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  1. I thought so but I couldn't remember. I remember listening to him back in the 80s on the radio and he always had a great voice for it.
  2. Man, that was back when we opened the season with Greenback. WEPG stopped carrying the Pirates live for a couple of seasons and they were doing a "Game of the Week" format instead. Dale Pruitt was at Jasper (and everyone still referred to Jeremy as Dale's son instead of now when they call Dale Jeremy's dad). Is Dave still with us? I remember sitting in on a few episodes with him. He was a good guy. Also, former CoachT legend "Possum" makes an appearance on the video.
  3. MTSU had the best facilities for it. Plus, being the exact center of the state makes it the logical choice. Tech sucks to be honest. The people up there are great and do everything that they can to be accommodating, but the facilities don't compare to MTSU or Vandy. Plus, for the folks in the far left of the state, Cookeville is a long haul. Can I use "plus" twice in the same post? To late now I guess.
  4. Still missing a few seasons but in the notes that I have, either Phil Beene or Don Grider had written down the overall records at certain points. I just plugged in the records after that period.
  5. Useless info: SP All-Time record is 689-247-39. With a little luck the Pirates will hit 700 wins during the playoffs.
  6. Gentlemen, exactly 2 months to the minute from right now the Pirates will be wrapping up the first game of the year. It's getting closer.
  7. There was a Bryant man that tried to wrassle a bear one time. That bear made that Bryant man run away with his tail between his legs. I ain't joking neither. I hear he went on to coach somewhere after that. The Bryant man went on to coach, not the bear.
  8. I think that they are closing in on one ... or more? That may make sense later.
  9. Great news, now we just need a good update on Pirate Mike.
  10. I think we may have played Red Bank back in the 50s, I'll have to check on that. I'm not sure but I think that one of the deals for Grundy's coach was that he was to start getting some of the Valley teams back on the schedule.
  11. He's in them Tom. Hope to see him back out and around real soon.
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