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  1. I wondered about him myself. You would have thought that he would have been interested.
  2. Nevermind, I hear the school board may be stepping in.
  3. I'm hearing it's much more than gossip now.
  4. So, let's see. We have a new coach. Sequatchie will have a new coach. Whitwell will have a new coach. Murphy will have a new coach. North Jackson will have a new coach. Am I missing anyone?
  5. Yeah, I knew consolidation was coming and I knew he had said he wouldn't be the coach when they did. I thought that he might try to make it until they did consolidate though. Either way though, he had a great career. He has definitely earned his retirement.
  6. I hope it works out good for you guys. He's taking over a much better program than what he has coached before so maybe his previous record shouldn't be looked at too closely.
  7. 24-39 overall record. Fired from one job for using a player that was not medically cleared to play ... although he did have the kid's parent's consent.
  8. Why do you think he quit? Didn't want to face us! Just kidding. He had a great career. I would have liked to have gone up against him but I'm sure they have someone waiting in the wings.
  9. I really hope it's not too bad and I hope you guys make a great hire. I like to see a strong Greenback.
  10. That whole show was hilarious. The ice cream and McDonald's routines were great.
  11. Good to hear. I know that it will be a relief for a lot of people that have had to work hard to find other places to play. And it will be good for the kids and the fans to have a place to call home. I like coach Cox and how he does things. I wish you guys luck, hopefully this stadium will be the beginning of a long road of success.
  12. These pics were on the net. There's a building that looks about completed also. I'm assuming it's the restroom/ticket booth. This is going to be good for Sale Creek. They won't have to drive to different places to play home games and they won't have to pay to rent Finley. I remember going to signal. Restrooms hadn't been built so everyone was using the port-a-potty. I think the team dressed in a tent as well.
  13. I don't see any reason that their stadium won't be ready in time.
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