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  1. But you talking nonsense, they've won plenty and I'm not even a fan
  2. Upperman play calling was trash, so was pearls but they did what was working. Pearl was deeper and played the tougher schedule all season. I always said Pearl biggest issues every season was having mental breakdowns during games but they have cleaned up big time and it paid off. Don't know how upperman didn't scheme 9 and 10 open during the game.
  3. I wish giles would get back to running multiple sets and passing a lil more. Too Predictable at times especially against stout lines
  4. Most of the season is that, what's the big prediction?
  5. I'll add alcoa just has really good trenches and playmakers. If you aren't deep you'll have a hard time beating them.
  6. Lot of flags, giles can't expect to win a big game getting good field position and messing up every trip. With a monster like alcoa not getting many flags also which nobody will admit its tough to beat a team like that. Both teams have held and I've picked alcoa most times to win it all. Jonny going out kinda slowed things down with that clock, kt is a good player but isn't a pure qb.
  7. Guys without women clowning a guy that's more than likely going home with a woman. Man ya'll sure got him lol!
  8. Yay neither team won anything, congrats on another trolling eating session for mt juliet
  9. If I was a coward I'd say the same thing, worry about that cake walk next season
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