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  1. I don’t know much about him, so I will not say much. What I will say is that this is not the hire that the Gallatin faithful were anticipating.
  2. You can be nonfaculty and HC, unless that’s a metro rule.
  3. I would just like to know who interviewed...
  4. The delay leads me to believe their first pick (maybe more) turned them down. I have talked to a couple hat we’re contacted with no interest.
  5. I disagree here. MJ has talent every year as well.
  6. I know there’s talent. I also know there’s more and much deeper issues than the HC.
  7. Any idea when a new coach will be announced?
  8. I think it depends on who is brought in and how the school, alumni and community supports them.
  9. I was told it was his choice. Honestly though he was going to step down 4-5 years ago. At this point I don’t think anyone really knows which way they will go, but best bet would be gonoutside the program. Time for something new.
  10. If everyone knows names, why is no one talking?
  11. I personally know Brent and I know that he could bring the needed support of the community. Let’s not forget the elephant in the corner... the kids would play for him and he would be a great role model for the kids. He has played for some great football minds (and men) and that has rubbed off on him. There’s a lot more to me saying it than “He played in the NFL”. There’s more problems in Gallatin than what meets the eye and can be seen from the surface. I’m not saying it’s not a good place to be, I have said from the beginning that I can be good and has a lot of the things needed to be successful.
  12. I could give you several, but it’s all irrelevant because he’s not interested. I am not trying to make a case for him, simply said he would be the best hire they could get.
  13. There’s really no reading between the lines. I think it’s the best hire they could make and I know he has no interest. Very direct and no hidden message. I’m sure there have been some good coaches apply and who knows, they may get the next great one. From what I have been told though, the administration is neutral at best. They may be supportive, but they truly add nothing to the equation. I also heard that a hire is expected before the end of the semester. Any input on that?
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