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  1. workinprogress

    Metro Rumors

    I know metro quite well. The kids are just like any other kids. They need direction, motivation, respect, and to know you truly care about them as a person. I still keep in touch with kids I was around.
  2. workinprogress

    Eagleville Football

    My last comment on this thread. TSSAA did what they had to do by rule. As for my comments. I would rather have a one hundred dollar bill than 100 pennies. Also I was referring to Eagleville knowing their opponents not Rockvale.
  3. workinprogress

    Eagleville Football

    Playing opponents that you already know is an advantage over playing teams you do not know. As for enrollment numbers honestly I would have to look at who is in each region to tell you which region would be tougher to be successful in. Personally I would much rather play Brentwood than I would Alcoa. Id much rather play Antioch than Greeneville. Having more numbers does not always mean an advantage. Id rather have one hundred dollar bill than 100 pennies. Give me quality of quantity any day since you are obviously stuck on numbers. As for Rockvale I said the 6A region may be better financially so yes it could be an advantage. You being a numbers person I would think you would be smart enough to figure than one out. Also if you look at the rehion, you have to think Rockvale will fare well against CC and WC. I thibk they will compete with the other teams so yes I like their chances. It's been fun. Keep thinking Eagleville is poor pitiful little team that TSSAA is picking on.
  4. workinprogress

    Eagleville Football

    For someone that is not connected to Eagleville you sure act like it. What is the big deal with them being put where they belong in 2A? Is being in 2A really going to have a huge impact on them? The regions are already set and they already know their region opponents. To me I think this could be more of an advantage. Your region schedule is already set in place and all you have to schedule is non region games. If they had been put in 1A new region games would have had to have been set up plus non region. Rockvale opening in 6A will be tough but they have been placed in a good region and should compete for a playoff spot in year one. The 5A region would have been a lot of fun and it would have been with similar communities but I think the 6A region will be better financially. Again, I am not sure being put in a 6A region is a disadvantage entirely. I do see some positives.
  5. workinprogress

    Early Class AA Predictions

    I think you all will be fine as well. Probably won't be tested until sectionals.
  6. workinprogress

    Early Class AA Predictions

    I think EN will be just fine. They have split with Nolensville and MW is a cross town rival. The Sycamore game surprised me a little but it was right after the break. Even with the two losses (Nolensville and MW) they have beaten some pretty good AAA teams in tournaments such as Rossview and Beech.
  7. workinprogress

    Eagleville Football

    Keep looking. Let me know when you find it. By the way, I've been looking for a board stretcher. Let me know when you find one of those too.
  8. workinprogress

    Eagleville Football

    You want a link go find it. I'm not sure of the exact wording and don't care of the exact wording. Fact is Eagleville is a current school with a faculty and students. Rockvale is not. Stop whining.
  9. workinprogress

    Eagleville Football

    Salem it actually does apply. The rule states that if an established school loses 20% or more of the enrollment then the school can move down one class. Eagleville has not lost students as of the time of the meeting so Eagleville was denied. I don't blame Eagleville for trying but they are where they should be based on the rule. They cannot go by projections for an already existing school. Now for Rockvale, projections must be used because there are no enrollment figures other than projections. It is what it is.
  10. workinprogress

    Eagleville Football

    It is all a moot point. Eagleville is an established school. In order for them to have gone down to 1A they would have had to lose 20% or more of their student body as of the board meeting. They did not and so they were placed where they are supposed to be placed by rule. If I am correct the 1A numbers are 0-375. If Eagleville loses about thirty kids they would have 1A numbers. Not sure if that will happen or not. Either way they are where they are supposed to be. Rockvale is different because it is not an established school. The TSSAA used their projected numbers to place them.
  11. workinprogress

    Eagleville Football

    EHS I was thinking the same thing. Can't see all that many leaving. You never know but with all the new housing going up around the area I think Eagleville will still be 2A.
  12. workinprogress

    Eagleville Football

    No no I don't think anyone is fudging numbers or even trying to. I just don't think anyone really knows the numbers until they happen. I think when Rockvale opens they actually will have high 5A numbers or low 6A numbers. I think at the same time Eagleville will still have either high 1A numbers or low 2A numbers. In both cases the area is growing and so I think both were placed where they needed to be. If I were Rockvale I would have enjoyed playing 5A at the start and transitioning to 6A. Would have been a very good region. If I am Eagleville I would have pushed 1A and tried to get a bit of an advantage. Just my opinions. I don't have any inside knowledge of either. If my kids were old enough I would love them to play for Rice.
  13. workinprogress

    Eagleville Football

    Yes I'm saying projections are inaccurate. You will have some kids wanting to go to Rockvale because it's a new school. You will have some wanting to go because of the admin or coaches or whatever. And then you will have some kids grandfathered in and stay where they are. It is what it is. I am sure Eagleville pushed the 1A enrollment and at the same time went to each athlete and tried convincing to stay.
  14. workinprogress

    Metro Rumors

    WC also had at least one good year with A. Law.
  15. workinprogress

    Eagleville Football

    Eagleville will likely lose some kids to Rockvale but not enough for the TSSAA to move them to 1A. I know Eagleville tried very hard to get TSSAA to move them so that they would be playing 1A football with 2A numbers. Rockvale will more than likely have 6A numbers. It's a new school with great facilities and now a great football coach. Who would not want to go there.