont tell you what you need to work on. It's still impressive to have 3 shutouts but freaking play somebody!!
  8. Just in my opinion their freshman QB is not even close to Brentwoods QB! We held him to 109 yards passing or something close to that. Brentwood had I believe 3 guys on defense named to 6A preseason team. We will be fine. They havent seen a team like HC all season. We have 3 opponents that we have faced that would wipe the floor with Clarksville High!
  9. Cant wait to see film on this bunch! Early thoughts are we will be fine but I wont make a prediction until Thursday.
  10. I'm sorry but I have to say it again! We beat Brentwood with that Freshman QB!! Haha I love it!
  11. Looking good! Getting better weekly! A great decision maker and doesnt put us in bad situations! Very smart player!
  12. Yeah the competition hasnt been the best but we will see what they have when they play Southwind this week. Southwind been averaging somewhere around 30 points per game. I bet it wont be a shutout this week lol
  13. Kirby from Memphis has me a little worried though. They are 3-0 with 3 shutouts.
  14. Lol I know Clarksville High in my opinion is the best region opponent we will face. Might should keep an eye on NW but I dont trust they are legit yet.
  15. Since 2010 our closest game with Clarksville High is a 22 point game. Just would like to throw that one out. If I remember correctly they run the option a lot! If so that's not going to work that well
  16. Look at us getting all excited for next year! AND with good reason! But this is a special next few years for Henry County and now we know they can win a big game! They done showed out and I fully expect an 8-2 regular season record. Isnt it funny how a few weeks ago we was talking MAYBE 7-3 or 6-4. With the defense we have and a offense getting better weekly I expect if everyone stays healthy we can get at least to 3rd round of playoffs if not semifinals. Just another prediction. Yall should know by now I'm not half bad at predictions lol. Let's get it! GO BIG RED!
  17. He was in wildcat against Dyer County and Brentwood and had 2 rushing TD's
  18. U are right about #3. I like him as our Starting RB next year! He is smart and has great instincts!
  19. I did tell yall I watched film on Brentwood and felt like we had a chance. I knew they wouldnt score 28 or more points on us that's why I gave them 21 instead. I figured their QB and WRs could get them that at least. But after watching film I felt like we would definetly have ourselves a ball game and that's what happened
  20. Haha I love this! I was with MSU on this as well but Director may very well be right about winning out!!
  21. I think he could. Only problem is we have 4 really good RB's. We will lose 3 of them this year so he will have a spot open next year! He is gonna be special!
  22. One thing is for sure he has played against some dang good teams
  23. Brentwood will win this comfortably? No way a top 2 team in Williamson County loses to Henry County? You obviously didnt know much about this Henry County team.
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