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  1. Gallatin is already in 5A. They will move to 6A. They already have 6A numbers. Station Camp has 5A numbers right now. Which direction will they go?
  2. Looking at numbers, Station Camp, Dickson County & McMinn County are playing 6A level with 5A numbers. Gallatin is playing 5A level with 6A numbers. Hendersonville is teetering on the 5/6A cutoff if it stays the same. I can see Summit moving up to 6A after next year along with Beech if rezoning takes place in Sumner County. I would think that Gallatin, Hendersonville & Station Camp would want to stay together if possible. A few Memphis schools are playing up in class to keep traditional districts in tact & to cut down in travel. Not sure if they move when TSSAA reclassifies.
  3. I thought Johnson at Lincoln County was only suspended. I had no clue it was open.
  4. ocac


    Who gets this job?
  5. It looks like the voice of the Station Camp faithful is more powerful than UT Twitter.
  6. I would assume since Station Camp is struggling and has a 5A enrollment, they would want out of Region 4-6A. Would Station Camp administration support a move down in class to 5A or would they persuade them to stay with H’ville & Gallatin & Beech when they move up?
  7. I knew Gallatin had an enrollment of almost 1700, but I thought Beech was hovering around 1333? Is rezoning going to affect Beech? Regardless, I think Beech is well equipped to play 6A ball, especially if they get a couple of more good players due to rezoning.
  8. Long road trip. Not sure why TSSAA split them up. Makes zero sense.
  9. Just looking from afar, but it seems that Station Camp is now playing 6A football with 5A enrollment. They are trying to compete with schools in their region with enrollments of 2228, 1900, 1800 & 1926. Station Camp has 1470. That is a tough hill to climb as far a region games are concerned. If they lost that many kids in their enrollment the last few years, you can imagine the athletes that were rezoned as well over this time. They played Stewart's Creek (2238 enrollment) and Gallatin (1650 enrollment). I think it will get better in region play if Station Camp administration will let them move down to 5A in next classificiation in '21.
  10. This will be very interesting to see how he will get eligible in 2020.
  11. With Gallatin having over 1750 students (6A) and Beech having about 1350 (5A), Gallatin should win this game. Beech always plays hard-nosed football, but sometimes it is that extra athlete or 2 that can make a difference.
  12. They will try to make it work this time around
  13. Hard for me to imagine that CCCHS would get rid of a young coach in his 1st year when CCCHS may be the worst program in TN over the last 15 years. They are 18-122 in that span, including 7 winless seasons. Unless he has done somethng unethical, I do not see it happening win or lose against Stone Memorial.
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