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  1. District12AA

    Lunsford retires from cloudland

    Who was the solid QB cloudland had in the early 2000s?? He took you guys to state right??
  2. District12AA

    District 11AA

    Licked my wounds back to Lewisburg. Man Central took us to the woodshed tonight. They are on a roll.
  3. District12AA

    District 11AA

    Sent home the rest of 11aa now. 12aa rules this region. Now time for my Tigers to clinch a substate berth.
  4. District12AA

    Region 6AA

    Man Community, why you got to let us down like that. Everyone else took care of business.
  5. District12AA

    Region 6AA

    Game day. Time for KJ to continue the March of the Tigers to the glass house. Lewis County hasn't seen anything close to the Tigers this year.
  6. District12AA

    Region 6AA

    After Saturday cancellations the Region 6AA tournament kicks off Monday with satellite games at higher speeds then the tournament will move to East Hickman on Wednesday and Friday. Who does every got?? Nolensville over Creek Wood by 20 Community over Camden by 7 Marshall over Lewis by 15 Central over Fairview by 2 12aa Sweep. Brooms are ready!!!
  7. District12AA

    Keon Johnson done?

    He played today.
  8. District12AA

    District 11AA

    Just recieved word that Marshall Lewis is now schedule for Monday Night at 7. Anyone know why the change??
  9. District12AA

    District 11AA

    Just heard Lewis Marshall is scheduled for 2 PM tomorrow. Go Tigers!!!
  10. District12AA

    District 11AA

    Happened last year in 11AAA on the boys side. Franklin hosted after all the district teams beat the metro district.
  11. District12AA

    District 11AA

    Wrong. Straight from the TSSAA handbook If all four schools in the same district advance to the semi-final round and it is not their year to host, the games must be moved to the alternate site. The alternate site must be determined by the schools within that particular district prior to the start of the regional tournament.
  12. District12AA

    District 12AA

    Congrats Nolensville on the win let's do mb it again next Thursday Night. Good luck to all the 12aa teams Saturday night. We got this.
  13. District12AA

    District 11AA

    The sweep is coming. Get the brooms ready. Nolensville Marshall Community Central Magnet All will advance. Do we all still have to drive to wherever in 11AA is hosting.
  14. District12AA

    District 11AA

    Marshall and Nolensville will beat those 3 and 4 seed teams by 20. Community and Central Magnet will both win by 5. #bookit
  15. District12AA

    Really TSSAA? Piss pour Mat set up for state finals

    Here would be my proposal for the layout. Put AAA and Girls on the far end away from video screen. Each mat toward the corners of those areas. This would maximize seating for AAA which is the largest contingent of fans. Put A/AA and D2 on the end near video screen towards the corners. Then rent a stage and get some small pyrotechnics for the introductions and some better music and enthusiasm in the announcing. Have awards occurs in the middle. I did like the awards at the end, I think it keeps coaches from turning in OW and MOT ballots early. All it takes is planning.