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  1. While I don't think we got Oakland's best game and Creasy did call the dogs off early, I'm still impressed with the way we played tonight. We kept punching until the end and the kept fighting until the final whistle. Maybe we're turning the corner at the right time.
  2. Thanks. I left all of my prep work at home apparently so I had nothing to go by except the little bit that my peabrain could remember.
  3. Jasper 2015 was the last time. Off the top of my head these are the only two times but I could be missing one.
  4. No video. But audio from the third best play by play team in the county can be found at https://www.theriver1049.com/copy-of-listen-live-1
  5. That was an awesome team. Wasn't Patrick Nix the QB for them then? We were talking about them on Friday and how they're definitely not the same team as they were back then, but then I realized that was 30 years ago.
  6. Huntley alone is tough, put them both together and it will be a nightmare for most teams.
  7. I would agree with that right now. Personally I think anyone below the top 1, but I'll give you the top 3. I'll be very surprised if the gold come East this year.
  8. To add to this, I drove by the stadium a few weeks ago to check it out. It's pretty nice, looks a lot like Polk County's stadium. The folks at Sale Creek should be both happy and proud to have a place to call home.
  9. I think Sgt. Southtowner suffers from PTSD from his last campaign of last year. He hasn't written home nor has he requested any possum butter that I know of.
  10. They scored a lot of points, do they have anyone that is fast? Roy, that Cox man used to be a race car driver so he knows all about going fast.
  11. Waiting on Roy or Southtowner to move us on to our next game thread.
  12. The way they were throwing flags tonight, I'm surprised they didn't as well. We had 3 TDs called back and you guys stayed behind the chains due to penalties all night. Each side kept shooting themselves in the foot.
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