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  1. Are we still going on about this? Lol I’ve moved on…. Go congratulate Houston then go serve the community or do something nice for someone. Geeeeeeez lol
  2. Correct boo is graduating next week heading to Knoxville from what I’ve heard as well. I hope he stays with the big orange but there’s a lot of rumors and videos of him hanging out with sanders lately… Carter’s mom has been putting clues that carters going to Colorado on tik tok… but no strait answers just pictures with sanders wife and then having dinner and stuff... I hope boo understands that his career will be better spent at the orange rather than Colorado. BUT he’s going to get the attention to get the to pros hanging around prime…. Prime was a pro player and knows what it takes to get there. We will see… Tennessee needs some players like boo to get back on track. Idk what the curse up there is… seems the vols are cursed
  3. Hey I’m taking nothing away from Morris he’s a very talented player. D1 player all day long he’s just more of a run through the holes type of player. Boo had 911 receiving yards off of 55 catches… that’s 16.5 yards per catch.. that’s unmatched… now that’s according to what I just pulled up. “Boo Carter me football receiving yards” I think what seperated boo is his aggression… he will absolutely hit head on and keep on trucking… he gave maryvilles whole team more than they could handle and the he put the nitrous on bearden.. one play 8 players touched him but couldn’t get him down.. that one is on YouTube.. may have been the maryville game but he is so dang aggressive and fights for yardage so well it’s hard to get him down… I don’t see that fight in Morris.. again morris is a monster athelete but I don’t thing he has that extra fighting for yards that boo has. Hence why Oakland shut him down.. their whole team was directed at stopping him and they done it well… kid only got 26 yards… and on the ONE kick thy they allowed him to get he got to the 50 from the inzone.. had they kicked it in the field everytime he would have easily had 200 yards in kick returns that game. I honestly think if he keeps his head in the game and puts on some weight we will see this young man in the draft.. that’s a long way away but he absolutely has the potential to go to the big league.Jordan James and boo Carter are very very similar in n the way they are gifted
  4. Carters gonna end up at Colorado because sanders is showing him “that life”…. The cars and women and parties and all that stuff. He’s gonna be going for morris too… if he gets Carter and Morris.. that’d be bad news for any team in the dang country lol look at carters tik tok… he’s on it daily
  5. I agree as I said on another forum. Here’s the difference I seen between morris and Carter, if you watch their highlights morris had a massive line protecting him and opening up gaps for him.. Carter did not. Carter would take on sometimes 6-7 players at a time… morris runs up chest to back with the line then waits for them to bully an opening…. Carter heads at the whole team head on.. juking and dragging and trucking guys. Morris don’t have that type of off the line gas that Carter has and it’ll show when they get in college ball.. Carter truly is a different animal… pure talent and skill and confidence..
  6. I’d hate to think I’m over 50 probably 60 years old and on a HIGH SCHOOL football forum. Gah… they need to age cap this forum. Save a lot of trouble. Atleast go to college football… being concerned with high school sports at y’all’s age is kinda scary.
  7. Morris has a MASSIVE offensive line to protect him… he uses them for his openings to get yards which is the right thing to do… however… Boo solos the whole other team… he didn’t really have a huge line to protect him… hence why he was having to fake out and hit so many people because they were all over him just couldn’t do anything with him. May be a different story for morris if it was him vs 6/7 players at a time like it was for boo… just watch his highlights. He was juking and faking and hitting sometimes 6-8 guys a play.. dragging 2 at a time across the inzone. Morris has the line that gets him openings…. Boo makes his own openings by moving…huge difference and that’s not me being favoritism I’m just saying I’ve watched both of them all year…. Boo is a different animal than morris with WAY less carrying than morris and almost the same yardage .… but morris has another year so we will see..
  8. How many of those were won honestly? No recruiting? No outside help? No politics? No assisted transfers? I sure don’t know…. Or did Oakland play football like a regular ole high school using what they got? Seems Jordan came from Brentwood and morris came from chat.. really the only two players I’ve noticed and both were “transfers” but ya know what…God will be the Judge of all that. Awful fishy..it’ll all withstand the fire in the end. Maybe I’m wrong.
  9. It happens to the best of em… just like Houston completely shut down oaklands offense. They watched tape and figured boo out and shut him down. And on the flip side of it…. Houston watched film and shut Oakland down. They knew Oakland couldn’t pass and they knew Oakland couldn’t size bully them because they had the size to match it so they stuffed that offense and executed a perfect game plan… just like Oakland did. This year has been AWSOME because it’s shown several giants fall. Maryville dethroned and Oakland both dethroned. For a change.. 6A is evolving rapidly.
  10. Awww too bad they couldn’t beat Houston and take the championship… what a bummer… had to pour it on Bradley just to get the score doubled up in em at the big game… wow… epic
  11. Hey just remember when you see boo on TV next few years breaking records as he did in Josh school… … they’re gonna be saying Bradley central on TV not Oakland. Hehe enjoy
  12. 13-1>12-3. Mr Tennessee football. Sorry morris.. but Carter takes it….. y’all enjoy watching him on TV for the next few years. Hehe yesssirrr….
  13. Oakland got humbled too… so I guess we’re all in the same boat huh? Lol and Hey Bradley had more wins and less losses than Oakland and got a mr football out of the deal.. so I’m still content with our season… much better season than Oakland.l in certain areas..13-1 or 12-3
  14. 1795 all purpose regular season yards. Averaging 179.5 yards per game. 27 touchdowns.983 receiving yards with 15 TDs in the regular season. Carter, a 5-11, 195-pounder, had 82 tackles and an interception on defense. He also had two special teams touchdowns. It's not yet known if he'll play offense or defense at Tennessee. boo Carter also is the 2023 Tennessee Titans 6A Mr football.
  15. I think Bradley’s really good defense is going to be the factor next year. They’re losing a huge portion of their offense but will still have cook and terry and whoever else they may or may not get transferred lol however the defense, still have zayne, and Wiley suchawicz.. also Bradley has a monster JV… so some of those guys will be moving up and ready to go. Should be another great season…
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