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  1. If you are a head coach and you feel pressure from the past or shy away from big time moments then you’re not meant to be a head coach. Just my opinion.
  2. I was told by a player that is graduating this year that they were going to take a big step backwards. Take that for what it’s worth.
  3. Camps, camps, and camps. I would say film next. Then they check your academics. Size, speed, and measurable data a must or they won’t even speak. I won’t name names, but we have had players from the last few years team not get interest because no top end speed.
  4. Never…and I mean ever…would Stone coach at Jasper.
  5. SP will have skill kids. I expect Kam Wellington to put on a show at qb. Kid is a baller. Just need a line…
  6. I think at the end of the game on NFHS they thought you and that Jackson man were on coaching staff calling defensive plays lol
  7. The ref that called that unsportsmanlike just wants to be seen calling a call against a big time player. Kids all week have done that celebration.
  8. This isn’t Trousdale’s offense they are trying to stop though.
  9. I’m trying to imagine if Simpson was on Alcoa how much more dominant they would be.
  10. Westview just way too talented for Hampton. The two turnovers are not what you wanted for Hampton against this machine.
  11. QB is making huge plays for Hampton. Westview needs to send extra.
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