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  1. He had a great game , but I ain't buying the 200 yards.
  2. Congratulations Cyclones! Looked awesome today! There was some seriously destructive winds both Friday AND Saturday this year in Cookeville!
  3. Even in those games, no one individual had 100 yards. Foster broke one long run for 40-50 yards but that was it.
  4. No. Loudon dog whipped Greenback, Alcoa beat Loudon 56-0. Pearl Cohn would boat race ALL of 1A and 2A. They beat MBA. Enough said, they are a great team.
  5. Best of Luck to the Maryville Rebels! It's been great showing the state of Tennessee where the absolute best football comes from! And, it's within a 5 mile radius! What these two teams do year in and year out is mind boggling! But, I'm loving the ride!
  6. Crow you're as classy as they come, wish others within you fan base was.
  7. NOW, After seeing Alcoa defense I bet you better understand that one individual putting up 100+ yards rushing would be tough!
  8. Wish I'd seen this sooner. Sat down at Longhorns and pulled out my phone and read this...... Best of luck to the Rebels tomorrow!
  9. Great season Firebird80! You guys had some great wins and went 14-0, nothing to hang you head. Pearl Cohn was a classy team. Best of luck to your teams run next season!
  10. Would enjoy the win much better had your QB not got hurt. Really hated that. He played his heart out! Great season Firebirds!
  11. Every team from the East side of the state.
  12. Seek shelter Firebirds! The 17 Time Tennessee State Champions are headed that way!!!
  13. Fact!, it is known that Mr Wright found out early that Alcoa was moving up to 4A last reclassification, and the next day the black birds are up and running to 5A! I guess , I would too, if my team had only won one game in thirty years against Alcoa! Several of Fulton's best 4A Championship teams had losses to Alcoa those seasons. Would love nothing more to replace Punching bag Scott Co. with Punching bag Fulton!
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