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  1. I still think you try to fire up DB's opponent more than anything else !! LOL
  2. Tee is back ... this Defense is Special ...Amazing how far they've come along this year . The whole family is in my Prayers !
  3. Congrats to Oakland on the Win , but very impressive Mt Juliet ! I would have loved to be able to watch this game , after seeing Mt Juliet a few weeks ago against Oak Ridge and then putting up the fight they did tonight , those boys must of worked really hard to improve ! I know I tease MJGB , but hearing a team play with a lot of heart like they must have tonight is something I admire and respect greatly . No need to hang their heads tonight , build off of this game tonight and next year set your goals even higher !
  4. You noticed that too !! Every time MJGB posts and Thegreatone comes running , I can just hear him going Whatt Ya think about that one Spike ( MJGB ) huh , huh Spike , did I do Good !!?? LOL
  5. LOD , I don't think Titan27 Saying hey guys let's don't take anything for granted is a bad thing .... He actually sounds pretty smart to me . btw , I doubt if anyone down the road is gonna think because of the Warren co game that Oakland is vulnerable this year .
  6. I bet Belichick ripped his Hoodie off when Warren Co. was tied 14-14 with the Patriots late in the first half ! Did Gronk have to come off the sideline to get them going ?
  7. We can thank the SEC of TN Football for this stupid rule .
  8. Collin Ironside is a 4 year starter at QB who didn't play against DB ... He will make a huge difference . If DB thinks they're playing the same team they played earlier in the year they're gonna be in trouble . btw , hard to believe DB doesn't remember him since he passed for 262 yds and 3 TD's last year against DB to beat them .
  9. Eric Gerhardt is a total Professional , love listening to him . Sure do miss you on the Maryville games , what we have now is a huge drop off and I can't even listen anymore .
  10. LOL , I must of missed something ... just why is it that we need to talk smack to DB ? If anybody should know about " acting like you've been there before " it should be us . I guess I just don't like whining .
  11. LOL , Ya that's how Maryville has won all they have ... by overlooking teams ... lol
  12. That's the game where Starz got everybody to greet the team with a human tunnel when they came out of the locker room ... And boy did it fire them up !! Especially Carl !! Great memory !
  13. Very proud of how Dylan came in and He looked very good . You could see him gaining confidence with every play , the young man is a winner !
  14. Never saw this coming , i'm glad i'm not betting on any games this year because this season has been totally unpredictable in 5A around here .
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