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Everything posted by PatriotNation

  1. Any word on the Jamboree this year or is it still too early?
  2. Would love to hear any news that anybody has
  3. It's hard to find film on this kid but I finally did. Most everything I found was him playing on the D-Line. He looked very impressive and just bullying kids around on the football field. I guess with his size it was easy for him! Looks pretty explosive and looks like he has a pretty high football IQ from what I could tell. Glad to have him also become a Patriot! Who's ready??
  4. That's a pretty good size boy for a soon to be freshman!
  5. This freshman class is going to be something their Junior and Senior years.
  6. I loved the two years we played! You are right one of those Memphis teams will be in the top 10. My guess would be Ridgeway or Kirby.
  7. I wish we could start scheduling yall for one of our non region games!!
  8. Oh I think he will bring Gallatin up to do big things. When we faced NE last year they was technically 8-0 and blowing teams out. I dont know much at all about Coach Watson I'm just not a NE fan! Lol but I will be rooting for your guys against Beech this year
  9. Oh nice! Last time Coach Watson and Coach Counce met the teams didnt shake hands and the coaches had words with each other.
  10. That's probably right on the money. I think Gallatin will be pretty good this year also!
  11. Can we start actually put a preseason top 10 for 5A now? Would love to see what people think
  12. One thing I'm sure of now is you cant let that kid sit on the sideline this year! He has got to start and play!
  13. Thought I would let everyone know Ryan Damron did announce he was attending HCHS in the fall! Another interesting thing is he was at some camp this weekend in Memphis. One Memphis coach said and I quote "Big Time Baller" about Ryan. Another said and I quote "This kid has the potential to be something special"
  14. now that ain't no lie! Bet they will be partying it up this weekend!
  15. Haha! Now you can never go wrong with food! You are speaking my language now lol
  16. Thanks man! I love those playoff games at home when the game is close and game on the line. It's just electric and cant be explained!!!
  17. Saw pictures of them tearing up the pavement by the Fieldhouse. What are they doing over there?
  18. How about all the work being done at the high school? Was they going to put turf on the field?
  19. I like seeing Dante Davis at WR or LB. Would love to see Joe Travis play WR and DB. Jayln Foster and Jamarcus Johnson will get majority of the reps at RB. We need guys like Jawon Odoms, Jayln Foster, Dante Davis, Joe Travis guys like that to play both ways. That way those kind of guys can make an impact whether on offense or defense.
  20. I expect a deep run also. Now how about Dante Davis returning this year as a senior to football!! I watched him at every game during jr high and he was always wowing (if that's a word) the crowd! I expect big things from him this year also!
  21. Haha you are right. It's a GREAT problem to have lol. Good time to be a Henry County fan
  22. https://qbhitlist.com/qbhl-top-150/
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