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Welcome to the upgraded message boards!  Please note: if you have been using a username to sign in that is different than the handle (display name) displayed on the boards, you must now sign in with either your handle (display name) or the email address associated with your account.  If you don't know what this means, then it probably doesn't affect you!

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  1. The Battle of Lowe's Ferry MARYVILLE vs FARRAGUT
  2. It looks like Knox County has half the 5A Gold Balls in the last 10 years. 2019: Knoxville Central 2018: Knoxville Central 2017: Knoxville Catholic 2016: Farragut (Knox County) 2015: Independence 2014: Knoxville West 2013: Henry County 2012: Beech 2011: Henry County 2010: Columbia
  3. D-B getting that Upper East Tennessee 10 point bump. Is it Fritz or somebody in Kingsport on the AP?
  4. Holy Cow! People need to go check it out before it’s gone!
  5. Change Raven to Brent for the Silver ball. Oakland vs Maryville is the big game.
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