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  1. Yes it should be. I will have this game on my phone.
  2. Or Middle TN just “talks” less…
  3. Was going to wait until Friday, but this thread may not make it that long. I have very little confidence in picking this one… Both HC and Springfield have beat bad teams pretty badly down the stretch, but neither have big wins against good teams. I saw a lot of mistakes in the first game by both teams and it led to an ugly 6-3 Springfield win. I expect both teams to look more crisp offensively and think it will be a close game. I originally thought HC would score 35+, but just can’t convince myself of it now. This game could really go either way, but I have to pick a winner… Henry County - 28 Springfield -21
  4. I don’t think it has to be mistake free, but a good start will be critical. If they start well, I think they win. If they don’t, it could be like last time… BUT understand it’s a different “team” than that early season matchup. Having settled on a QB has had a huge impact on that young man’s confidence and has the rest of the team rallying behind him.
  5. Don’t tell anyone, but I agree with this too. Lol
  6. After watching the final possession of WH/SC, the PI call was at best a no call and the personal foul was absurd. I don’t think this game will be close. If it is, I will gladly come back to eat my crow.
  7. I watched the game last night and Springfield definitely kept him in check.
  8. You guys would make someone think it was going to be 56-56 or 0-0 at the end of regulation.
  9. Not sure I agree with that. Depends who you play on turf. The HC/Springfield game on turf was ugly on offense.
  10. The way y’all are going, I may wait until Friday afternoon to make my prediction.
  11. I honestly like both fan bases, enjoy the trip both stadiums and their atmospheres.
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