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  1. pepvol

    Brentwood Academy vs Whitehaven 2019

    BC's Feelin Frisky !! Going Deep sea Fishin I see for those Big Lunkers !! LOL , Have a Merry Christmas BC !!
  2. pepvol

    FINAL "TOP 10" 6A Power Rankings

    Well I'm glad you agree with me that a paid Professional announcer referring to the Maryville fan base as " Butt Hurt " was very JR High...ish ... You Have a Great day TOO !!
  3. pepvol

    FINAL "TOP 10" 6A Power Rankings

    Boy you don't have a Clue if you think Maryville is " Butthurt " ... very professional of you to use a Jr High slang anyway . I could care less about who is number 2 .... If you think Maryville is worried about that you're totally clueless about Maryville Football . Watching some insecure fans trying to Claim #2 in the IFL is total Entertainment for us . We don't have to worry about #2 because we know next year we'll be in the Hunt once again for #1 ... just like every year ... so you guys wanting to claim your meaningless IFL #2 rankings enjoy it while you can .
  4. pepvol

    Tennessee High School Football Database

    I talked to rollredroll a few years ago and he did tell me it took up a lot of his time ... I think there's enough interest in this information to maybe make a little profit for him or someone else .
  5. pepvol

    Best Team In The State

    Ok , I declare that Maryville got extremely Motivated and won the Ifl this year by averaging 100 pts a game ... these are facts just like zoneread56’s , so don’t bring your girlie Man IFL fantasies back to me !! Better luck next year IFL fans !! LoL
  6. pepvol

    Best Team In The State

    Oh Boy ... Let the IFL Begin .... Maryville gets pretty beat up when they Win the Championship so I expect this IFL season to be pretty bad .... oh wait a second , It's always BAD !! I believe GoPats2019 is the IFL Commissioner this Year ! LOL
  7. I’ve always thought that high school linemen should be on the wrasslin team ... it’s great for endurance and learning leverage. Coach em up Good !!
  8. pepvol

    FINAL "TOP 10" 6A Power Rankings

    Maryville beat Oakland... not just my opinion either
  9. Oh oh ... 91 will be around any second now , you know how worked up he gets seeing pics of “ Healthy “ women!!
  10. pepvol

    6A Championship Oakland v. Whitehaven

    LoL, it reminded me of spelling Nazi’s trying to correct you while misspelling words in their own post !! Congrats to your Oakland Patriots Ozone , they have one of the best defense’s I’ve ever seen in high school Football! Hopefully we can play again next year
  11. pepvol

    6A Championship Oakland v. Whitehaven

    oh , they have 4 6A State championships ? I don't think so ... you need to pay closer attention to your facts .
  12. pepvol

    6A Championship Oakland v. Whitehaven

    Ya that Scheme did just fine in 2016 ... 2012 too . So Whitehaven's Terrible scheme has 2 6A State Championships to Oakland's 1 now .
  13. pepvol

    FINAL "TOP 10" 6A Power Rankings

    So Ravenwood ranked ahead of the team that put them out .... must be that new math i've heard so much about . lol
  14. I know it would be pretty expensive just for the grocery bill , but we can all dig deep and Hire Momma Starz as our new " Eatin Coach " ! Of course Momma could break out her old Rasslin boots and teach a few of our 150 lb lineman about Rasslin ... even better , a little Mud Rasslin work with Momma would better Prepare our tiny Fellers if we have to go back to the Oakland mud hole !! LOL
  15. pepvol

    Mairvul goes two Okelund

    OK , whatever you say there ... to all other Whitehaven fans I say Good luck next week ... I don't pick winners or scores for high school Football but I will admit I'm pulling for you guys ... no disrespect intended to Oakland , I've just gotten to know and like Several Whitehaven posters ... it should be a Great game