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  1. Me and old Southtowner were hanging out on the Alabama Coach T like:
  2. I'm trying to remember that joker's name that hung out with Steve Miller? A Trans-Am may have been involved.
  3. Meant to say hi to you in Food City yesterday, but I was "lost" and didn't want to make the boss mad. She was already at the checkout.
  4. Instead of this, I would go with a pico cell to address the problems in the building. Have you ever used your cell phone on a subway, that is a pico cell.
  5. I started out living in Alcoa as a kid. My neighbor gave me his Red Rebels letter jacket and I have been following ever since. (I did take a 3 year hiatus.) Honestly, I was kinda like one of the Vol-Cats. I followed Alcoa in basketball back then. My team even played a game at halftime during a Alcoa varsity boys game back in the day.
  6. IT IS NOT A CHARTER SCHOOL. It is a Blount County Schools - school.
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