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  1. Don’t be Childish. If someone transfers out then next man up.
  2. Well if a fight goes down I know who I’ll put my money on...
  3. I like your idea. Greyrider and I talked about something similar last night. We have several blackouts thru the season, so another color might be a thought.
  4. Stars I have listened to MERLE-FM every Sunday morning to hear their bluegrass-gospel show. Enjoyed it so much and I would learn several of the songs that MERLE-FM played and sing them in church. But unfortunately last Sunday was the last day for me. MERLE-FM is no longer programmed in my 4Runner or my son's truck
  5. I just can’t believe it...
  6. rebelwoman87

    William Blount 2019

    I thought Mr Cupp sorted all this out last month?
  7. The baseball team has a lock on Anderson’s.
  8. rebelwoman87

    Haipy Annyverseree two mommaSTARS

    Happy Anniversary you two love birds. I hope you have 30+ more! You should take her to the Golden Corral. Go all out for her on the special occasion.
  9. I think The Walnut Kitchen is on the back this year...
  10. I think chicken sandwiches are out. We didn’t have them at the basketball games because Chick-Fil-A raised the prices on them... go figure
  11. That’s funny lol
  12. I’ll have to take on a part time job to pay for my 3 seats.
  13. rebelwoman87

    William Blount 2019

    Always is!
  14. I don’t think so for the spring. Ensworth has been dropped in July and Catholic picked up.