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  1. If you watch @stephenhargis video on twitter when Whitwell runs through the sign they look so out of shape. Guess those starters should have played in the jamboree. Also the East Ridge kid said they were slow.
  2. They may only win 4-5 games. Their linemen are out of shape and their skill guys are not that good. Just being honest. The head coach won't be bobbing his head and dancing past Grider this year lol On a side note...Boldin, like Ross, knew when to leave for greener pastures.
  3. They need you back out there running touchdowns
  4. 32-0 I'm listening to Whitwell's starting lineup...um...they are hurting BAD this year. They better not even show up to Beene....
  5. While I do not believe for one minute that Whitwell is good this year...I don't think they will start 0-2. East Ridge May be interesting but who knows
  6. I hope the weather holds off for Saturday. I don't want to see these two play in a monsoon again like last year.
  7. With the amount of athletes we have out for this game it reminds me of what Jeremy Pruitt said the other day. Do you play a guy who is in the right position every time and only makes 1/5 plays or do you play guys that maybe don't have the best technique or concept of scheme but they seem to somehow be around the ball and make plays 4-5 times?
  8. But was at SP forever. Bottom line is kids go and come. Jasper has lost kids like Matt Peardon to Boyd. Is what it is.
  9. I could care less about the transfer talk and all that. Time to play ball. Enough of this mess
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