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  1. If you have to ask, you already know the answer.
  2. If your new coach is smart, he'll distance himself from the previous coaching staff.
  3. Pretty sure it's just "Central High School". You don't want to offend the locals.
  4. Sorry I don't comprehend; which one is it?
  5. I get what you're saying, but it's petty in my opinion. For years I've heard the following examples and never knew it was such an issue... Knox Powell Knox Carter Memphis East Chattanooga Howard Maryville - Heritage Murfreesboro Oakland Clarksville Northwest Kingsport Dobyns Bennett Jackson Northside I could go on and on, but really just don't see the big deal in Knox Powell.
  6. Given how WC likes to do business, I'd say Ronald McDonald, Homey & Bozo are the top candidates.
  7. Silly ole me thought Knox Powell was in "Knox" County.
  8. Everyone gets tired of clowns after a while.
  9. The problem is you will always be fighting Coffee Co for 7th in this region. Is this really a bright future? I just don't see you passing Oakland, Riverdale, Blackman, Siegel, Rockvale or Cookeville.
  10. Interesting to see Pulaski Academy, Arkansas. They are the clowns that cancelled home/home with Oakland late in the summer of 2017 which led to Oakland having to schedule 1A RePublic.
  11. Is your coach still obsessed with Oakland?
  12. GoPats2019


    Warren would be the odds-on favorite if egos were held in check and players weren’t dismissed for silly reasons.
  13. It's hard to upkeep a field when you have the following using the same "grass" field... Oakland High Varsity Football Oakland High JV Football Oakland High Freshman Football Oakland High Girls Soccer Oakland Middle Varsity Football Oakland Middle JV Football Oakland Youth Football League Tell me a metro field that is getting that much use?
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