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  1. This makes 5 Mr. Football winners for Moore Co. overall. Hopefully one day we get one of those gold balls like S Pitt. #8 was tremendous. Hope 0 is recovering well.
  2. In all seriousness, already looking forward to next season. Hoping MC reloads and Chapel Hill finds their treading. Again congrats to the Pirate fans on here. McKenzie folks be careful going back.
  3. There's smart and dumb in every category. There's smart posters on here like me and then there's dumb posters like... well you get it.
  4. I'm not a cop but thanks for insulting them. That's pretty low, General, even for you.
  5. Bahaha a guy coming on the South Pitt/McKenzie thread talking about Moore Co. General=dense
  6. I'm not kissing up. I'm just stating my opinion just like you are stating yours. The Moore Co I watched all year would have had their hands full stopping Pitt.
  7. Come on now General. Your hypothetical was IF White was healthy THEN they beat McKenzie. Nice try!
  8. Weren't you the one earlier that called out somebody on the "if and then"? We'll never know. Congrats to McKenzie on the fine season and congrats to Pitt on the title.
  9. Obviously we don't know each other but no one would ever confuse me for being politically correct. lol Moore County would have had a tough time trying to stop South Pitt's run game.
  10. I'm a Moore Co fan. I don't think we beat Pitt.
  11. That would be a pretty cool experience for the kids I would think.
  12. Totally agree. I was glad to see it move on from there.
  13. I understand the location issues for some schools but I've played at the stadiums at MTSU, Vandy, and Austin Peay. I recently attended Chattanooga vs Furman and thought that Finley was an excellent venue. It's better than the 3 I mentioned but that's just one man's opinion. It would be cool to see a rotation of venues but doubt that ever happens.
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