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  1. workinprogress

    Mj Bears 2019

    Let's get back on track. MT Juliet has had a good bit of success since TP became a little more seasoned as a head coach. He has done much better than I really thought he would. With that said there is still no silver or gold balls. I think if it's going to happen it has to be this season with green hill soon to open. Solid schedule should give us an idea of how deep of a run they will have.
  2. workinprogress

    Mj Bears 2019

    This shoukd be another good year. Hard to duplicate last year but who knows. Need to really enjoy this year with green hill soon to open.
  3. workinprogress

    Metro Rumors

    I like how several knew of this hire days ago, MM put it out here on the T yesterday at noon for all to see, and today TK puts it on his Twitter as breaking news. Is it really breaking news if its already broken.
  4. workinprogress

    Metro Rumors

    I heard the same. Heard the parents already knew.
  5. workinprogress

    2018-2019 8AA

    Umm sure about that one? I am not sure that this has ever been the case in the last several years. Sure Upperman has been at the top of AA for a few years but best top four teams coming from 8AA, not even close.
  6. workinprogress

    Macon vs Cheatham

    Not really an upset at this point regardless. Just because some thought MC was the better team does not mean others did not think CC was the better team.
  7. workinprogress

    Metro Rumors

    When Terry and Pot were named Co Coaches it was still done by the board. Same thing when Mullican was hired. If Anderson had been hired instead of Mullican he would have never left.
  8. workinprogress

    Class AA Sectional Matchups

    No regions have not been arranged by enrollment. Classifications yes but regions no. However, I think it was implied that District 10AA has been dominant over 9AA due to numbers. However, the numbers for enrollment were wrong. So my question is should the regions be rearranged just so for others reasons? My thinking is that a fan was frustrated because his school can't beat the metro teams. It is what it is.
  9. workinprogress

    Class AA Sectional Matchups

    I went ahead and looked up the numbers from TSSAA. EN 714 PC 591 MW 742 WC 634 MLK 965 HF 905 Now should the region be reclassified? Are there other reasons it should be reclassified since enrollment is not an issue?
  10. workinprogress

    Class AA Sectional Matchups

    Not sure where you got your enrollment numbers from but at least one appears to be off. According to TSSAA portal EN enrollment is 714 not 1131. Are the others off as well? I could see if it was slightly off but this is more than 400 students off.
  11. workinprogress

    Metro Rumors

    I guess it's not a racial issue sounds like for some it's more of an ethical issue. Rules state public schools cannot recruit. We have public school divisions and private school divisions because of this very issue. So offering financial aid does matter. If following rules and guidelines is something you personally don't care to do it shows your own character.
  12. workinprogress

    Metro Rumors

    Thanos I won't get into the black white issue because I believe a good coach is just that. It doesnt matter of skin color nor should it. However the difference between BA, MBA, Ensworth etc is that they are all private schools that offer financial aid.
  13. workinprogress

    Metro Rumors

    Overton I have heard only interviewed four and may have narrowed it down to one or two. Hopefully whomever is hired gets to hire assistants in the building.
  14. workinprogress

    Metro Rumors

    I think Antioch got a good hire. Found someone that really wants to be there and hit the ground running. Now he has to build a staff and start building relationships with the kids and community.
  15. workinprogress

    Region 5 AA...Who you got?

    I'll go with CC by 30. Too much talent and PC is way down from the last few years. MW will have the most athletic team at region. If I'm Westy I play stall ball and keep it close. Don't think that will happen so MW by 20. EN too much for Greenbrier. I'll say they win by 25. Then I'll go with WHH in the closest contest 10.