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  1. They can decide on the calendar and when to allow sports to officially begin practice. Word on street is rural schools are already practicing and planning to hold basketball camps while urban schools are being told a laundry list of regulations just to get 10 students in the building to practice at a time. Unfortunately this has become a political issue in this country and students will suffer because of it. It has went from flattening the curve to finding the cure.
  2. Equity should be the discussion right now for sports teams. There are some school districts that are not letting teams practice or only in groups less than 10 while you have others carrying on business as normal. In the fall, you could see school districts mandate no fans in the stands for athletics which if that is the case especially for football will cripple athletic budgets. As much as I wish things were going to be normal in the fall, it is not going to be normal.
  3. With the position coming open, who are the front runners for the job?? I think most would agree this has the potential to be a solid job due to the talent in the hallways.
  4. If there is no football season then there will be no sports in 2020-2021 because the majority of schools wouldn't financially be able to support the other sports. Football is not just the cash cow for the TSSAA, it is the cash cow for all schools. The data is trending in the right direction. We are finding out the virus is more prevalent and less deadly than the media would like for you to believe.
  5. Reminds me of one of Abraham Lincoln's famous quotes. "You can't believe everything you read or hear on the internet."
  6. Has anything changed with this hire? East still has the 4th best coach in the district with arguably the best talent.
  7. Some of you are really buying into the fear porn out there. The data is trending in the right direction. Ohio just announced they are having a phased reopening starting May 1. European countries are sending their students back to school. Don't let the mainstream media control you. Antibodies testing in California is revealing the virus is far more wide spread than anyone knew and that the coronavirus death rate is right in line with the traditional flu which is .1% while the Spanish Flu was 2.6%
  8. Someone is buying into the fear porn out there. Major sports will return in June. Don't lead the media scare you.
  9. You don't think the AD and new coach are not conversing behind the scenes??
  10. Governor Lee announced today he will make an announcement about school closures on Wednesday. Looks like that will be D day for the TSSAA. Not looking good for our athletes.
  11. This statement is coming from a dad who one a state championship in this state and had a coach who understood the importance of not wearing us out especially 2 and 3 sport athletes. Do some research about overuse injuries? It is not that kids are "softer". You probably are the youth coach that thinks a quality practice is having an Oklahoma drill every day because it will toughen them up.
  12. TSSAA should keep the dead period where it is at due to safety concerns for the players. This break may be the best thing for student athletes as it is giving their bodies time to heal. Unfortunately coaches today, overwork student-athletes thus leading to more injuries due to overuse.
  13. We have a governor with no stones thus the curve is not going to flatten because he won't take the necessary measures to speed up the process of flattening the curve. He keeps citing personal responsibility yet people are out and about more than ever. Shut it down Lee so these kids have an opportunity to play, if he doesn't lock it down there is no way sports are played the rest of this year.
  14. This plan doesn't make any sense from a safety perspective for spring sports. You are going to make basketball have 3 weeks of practice before the play, yet spring sport get to start right up. No way player's arms are conditioning to be playing after almost 7 plus weeks off. If player safety is the number 1 priority of adults making these decisions, as it should be, then spring sports need an acclimation period as well. Like a previous poster stated President Trump has extended the social distancing guidelines to April 30th. That leaves 3 weeks of school left in most of Tennessee. It is not worth the risk of these districts to go back to school. TSSAA is becoming that girl that leads you on until that one day she says I just want to be friends.
  15. If schools go back on April 24th, the TSSAA should mandate no games should be played until May 1st for acclamation and conditioning. From May 1st to May 14th.- Play District Games Districts could play each other once and seed that way. They could split into divisions. Many options depending on size of district. May 15th-May 21st- District Tournaments May 26th-May 30th- Region/Sectional June 3rd- Start Spring Fling
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