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  1. All I got to say is 2-11. Daddy is a better coach than his son. Only think TP is better at is whining about region placement.
  2. Oh when his daddy was coaching you guys could beat RUCO teams huh?? The only think weak is MJ's schedule since CTP took over after he realized to have a winning season he had to water down his schedule. Facts over feelings.
  3. Notice neither of these MJ bums will address why their "great" coach is 2-11 against Willco and RUCO schools. The fact is when the coaching is on par with MJ or better, they can't win. Imagine if they played MBA, CPA, Cane Ridge, or some teams out of Shelby Co.
  4. Lol MJ doesn't recruit?? Funniest statement I have seen on here in a while. MJ and CTP are scared of competition. Just look at his comments after the last realignment. Literally cried over being out with the RUCO schools and finally got over the 2nd round hump last year. If CTP is so great explain his record against RUCO and WillCo schools (2-11) since he became head man. Sounds to me when he faces coaches with equal ability or greater he loses.
  5. So playing 5A Glencliff is better for MJ than 3A PC and that kind of thinking makes the W-L record look pretty while the trophy case sits empty.
  6. Nah I'll keep.backing up my PC brothers because we know what it takes to get past the quarterfinals unlike MJ. Our teams don't shy away from competition in the pre-season or regular season.
  7. And the season before that your undefeated team fell to a below average Riverdale team in the 1st round. A blind squirrel finds a nut ever so often. The facts are your program won't strap it up against the best in the area on a consistent basis.
  8. Why Ravenwood?? Top 5 public school in the state for academics, top of the line coaching staff, and playing in one of the best academic/athletic districts in the state. My only question is do they know how much housing is inside the Ravenwood zone??
  9. What a clown, you do realize Republic is in PC's region right so they have to schedule them. Didn't MJ schedule Glencliff the last couple of years?? There is only a handful of schools that schedule like PC and MJ is not one of them. All them Bears care about is their W/L and inevitable early playoff exit.
  10. Please go back and look at the weak non region schedule MJ has had and then you finally schedule a 5A opponent worth a hill of beans and want to use that. I don't see you guys knocking on any of the RUCO doors or any of the top Metro teams.
  11. Your reputable source is wrong. He played.
  12. Because we know MJ won't go out and schedule a non-region game they could possibly lose. Got to keep that W-L record up. Unlike MJ, PC isn't afraid to strap it up with the best teams in Tennessee every year, no matter if they will lose.
  13. Yeah and Benard and the TSSAA will lose in court like the James Wiseman case. He had a true connection with Penny Hardaway and he still played. These kids will end up at Ravenwood and eligible to play.
  14. Who was the solid QB cloudland had in the early 2000s?? He took you guys to state right??
  15. Licked my wounds back to Lewisburg. Man Central took us to the woodshed tonight. They are on a roll.
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