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Everything posted by croz6110

  1. Gordonsville will do some growing this year, but 2021-2024 should be good for them.
  2. To get technical, ECS didnt cost you titles in 83 and 84, the may have cost you the chance to play for the title, but that's it. Gordonsville lost to ECS in the title game in 83, but beat them in 84.
  3. I don't know which kid he's talking about, but he mentioned it a couple of months ago. Regardless, we'll be fine.
  4. Actually, it was set up like it is now, except there were only 5 classes. The top 4 teams made the playoffs.
  5. I was impressed with both teams today. Call me crazy, but I think both teams, along with South pitt can play with both of these 5A teams.
  6. No sense in beating a dead horse, but much of what went on Friday went both ways. Some provoked, some not, and some of it was just football. All I'll say.
  7. I would venture to say Westy's 95 team would beat both of these teams tonight.
  8. Good game Pirates and good luck. You were the better team. We were limited by losing our top 2 rbs in the last few weeks, but you gotta play with what you got, not that the outcome would've changed. We still played a lot of young players, so the future is bright.
  9. 5 for 6 on stopping 2 point conversions. Trying to find the positives.
  10. I dont see them playing dirty. The flags are coming from not keeping their mouths shut with the refs.
  11. Hey, we got a 1st down and doubled our offensive output on the same play.
  12. Do you notice it's 40 now? It's 25 just select times. Our defense is playing well, but our offense isnt helping at all. SP is sending more than we can block, and we run 1 screen and no hot routes.
  13. Why is every one of our pass plays 30 yards downfield? I thought defensive holding was auyomatic 1st down. I thought the play clock was 40 seconds.
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