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  1. That was actually my first thought since I didn't get to see it. Was the ball made ready for play? And if McKenzie had 20 folks out there scrambling between punt return coming on and defense going off as the broadcasters stated, why didn't the Tigers try to snap it??
  2. It's interesting you mentioned this. I was listening on the radio and even they made it sound like the flag was out before the timeout was called. Definitely a game changer.
  3. Mase calls a timeout with 20 seconds to let Peabody discuss what they're going to do on 4th down? Did I hear this correctly???
  4. Could we possible see another winning FG end a game tonight?
  5. haha Now Pop you know we drink something a little stronger than beer around these parts.
  6. Hopefully Peabody does their FB feed. They do a pretty good job.
  7. Apparently you didn't read my first response to you. I stated I was pulling for Fayetteville to win due to being in the Middle Tennessee region. Now that they are out. I want to see McKenzie and Peabody duke it out.
  8. I personally hope it is McKenzie and Peabody. What a clash upfront between these two!
  9. Truly did. I don't understand. It seems the kid that kickoffs for Fayetteville can boom it. I wouldn't think his accuracy would be that bad from the extra point distance.
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