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  1. The point you miss, is Alcoa is not an ALLSTAR team. All their players come from AMS. The Blount County Schools will not player them. They have to play in ALLSTAR league made up of teams with players from other schools in the area. The Bearden Team had players from all over Cedar Bluff. So, you go and put a team together with all AE players and come get you some! You think the 56-0 beat down the High School put on AE was bad?, you ain't seen nothing! Bring it and quit running you flapper! Watch the highlights and see for yourself! https://youtu.be/w70E2iPzclg
  2. Talkin Middle school.... Yes, Coach Lamar has a set! Scheduled Alcoa and Maryville!
  3. Right....you keep believing that bull...just like the bull the road chickens can stay on the field during an F5 Touchdown! You been talking it for a lonnnnggggg time......time ta put up or......uh...you know!
  4. I figured you'd shack up at the Booger crib!
  5. 2011. Alcoa lost 5 games that year............WITH an Austin East QB transfer.........sigh.
  6. Cause, just like the Blount County Middle School teams, Knox County teams run from Alcoa Middle or will not schedule them. FACT! Knox Teams and the Turtle don't want any of that smoke!
  7. Alcoa has greatly improved their Football Program from the 7v7 leagues. Fun stuff.
  8. Yup! Both will start this season or play a big roll. Owens in Championship game against the Bearden All-Star team.
  9. BCsportsfan


    With all the side shows going on,I forget.....who was Catholic playing that night?
  10. BCsportsfan


    Nothing better than free entertainment!
  11. BCsportsfan


    Really!, at least She Cooperated with the 5-6 KPD officers that drug her out of the stands.....
  12. BCsportsfan


    Yea, AlcoaPaintedBridge and I watch the blonde female throw down in the Knox Catholic stands...........
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