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  1. Yep. He'll be working for one of his former disciples.
  2. Nothing like a good 317 after 4 straight 46s.
  3. Are you serious? That would suck for coaches trying to prep and also for fans that may need to make arrangements to travel or have plans already made for Thursday.
  4. True, but we will do it better than anyone! Ah, what am I doing? It's not like he's going to read these threads anyway
  5. Well, when you have a kid there it can influence a decision. While I would obviously love to see him at South Pittsburg, he has nothing to prove anymore. He can coach a few years with his kid and still retire as the winningest coach in the state. With that said, he could come to South Pitt, still be close to his kid, and be treated like royalty.
  6. You've got it buddy. We'll be praying hard for him.
  7. So far it looks like he nailed it.
  8. While I'm not a fan of Thursday games, I get it. We need more officials And this seems to be the only way to have enough for every game.
  9. I wouldn't even have called that thing a snake. It was more like an oversized worm.
  10. I hope you're wrong, but lots of things seem to be changing quickly.
  11. Baylor has already hired their coach.
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