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  1. Just curious why would Ingle leave CPA? Makes no sense from an outsider.
  2. Paul does a good job no doubt about it. DCA is down in talent and no coach would be winning. The thought that Wade would come in and it be instant success is how ignorant lots of people are. Truth is Wade has been very successful at places that are deep in talent. Many times coaches that are looked at to be the best have looked good due to lots of talent around them, its easy when you have talented players. Only time will tell how long he will stay or if that talent level will change.
  3. Brave1


    From an inside source I do think they have a mess on their hands. Will Brothers weather the storm or look to move to greener pastures?
  4. BJ Coleman is coaching at DCA?
  5. Hearing Stewart may be heading to Hillsboro regardless.
  6. Totally agree Panther. PW has won all those rings where the best talent was, he has done a good job of putting himself in places to be successful. I'm sure he is a good coach, but coaches are always better when they have the best talent. If he was such a home run hire and reason for all Ensworth rings why would Ensworth let him go? Ensworth did not have best talent last few years and = no rings.
  7. New OC, thought Kelly Holcomb was going to be the OC?
  8. Any word or rumblings on this job? Heard they were starting over, anyone know any truth to this
  9. Congrats to Will. Nobody knows whether he will do a great job or not, but have to give him a chance. And why does it matter if it is a 6A program or not to get his first head coaching experience. He has been in the program and obviously seen how it runs so why should he be limited to a 2 or 3 A job, makes no sense. If he is good enough to be a head coach it does not matter at what level. Kirby Smart had never been a head coach but yet got hired as a head coach in the SEC at Georgia, just saying.
  10. Well said. Rebuilding something that was that broken will and does not happen over night. But I do think they have some administrative issues that are hampering the rebuilding process. One that someone mentioned in earlier post is the decision to move to 3A, that was a recipe for disaster. IMO should have stayed where they were gotten a few wins, possibly playoffs and made another decision in 2 more years, maybe then they would have been ready. They will be in D2 by next classification anyway if things go the way everyone thinks they will go. I don't know JJ personally but know many of the assistants and they have nothing but good things to say about the structure, discipline, etc that JJ has brought with him. Hopefully things will get better for GP.
  11. WC needs a change, been the same people around the program for a long time. Administration may be part of the issue as well. Dedman seems to be a nice guy but I hear there is not much structure or discipline. I agree and don't think anyone is thinking region or state championship but being competitive is another issue. I don't wish any bad will to Dedman as he has never been anything but nice to me but those kids deserve better. And if you have seen them play and the athletes they have you would think they should be better, they definitely pass the eye test. Be interesting to see what happens but my guess is no changes coming at WC.
  12. I agree don't think TP job is in jeopardy for now but yes there would be lots of interest in the job just due to facilities alone. MJ is a growing community but still not near same demographics as some of the Rutherford county schools and Williamson County schools.
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