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  1. Congratulations to Houston! They were outstanding and their lines dominated tonight. Humble pie to Oakland including myself and other fans. Houston had a great game plan and executed to perfection. looking forward to next year!
  2. Findley! It’s the annual trip, funny you had to ask.
  3. just didn’t know there 2 dumb ding dongs on the same level! This world never disappoints! Have fun watching the championship from home.
  4. You bragged so much about your team and were humbled by the difference in what we all tried to tell you! BUT you still keep talking…… fade away like you promised. You are such a fan boy!
  5. This guy is Bradleysports23 cousin that lives in West TN. Cool thoughts, but I’ll take O.
  6. Of course! A football chat turns into a wrestling thing in East TN! Rest folks there’s always next year
  7. Night night big guy! You gave it a good run! The champions and co champions will take over now! Region champions still looks nice in the glass case.
  8. Enjoy watching next week big guy! Maybe you and epatty can have a watch party on what might have been! it’s bedtime, good night!
  9. Oakland beat Blackman in the 8th grade game! Maybe I got bad information, I stand corrected. heard he was a douche nonetheless
  10. Smartest thing this guy said all night! I have a driver FYI but it’s not my wife! Texts are safe!
  11. I agree! Charge Bradley fans every game to park next year. Cowardly to do that when it’s literally miles away!
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