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  1. Red Rebels

    2019 Top Ten in 6A

    I paid $6 each for three of us to watch an Alcoa Softball game over spring break, and they run ruled them. That was a quick $18.
  2. Red Rebels

    William Blount 2019

  3. Red Rebels

    William Blount 2019

    FYI: Lenoir City Middle School and North Middle School (Loudon County) have a combined team.
  4. All of these Yankees want to bring stickball down south. How about this instead?
  5. Red Rebels

    William Blount 2019

    I'm a 3-7, 2-8, 3-7* genius then! *Teachers strike/lockout lost season. (I'm still mad)
  6. I like soccer. I don't see too many linebacker, tight end types on many high school soccer fields. Just think how good the USA could be if our best athletes played Association Football. The parents of the boys and girls teams raised a lot of the funds for the pitch at John Sevier. It's one of the nicer fields around and it's a big field like it should be. All soccer players are required to raise a certain amount before the season in ad/banner sales.
  7. As y'all know, I like pictures.
  8. Hey @MLREB, I got my tickets!
  9. Red Rebels

    William Blount 2019

    I'm gonna post something positive: Date: Saturday, April 27, 2019, 8 AM – 3 PM Dealership: Ted Russell Ford Beneficiary: William Blount High School Football William Blount 9th Grade Academy 1126 William Blount Dr, Maryville, Tennessee 37801 Look for me in my old Ford.
  10. Red Rebels

    2019 Top Ten in 6A

    It's the off season. What else would I do. It's not like I've gone all @BarneySox2007 or anything.
  11. Red Rebels

    2019 Top Ten in 6A

    Season tickets have gone up to $15.00 each this year. The general admission tickets are either $7 or $8. They pulled a fast one on us a few years back. We had six home games and they said season tickets had to go up because of the extra game. They were $10 each back then and they went from $50 to $60 for the extra game. The next season they kept them at $60 for only 5 games. ( $12 each) Then they went up to $65 for 5 games and this year $70 for 5 games. There are a lot of ticked of fans. These are the long haul fans that they are ticking off. I remember what a half empty stadium looks like when Cleveland was hanging half a hundred on them in the mid 90’s. All the transplants will be gone when their kids graduate. It the long time fans that are your base. I could go on.
  12. Red Rebels

    2019 Top Ten in 6A

    And this is why season ticket sales are slow for $15.00 tickets.
  13. Red Rebels

    This Ryan mans Greenback team in 2019

    Is the LC game home or away?
  14. Red Rebels

    Alcoa Boys Head Coaching position open

    I love the matching blazers.