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  1. From what I have gathered, The Palmer situation is strictly personal, but Shelbyville was not willing to deal with it. Happens a lot. As far as Whitwell is concerned, Palmer is very much in play.
  2. 11 coaches for a 45 man roster is impressive. Lot's of one on one attention.
  3. That was my point I tried to state earlier: They seemed able to compete more early in the season before the changes the last half of the season. Getting shut out by 2 below average teams is not a good look. I am not really familiar with the situation, just looking at the numbers on their schedule. I hope the best for the kids. Tough jobs in all of Cheatham County.
  4. Are they not letting Coach Daniel come back to his original spot in the school system? Not sure they were better when the coaching additions/subtractions happened. They were shut out in a couple of games by bad teams the 2nd half of the season, but they did give up fewer points down the stretch. East Hickman was bad and scoring only 20 against them is not better. But, it was a tough situation for everyone involved.
  5. ocac


    I have to be honest, I had no clue Summertown was even looking for a new Head Coach
  6. They could do a lot worse.
  7. ocac


    Looks like Doppelgänger called it
  8. If they don't want Quinn, that is all the more reason to go after Wade. I don't think Wade is scared to walk into the interview and tell GPS exactly what he wants and needs to succeed. GPS will either give in or look elsewhere. I tend to think GPS will do whatever it takes to get football back on track.
  9. It didn't take Belew a year to figure it out. He probably realized it July 22 when the students reported for 1st day of school. At that point, he had to stay until Monday, November 4. Also, I'm sure his Dad was telling him he was an idiot for taking the job in the 1st place. But, young coaches sometimes have to find out the hard way.
  10. Valid Point. If I remember correctly, at one time TSSAA had Cookeville traveling down 111 through Sequatchie Valley to get to Ooltewah, Bradley County, Soddy Daisy, Cleveland for region games. ALso Cumberland County before Stone Memorial came along. I don't see that scenario happening again. If they put Cookeville, Warren County and Coffee County together, I can see White County jumping back into region play.
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