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  1. It took me a minute. I thought it was Deutsch.
  2. Maryville Red Tails is my new vote. I've moved away from Renegades.
  3. Belmont, Heroin, New York City and North Carolina State. These are a few of the common denominators in the replace the nickname camp. I culled these from FB, Twitter, Instagram, and talking to people. Fun times.
  4. I did click the link and I did read the article. I am not sure what he wants. This seems like a long assignment and I am procrastinating.
  5. Well it's been changed. On this graphic I just made by my own self. Did anybody read this?
  6. Your name is "STAR BRIGHT" it was a play on words, You are so "dim"! See, I did it again. I live here and work here. I've talked to a lot of people who know that Coach Bailey played a NON-TSSAA schedule in 1935 to get back at the TSSAA. All the teams were out of state or if in state, non-TSSAA members. This was rebellious. The name stuck. I've talked with Tee's dad, Davon Kimble and Coach Upton. I have not spoken to AJ. Most of the students who are so triggered are little white girls who went to Belmont and graduated from MHS between 2010-2014. There is a former heroin addict who is also leading the charge.
  7. Your Star ain't too bright! Do you know where our nickname came from? Let's proceed step by step. I'll give you a clue, 1935.
  8. To be able to know which posters are aligned with which school is an amazing ability.
  9. He is John Wick's less popular brother.
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