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  1. Going into week 6, region 4 now has only two undefeated teams in region play, Gordonsville and Monterey. The rest have at least one loss. Most expected the region title to come down to Gville and Clay, however, Monterey has put up a couple of impressive scores, setting up a big matchup with them and Clay in week 9 before Gville plays Monterey in week 10. As for this week, Gordonsville travels to Coalfield, Clay hosts Westmoreland, Jo Byrns hosts East Robertson, Monterey travels to Jackson County, RBS hosts Oakdale, and Pickett hosts Sale Creek. Gordonsville, Clay, and Monterey will be winners this week.
  2. I'm so glad I was shown this gem. I was wondering myself why Coalfield wasn't yellow, since they're the yellow jackets. And, I'm definitely glad Bob Kessling has improved.
  3. That makes sense. We lost a lot of size and experience, especially on the line, but I feel we're better with the transfers and with the overall attitude of the team. They seem to really play well together. If and when we get our offensive kinks worked out, we'll be alright.
  4. It seems ya'll lost quite a bit of starters. What's the main difference between this year and last, because I just don't see it on film. But you guys are closer to the program.
  5. Looking at film and comparing this year to last, I feel Coalfield was better last year. We are ahead of last year, mainly due to the fact that we are healthier. Last year's game was the first game we ran the wing-t. We had to run it out of necessity due to the injuries. My early prediction...27-6 Gville.
  6. Those linemen graduated, but we were starting a lot of freshmen last year due to injuries. We were severely hampered last year. We're much better now than we were at this point last year.
  7. I think we should win by a couple scores. Defense has been stout this year, however Coalfield likes to throw it so that may give us some trouble. We have to do better offensively though. We haven't had a blowout performance yet and we've been marked by inconsistency.
  8. Both teams did well defensively. I don't think Clay had 150 yards of offense, and we're still struggling offensively. Overall, we were the more physical team. We should've had more points but we'll still take the W.
  9. I appreciate that. I actually was one that got to say some of them. One of my prayers was actually quoted word for word in the lawsuit. I hate that it's gone. The ruling is a severe overreach in several ways, but such is the qorld we live in.
  10. Open attendance. We're not turning anyone away.
  11. I've watched all of Clay's games on film. I feel like we're a couple scores better than them. I coached against these kids in jr. pro and am completely aware of how good they are. I feel like they have a few holes that we can take advantage of. They pulled away last year in a close game in which we were hampered by injuries. We technically didn't have a QB in that game. I think we're pretty motivated this year.
  12. You're right. Like I said before, I don't think Monterey has much for either this year; they'll be 3rd with Jo Byrns 4th. I feel like Gville will win by a couple scores, but Clay plays awfully hard and puts out supreme effort. That could make up for having a little less talent.
  13. There were some SP folks at our game Friday.
  14. Gordonsville received no points after their loss to Trousdale; however, they will have the chance to beat 3 teams in the current top 10 in the regular season.
  15. I don't see Monterey competing with Clay or Gordonsville this year. Both Clay and Gordonsville have loads more experience than the players for Monterey.
  16. They beat Columbia Academy by a couple tds as well.
  17. Clay has played bigger schools in Stone Memorial and Cumberland County. They're likely battle tested as well.
  18. That other high school football website has 6 listed. I do know that some of their sophomores were held back in jr. high, so they should be juniors.
  19. We also couldn't capitalize on some opportunities. Twice TC fumbles straight up in the air. They got them both back on the run before the ball hit the ground. They scored on one of them.
  20. TC seemed to play with a different attitude than in the other games. Gville made too many mistakes to win, and there are some fundamental things we need to work on, and we have to work the middle of the fiels in the passing game. Congrats TC.
  21. Probably so. Region 4-2A will be depleted next year with TC moving down and Watertown moving up.
  22. They will have Community-Cannon streaming and Watertown-Dekalb on tape delay, so you will probably have to have dtc television service to watch it.
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