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  1. Does CoachT have a "Hall of Fame" for posts like this? When I say "Hall of Fame" I mean for posts that show just how clueless some posters can be when behind a keyboard. "If a christian knew the bible as well as anyone, how is he still an a hole"?
  2. And I bet you begin every story with "back in high school when I played football......."
  3. Are you speaking for every student who left RuCo for better opportunities or just the ones you are bitter about?
  4. TeeterTot2


    Sounds like Alcoa needs to expand soon to accommodate everyone moving in.
  5. Poach? That's funny, I don't care who you are. Why exactly do you think these players leave (by their own choices) Rutherford county to play in Williamson and Davidson county? This might be a shock to some of you who read this but there is a lot more to high school than just football. I would say these players are making life improvement choices and admire them for taking the tougher road.
  6. I want to give this amazing young lady some hometown love. Logan Eggleston, arguable the best non-professional volleyball player in the country, an Alliance Alum, and a Brentwood Bruin Alum, was named the Big 12 player of the year yesterday as a junior (she graduated from Brentwood a year early so she's the age of a Sophomore). Fingers crossed for that National Player of the year honor. 2022 Olympics will be her next team. https://www.hookem.com/story/sports/2021/04/08/big-12-honors-longhorn-volleyball-players-player-year-logan-eggleston/7149788002/
  7. I can see that happening. May I ask what club you're with?
  8. It always feels expensive but please elaborate? Why does it feel more expensive this season? I'm curious
  9. Are you implying Alcoa fans, parents, or players go both ways?
  10. Please stop complaining about travel time. Parents drive further on weekends for little Timmy's AAU games. Chattanooga is by far a better destination site.
  11. Only person from Arlington you need to keep an eye out for is the coach's son, with one play he can knock an entire team out of the playoffs.
  12. Memphis is gonna Memphis. You know what they call the bad part of Memphis?..............Memphis!
  13. Congratulations to Coach Cathy Cram. Officially named as the new head coach of Brentwood Volleyball. http://www.williamsonherald.com/sports/volleyball-brentwood-hands-coaching-reins-to-longtime-assistant-cram/article_524d0228-7ac9-11eb-bb97-db9cc73e45fc.html
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