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  1. Beech has not allowed 28 this year, much less losing by 28. Could it happen this week? Sure. I don’t think it will though.
  2. I know. 10-6 for HC, 6-3 for Beech first round and suddenly neither of them are a threat to win it. Smh.
  3. Based on posts from other threads, everyone appears to writing Beech off.
  4. Too many in gallatin looking for a rematch with Beech. I said one of them wouldn’t make it.
  5. Agree. They could end up being pretty special.
  6. Looks like the Gallatin coach you talked to should have been more concerned with Summit. I said I thought Shelbyville was the best team in Region 5, but if summit plays like this it maybe them.
  7. Agree, but there have been a lot of phantom penalties. Guys in black and White have green undershirts.
  8. Beech played bad and kept everything close to the vest. Defense played well. Offense stayed in the locker room.
  9. Looks like to me Beech and Gallatin both thought they would walk through the first round. Beech survived and advanced. Gallatin has folded.
  10. The new school isn’t going to open next year. If it did, Beech would certainly stay down. As it is, Beech should be right around that cutoff number.
  11. 3A. 4A. Doesn’t matter. Alcoa will win just the same. However, if they move up the $$ f I’m the gates should be better... at least in theory.
  12. Beech home crowds are always big and they typically travel well. Huge gate at the Gallatin game and Henry County typically travels well. I’ve enjoyed the trips there... just hope the Patriots get to visit Shackle Island one more time this year. I expect the playoff crowds should be pretty good. As for this game... HC 38 RW 13
  13. Not sure what the parameters and inputs are, but it’s hard to get behind this one coach.
  14. If Hillsboro has everyone healthy it could be interesting. They have certainly been up and down. Played a very good PC team very close. I think Shelbyville is playing the best football in Region 5 right now, but wouldn’t be shocked if they’re upset.
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