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  1. Thanks. I actually went to track after I wrote that. Lol
  2. That could happen if Knox county had 32,000 people like Henry county. I don’t really think there’s a lot of correlation between his comment and yours. That said, there are several counties that have open zoning. I give Central much credit. They were very well coached and the truth is that may have been the difference in the game... and a lot of their season. Congratulations. Deserved.
  3. At GP you’re not competing with the average schools for talent. Their facilities aren’t comparable to the schools they compete with in D2AA. I guess it depends on what your goal is. Competitive occasionally or a football tradition? For the latter to be true, you have to consistently get the athletes, which is something you don’t do with the current mindset. To compete every year you have to do what the others are doing at minimum. You have to be committed to going after kids, not just coaching who enrolls. I personally believe that too many associated with the program believe the athletes to win are in the building. Without changing that mindset you won’t attract the kind of coach they think they can. Not from another private nor an established public. If they commit, they can succeed. If not, .500 will be a good year because they won’t beat the four teams in Region... who have made the commitment.
  4. The facilities are not what other D2AA schools have and neither are the athletes. Is the goal to be .500 or to be better? I would assume it’s to be able to win in region and to donthat you have to have more athletes and better facilities. Silver didn’t make that impact all by himself. The facilities at Lipscomb are better and the money is being spent. You can’t take the “athletes” walking the hall and beat their region opponents. You have to go get them. The mentality of attracting kids the way they have in the past will keep the “right hire” from getting excited about it. They don’t have the Jimmys and Joes to win at D2AA.
  5. This is about more than who they hire. It’s a mindset shift. It’s a difference in commitment. Are they willing to make the commitment? Are they willing to go after the kids? Are they willing to spend the money to get those kids? Are they willing to open the purse strings to make the facilities enticing? If so, are they willing to accept this is a 3-5 year window to see the fruits of those changes? They’re way behind to start and have to play catch up. The possibility is there. Is the commitment?
  6. Let them play 3A, 4A, 5A... it wouldn’t make a lot of difference.
  7. SC will be 5A. Gallatin will Be 6A. Hendersonville and Beech will be around the cutoff of 5/6A. Springfield may very well move up as well, to 5A. *unless the Sumner County schools can petition based on the 2021 numbers being substantial lower than the 2020 numbers they will use for classification (if the new school opens)
  8. No doubt Central is good, especially on D, but the issue is it’s not ONE. Young is phenomenal and I’m not saying either is better than he is. It’s a pick yournpison kind of thing right now with Summit though. It will be interesting to watch.
  9. Chips are starting to fall. Should hear a lot more in the next couple of weeks as I would assume most will try to fill by Christmas break.
  10. Not sure the RB you’re talking about, but if you know who I’m talking about you also know it’s real. Not a troll or hater, but dang, first the privates and now the “firechickens”. I personally like Brunetti and have nothing against PC, but the poaching isn’t cool.
  11. Not sure who the person is that’s you’re referring to. As far as rumors... it’s not rumor PC has a kid that started at Beech last year. I’ve had people confirm he didn’t move.
  12. Not a troll... Rumor has it they have a DB that played at Beech last year and never moved... but I guess metro has different eligibility rules than TSSAA.
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