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  1. They are trying some starting DB’s at WR.
  2. It might be that coach that ripped 5 Star Preps.
  3. Barney's normal alignment is unbalanced!
  4. New lights, and brand new windows in the press box. I was at the stadium last night, and if the LED's on the backside of the stadium are any indication of how good those new lights will be, it will be a great upgrade. I should be able to see the action on the far end of the Skeeter. I'm anxious to see if they have a light show at graduation on Friday?
  5. Maryville has a QB that moved from WB. There you go.
  6. We need some updates R-Dub! I heard D-B was late.
  7. Their non-conference is Elizabethton, Powell, Maryville, and Daniel Boone. Not too shabby of a schedule.
  8. I don’t know what some Liberal Arts College in NC has to do with anything?
  9. That resulted in my first Twitter block.
  10. Got some new lights going in at The Skeeter. This should help out the TV broadcast crew! Hint Hint!!!
  11. It makes sense in August, but I don’t think it’s needed in spring.
  12. The real practice starts after a few days of the TSSAA mandated acclimatization period. Off Season (Spring) Practice Regulations (End of Your Season – End of Your School Year) Twelve (12) days of practice are permitted during a 15 consecutive school day period. The first two (2) days of practice must be helmets only. Full contact in practice shall not be permitted on three (3) consecutive days. Full contact in practice shall not last more than 45 minutes per day per group. Full contact in practice shall be limited to not more than 135 minutes per week per group. One scrimmage is permitted. The one scrimmage must be counted as one of the 12 practice days. Source: https://cms-files.tssaa.org/documents/tssaa/2021-22/football/FBPracticeRegulations.pdf
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