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  1. I figure it will be only TC, and Stone. They beat LA last year, and I believe MC returns alot.
  2. What tradertwo said. The global climate has always went in cycles...always. It was warmer in the 1500's than it is now, and man didn't have anything to do with it. So, how about them Rockets and Bulldogs?
  3. If you really believe in global warming, man made climate change, or whatever other name they give it,, we disagree about more than I thought.
  4. they have. we'll see today if they earn a 4th straight trip to state.
  5. It is well, and my health is top notch. Thanks for asking.
  6. Forrest had one win in 2011. From 2001-2010, they didnt win a playoff game. That's 5 wins since 2001.
  7. What math do I need to check? I didnt say there was only one win. And what year did Forrest go to 2A?
  8. You asked if Gordonsville has ever won a playoff game. From 2001 to the present, we are 22-15 in the playoffs. Forrest is 5-13 in the same time span. Just thought I would clear that up.
  9. You're ridiculous. I never said anyone scored on Forrest's 1st team Defense. Every play I posted is what happened. Find someone in Chapel Hill with access to the film and you'll see. I still don't understand why you got so uptight. Evidently you need to work on your reading comprehension, because I didn't say much of what you're saying I did.
  10. In 2012 our common opponent was Eagleville. You lost; we won. I don't know what you're trying to say.
  11. Why are you comparing opponents from the past? Medicating myself? What are you talking about? I gave you my assessment of the scrimmage. I believe you wanted people to talk about it, right? Or are you sensitive to the fact that I think Forrest wasn't as good as the other two teams. Either way, I don't understand why you're so defensive, and you are completely wrong about the 1 possession as well. The 1st possession plays for Gville were as follows: 9 yard run, 2 yard run, inc., 8 yard run, 7 yard run, inc., 12 yard run, -4 yard sack, 3 yard run, inc. 13 yard run. That's 4 first downs in 10 plays. You do realize that everyone was running 10 plays a possession, right?
  12. After watching the live scrimmage once and the film twice... Gordonsville vs. Forrest started off. Forrest moved the ball to midfield, but stalled and didn't go any further in their 10 plays. Gville drove the ball down to about the 20 in 10 plays. All of their run plays went for 3 yards or more. I'm confident that had they stuck to running, they would've scored that series. We also had an 8th grader playing QB who will likely start as a freshman this fall, so they were likely getting him work. I don't have Cornersville vs. Forrest on film, so I can't really say. Cornersville vs. Gordonsville. Cornersville scored once in 10 plays; Gordonsville scored twice. Both teams had a TD apiece on big plays. Cornersville scored on a crossing route where the defenders didn't wrap up. Gordonsville's 2nd TD came when a WR got behind the secondary and scored. I'm not putting much stock into the JV squads, because there's less certainty there than with the starters at this point. And the goal line stuff...well there were obvious penalties on all the teams that would've affected the outcome in those drills that didn't get called but would've in a game. Of course, I paid more attention to Gville than the others, but we ran the ball successfully and consistently on both teams. Passing...not so much. Defensively, our front line stopped everything inside, but there were some issues to the outside and some missed tackles. I stand by my assessment on the other thread. Gordonsville was the best team there, with Cornersville a very close second, and Forrest rounding out the top 3.
  13. I felt like Gordonsville was the best team there with Cornersville not far behind. Forrest was farther behind. How many starters wer out due to baseball for the other teams? Gordonsville had 2 starters out for baseball, along with a couple possible contributors.
  14. All our line returns. We played several games without our RB. We didn't have him against SP, and we had the lead at half, and SP ended up taking Whitwell to OT. You can't use all the "ifs" and "buts", but I think we'll be fine. I think we're a legit top 10 team, and we'll see how the rest plays out.
  15. The T in RTD stands for troll, right?
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