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  1. To me the Wilson Central kid is not as big of a deal. Kid could have said he was going to MJ and then changed his mind. To me the issue is having a meeting and telling kids/parents how to fill out a zone exemption and what to write so that it goes through. That is the unethical part. Either way MJ got its punishment and will carry on.
  2. Wow 2 paid assistants. That's pretty tough for even the best of coaches. Crazy.
  3. There is talk in Ohio of moving the spring sports to the fall next school year and moving the fall sports to the spring. The reasoning behind it is so that the spring sports get the missed season in first and also of fear that football teams will not have enough time to prepare or will have the season interrupted by another round of the virus. I wonder if the TSSAA would look into that? As for Sycamore, they have had some good coaches but they haven't stayed long. What are the issues that make coaches look elsewhere?
  4. I still think it's a good job. Harris not applying but turning it down doesn't surprise me. Maybe someone at East just reached out Harris talked to that person and said thanks but no thanks. I think it's clear he will take over PC when Brunetti leaves. Broome backing out also doesn't surprise me. Would be a lateral move. I doubt anyone else turned it down. Either way Jamal will do well if he can get coaches in the building. The East kids will respond well to him. But he will need help.
  5. Spoon I cant believe you even typed that. Had to be tough. Haha
  6. So when will WC make the announcement? I'd think it would be soon.
  7. JS officially named EN HC. Congrats to him.
  8. Howdoitknow I couldn't believe it either. Crazy how much things have changed over a little bit of time. EastNasty I am surprised there was not more interest in the job.
  9. First it's Kyle Larson. And the comment is awful at best. No place for it here or anywhere else. That's why he was fired today. Please don't post if you can't be respectful.
  10. I would have guessed the same three with those initials.
  11. True. I know when I was there a lot of the high school coaches actually taught in the middle school. Normally there was a lot of turn over in faculty but I'm not aware if that is still the case. If it is that may help a bit.
  12. Bleacher is EN a better job than where he is in your opinion?
  13. Howdoitknow I agree I hope everyone is healthy and using this time to spend with your immediate family. As for your scenario I think everything would need to take place before Christmas break. I say move everything up one week or exclude jamboree. Hate doing that but I would rather have a game-like scrimmage or two than a jamboree.
  14. Are you thinking of the same coach. If I'm not mistaken Campbell was the last coach to win there.
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