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  1. He's tighter than Dick's hatband! But all that scrimpin' adds up.
  2. So you think state championships officials are neutral. Y'all would have had a lineman downfield call on that 2 point conversion at state.
  3. Does the fire marshall or anyone limit the number ot tickets sold. If so, OHS kids will get in. I remember last year when they were limited to 25% capacity, as soon as the National Anthem was over, I heard a fence rattling. I was on the back row on the visitors side, and it looked like a scene out of children of the corn or something! The woods were moving and kids were vaulting over the fence. Some of the most athletic moves I've seen in a long time. About 30-40 students cleared that fence in about 30-45 seconds. Then they calmly walked around the track to the OHS side. Those kids knew how to get inside Ray Hughes. On my first trip there in 2014, they left the back gate open. I think they noticed it about halftime after we had tweeted about it.
  4. This is so sad. Prayers for his friends and family. Was a great guy. He will be missed.
  5. I just like to draw attention to myself sometimes. I'm a public school guy, so I'm pulling for the public school even though I almost went to the college right next door. Changed at the last minute.
  6. Can Alcoa's Knoxville players just drive straight to the game to save time?
  7. I hope our coaches score more than their coaches!
  8. The visitors side at CHS is their old home side. So it is nice. You walk in from the top, it is on a slight hill. I think the bathrooms are down in the endzone, there is a track and you can walk on it not like HVA where it's forbidden.
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