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  1. At first thought, I was thinking Allen Texas must be out in nowhere with nothing to do but watch tin cans rust, and this area really get into it's high school football because no other sports are "available". But, Allen is a suburb of Dallas Texas. NFL, Major College Football and other sports right in their backyard??
  2. When is comes to Football Stadiums...........YES!
  3. When is comes to Football Stadiums............YES!
  4. stadium?...........more like a litter box.
  5. Hmmm......that BPM happy dance makes me think if him and @MarevulBigGal ever gets together?!
  6. Fact, seen them use the forward pass.
  7. I'm glad you are getting to play Friday! I did not know that when I posted the above. The not being a factot was because the long delay getting to play. Being to play changes things......Starting now, the Firebirds should be rolling by playoffs. Good luck!
  8. You think this one was good, go read the riverside vs camden thread on 1A !? crazy!!!
  9. I hope this covid stuff is gone by that time!
  10. Yes sir. Prayers for this young man.
  11. What does that mean? Are you cleared to play? When?
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