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  1. Who will take over at Sycamore?
  2. Mascot: Green Wave Colors: Green, Gold Mailing Address 700 Dan P. Herron Dr. Gallatin, TN 37066 Physical Address 700 Dan P. Herron Dr. Gallatin, TN 37066Google Map Shipping Address 700 Dan P. Herron Dr. Gallatin, TN 37066 Enrollment (Actual): 1621 Enrollment (Classification): 1621 Grand Division: Middle Athletic District: 5 County: Sumner School ID: 160 My bad. 1621. But with more on the way from Beech and Station Camp. They are currently 113 over the 5/6 A cutoff line for this cycle.
  3. With a 5A enrollment of over 1700. Nice job TSSAA. There are multiple 6A schools having to play with 5A numbers in the 1500s.
  4. Black is not one of Waverly's school colors. Attempt by Boldin to do something different. I too would like to know who Multi Championship Defensive Coordinator is myself. Everyone here on CoachT has lost their mind if they think Waverly will be able to keep up with what they have been doing in recent years. They lost 3 Mr. Football finalists off the same team! I don't see anyone on the current team or middle school team that can come even close to replicating that kind of talent, especially at QB. Just being real and preventing the Waverly faithful from setting Boldin up for failure. They will win some games, but deep runs in playoffs are a stretch. I ope so, but not likely.
  5. Apparently Clarksville Academy is making a coaching change. Interesting
  6. I may be way off base with my remark, but LOD you seem to have something against Rankin. Obviously, hiring the winning-est coach in TN football history would be a terrible idea. He shows no clue that he is slowing down. If I were Ensworth, I would definitely hear his sales pitch.
  7. Ingle will only leave CPA for MBA. Euvarard (sp) is not going anywhere. He wins. I agree with Roc Batten being a candidate. Good dude.
  8. 14 NFL teams have Fieldturf, 18 have natural grass. Colleges: Arizona, Oregon, Wisconsin, Louisville, Syracuse, Kentucky, Houston, Texas, Missouri, Cincy, Ole Miss, Washington, Texas Tech, Iowa, Washington State, Nebraska, Michigan, Navy, West Virginia, Oregon State, Rice, Colorado State......just to name a few. More and more school systems in TN are getting fieldturf as well. I hope this helps in your argument.
  9. Do you have data to back up your "facts" statement concerning injuries? Turf does not have to be replaced every few years. More like a decade, at the least. If it is not used like a community center, it will last loger than that. A lot of the schools you mentioned had turf before fieldturf became like real grass. It used to be hard with a concrete base. I dare say you will see some of these teams you mentioned go back to fieldturf in the near future. I played on the old turf of Birmingham, MTSU, Tenn Tech, Boise State, Northern Illinois, APSU, Chattanooga, ETSU in old dome, Murray State, Cincinnati & many others. It was awful. The stuff I coach on now is unreal. And it will only keep getting better.
  10. No. School systems are moving to turf for PR purposes as well as safety issues. With a turf field, schools can work year round with their teams. Junior Pro programs can also use it as a money driven attraction. Makes since on a lot of fronts.
  11. Independence Girl's position is open. Not sure of circumstances, but open.
  12. Actually, East Hickman has had a couple of very good coaches in the past. Frank King and Matt Jones. Both were in tough situations, but both are/were very good coaches. I think King actually won a playoff game and beat Hickman a couple of times.
  13. I know of a very good 2 time head coach with multiple State championship appearances who didn't even get a sniff. He is even working in Metro as we speak.
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