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  1. My thought also. Orr is/was a STUD! Hammonds and Whaley also.
  2. Head Honcho in East TN? I'll take Coach Lamar Brown and Knox West FTW.......even in 5A..............
  3. Yea. he did real good against Alcoa while at GP...........Yawn.
  4. .......seems alot of teams going'a be in murvuls twightlight endzone next season!
  5. I see younger players like Barrett, Graf, Duggan and Cornett really stepping up next season for Alcoa. Brandon Winton and others should be a big help. Owens and Cannon will be fun to watch! Winton going against 5 star DB in recent 7v7.
  6. It will be a tough Game on the Road for Alcoa. The Green Devils will be fired up for the Tornadoes! I look forward to visiting with my Greeneville Buddies!
  7. Randall now has a home in Nashville area. But, I have no idea if he is done at Green Bay? It was interesting to see him a Arron Rodgers walk into the tunnel together after getting eliminated Sunday...like a final walk? Only, given...is Randall wants to Coach/Support an Alcoa based 15U 7on7 Team. Tryouts where held at Alcoa and Lipscomb in December. I see several Alcoa Players being on that team.
  8. ............Just the start. Differ did it....so can Randall!
  9. Alcoa returns all but one from this years Defense. Offense has some big holes to fill.
  10. Easy................the Goat wanted his name lettered above the door!
  11. Ha, Someone had to get that Billy Goat out of your Fuel Truck!!
  12. Yea. This one keep hitting the same bait! LOL! I see a LARGE mouth award from this one!!
  13. CLASSIC! I guess after ^^^THIS^^^ post.....I will not have to use the word "idiot" or "clown" to describe you?!! Thanks!!
  14. I'll take that bet! You must think highly of their Coach and OC! BTW, Glad you found another team to ride the coat tails....................GLWT.
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