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  1. Ha! Yea, that's what I'd do.............this team next season will be terrible! Especially on defense. West coast................classic!
  2. Yes, only 2005 team comes close. A few OL holes to fill and the rest is SOLID!!!
  3. If you look at the "next level" from a college recruiting prospective, Alcoa's QB Sam Vaulton, is not on any of these top player list, as a Junior he is already a high 3 star recruit on 24/7 site. He is currently the highest ranked player from Alcoa and ranked higher than Foster and Moore, the 3A Mr Football finalist and winner. Alcoa returns some serious talent next season! So, bring it you bunch of sissy baxter honey bees!!!
  4. Alcoa traded a pallet of Coach Rankin's chewing gun for the rights to the first pick!
  5. Made my day BPM! You have a beautiful family! Glad to know you made it home safe. I look forward to see ya again in May!!
  6. You would like UNC......with that sissy baby blue. Did your mommy get your new big wheel in that color?!....probably pink, that would be more appropriate for a little sissy like YOU!
  7. Alcoa was ranked this season 10th Nationally by max-preps for High Schools with enrollment under 1000 students. And, thats the 10th best football team in the nation with only 650 enrollment! Where is YOUR team ranked Nationally!??????? HA! That's what I thought, you don't have a team, cause YOU ARE all talk! Typical internet troll that has to live on a messageboard pretending to be some tough girl, but every one knows YOU'RE a loser!
  8. Open dates in the the schedules did not work out. Would have been a great two year matchup!
  9. Tennessee is on the rise and NC is headed for the gutter!
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