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  1. I have watched close to halftime and will watch the rest later. I will give my thoughts after doing so.
  2. I believe they have one playoff win... ever.
  3. Still not sure why someone would leave Beech, Gallatin or Hendersonville for football at JPII (or most other places for that matter).
  4. Yes. They have been on numerous occasions throughout the year. I personally think it’s time to refuse admission. something we can 100% agree on #recruitsomewhereelse
  5. Wasn’t a good night at Shackle Island. I believe it 4 ints and 2 fumbles for the Bucs. Hard to win that way...
  6. HC doesn’t lose another regular season game.
  7. You believe what you want to believe and I will do the same, until I see something to convince me otherwise.
  8. I am just stating what I was told from a reliable source, not very athletic and soft. It falls inline with the last couple of years where I did see them play. Also not sure how stating what I was told makes me look “dumb”, but whatever. With regard to jealousy, my disdain goes back several years, but I assure you it’s not out of jealousy. Think about that, why would I possibly be jealous of WH and “BDP”?? Kind of funny when you make a prediction and state things you’ve told by people you know well and trust their observation , you’re attacked personally without discrediting what was stated. I guess it’s the easy way out. “You look dumb”... man get out of here with that nonsense.
  9. I couldn’t agree more about coaching. The staff at Beech is exactly why I think it’s silly for some to think they will not get better as the season goes. The new staff may be exactly what was needed, but the body of work is so small at this point that I true assessment can’t be made. I know it comes off as being a “hater”, but I honestly want to see Gallatin good again (I would really be a fan of 9AAA being back together but that’s for another post). This team is definitely better than years past, but with such a short sample it’s hard to say it’s coaching (and impossible to say it’s not).
  10. To think WH football is anywhere close to where it used to be you have to be wearing blue tinted glasses. Simply because WH people won’t admit their program has fallen on hard times doesn’t mean it’s not true. Min regards to Porter, I liked him. Wasn’t a huge fan of the rest of the staff. You thought with my initial comment I was attacking WH, but I wasn’t. It’s an honest assessment. WH hasn’t played the same kind of football for several years. I’ve even had BDP people tell me the teams in recent years would quit. Perhaps an objective assessment of the program would be a good place to start. Perhaps it will be different with the new staff. As you said I haven’t been to a game this year.
  11. That we shall see as well. This years team has the potential to be better than last year. Athletically, MJ is going to have more athletes, Gallatin ford every year. There’s a difference in athletes, football players and teams. By the end of the year, they expect to win and it has translated to just that, wins. Beech has nearly as many playoff wins over the last 10 as Gallatin, Hendersonville, Station Camp and JPII combined. Beech 22 the other four 24. So yeah, they get better as the season goes and expect to win.
  12. “Probably”? Come on man... I expect more out of you. As far as getting better as the season goes on, it happens every year. That’s not bias it’s fact. The concern I have right now is injuries. That said, I wasn’t one of those that thought this team was great coming into the season and honestly, they still have some work to do for sure. But, they have found a way to win and I have confidence that the coaching staff will make changes as the season goes on and the team will improve. Understand I’m not saying they’re the best, but they’re also not 1-2. Winners find a way to win. That’s what they’ve done...
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