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  1. 42-7 Gville first possession of 2nd half
  2. 21-0 Gville, couple mins left in the 1st quarter.
  3. What has been the storyline for the game, so far, Croz?
  4. Eagleville had 23yds in the first half. Gville’s defense is healthier and looking pretty stout.
  5. That was a good call. Props to SP coaches on that.
  6. Croz, a hippie? What are in those fudge rounds and thermoses?
  7. Calm down, man. This person is excited about a game. Seriously doubt gordonsville coaches would create the numerous accounts you suggest they have created. One would assume their time could be used in more productive ways.
  8. I’m not saying this is correct or not, but if so, then it may be quite possibly that 4-5 of the top 7 teams in 1A and 2A are in 1A
  9. That was before my time. I know, for several years, Gordonsville had to beat half the private schools in Nash before advancing. They would show up and complain about country people, and now are calling and wanting to buy land and move to Gville.
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