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  1. ocac

    East Hickman

    From what I have been hearing, today is the big day.
  2. ocac

    East Hickman

    Who is getting this job?
  3. ocac

    East Hickman

    I thought it was 2 people claiming they have been offered the job and accepted. News about the 3rd is new to me.
  4. ocac

    Waverly 2019 - Head Coach: Randall Boldin

    It seems that everyone has forgotten the fact that Waverly loses 3 Mr. Football finalists/winners. There are not anymore like them in Humphreys County. Waverly could outscore people with those 3 kids. It does not take a rocket scientist to see it will not be the same.
  5. ocac

    East Hickman

    Small town - large church. Kind of hard not to go to same church, for those of the faith.
  6. ocac

    East Hickman

    Any news?
  7. ocac

    Metro Rumors

    Any news on John Overton job? Have they even started interviews yet. Seem quiet.
  8. ocac

    East Hickman

    And who/what would be your source of info?
  9. ocac

    East Hickman

    Any word on East Hickman? The job was the 1st one open and they have yet to fill the void.
  10. ocac

    Waverly Coaching search

    Is that right? I just talked to an administrator as well. Not a done deal. What Administrator did you speak with? It may very well end up being Boldin. At this time, it is only speculation. It would be a great move on Waverly's part to get Boldon however.
  11. ocac

    Waverly Coaching search

    It sounds like you are asking a coach to do what they are supposed to do. They better hire a guy who will work and interact with the faculty and become best friends with the custodial staff. Keeping the wolves in sheep clothing from infiltrating the program can be tough sometimes, but it is necessary.
  12. ocac


    I am hearing Fleetwood over on Walton Lane
  13. ocac

    Waverly Coaching Vacancy

    I think he is originally from Marion County or the Chatt area, but went to Waverly High School. In essence, he has already come home when he came to Whitwell.
  14. ocac

    Metro Rumors

    Valid Point. But, I would assume he chose DCA because his Elementary kids go there and their wasn't a Metro HC job open at the time of his decision.
  15. ocac

    Waverly Coaching Vacancy

    Gotcha. For some reason I took your statement of "Need to get the new coach in to start with the new offense and stuff that the new coach will want to run" as, well, just like you stated........start the new offense. Sorry for my lack of understanding what you were really trying to say.