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  1. I think #20 was a freshman also. I'd like to watch this team again in 2 years. Clay County may be in the thick of it if they can get more kids out.
  2. I have to agree, for such a lopsided score, I saw a lot from them that looks good.
  3. South Pittsburg and Gordonsville in the playoffs. I just like breathing, it has to happen.
  4. All of that squirrel butter I guess. I was going to ask if you had any leftover possum cakes, glad I passed now
  5. Yeah, good speed and he did a great job of catching the ball with forward momentum every time. My roster showed him as a freshman. That can't be right, he had too many skills to be that young.
  6. Ronto has 11 carries in a game and a half of the playoffs and has 7 tds
  7. When I get around to finally finding those last couple of seasons that I am missing I will let it out for everyone to have. Luckily I do have the records at least from the missing seasons, just not the scores.
  8. Ladies and gentlemen, tonight South Pittsburg tries to add to it's already (at least in my eyes) elite status. We go for the 700th win in school history. Good luck Pirates!
  9. Yes, South Pittsburg held him in check offensively. But he did have a 90-something yard kicked return in that game for Huntland's only score.
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