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  1. I would assume coaching. SC has the edge over them. Prep has more athletes than those 2. SP will be out in the right spots with young playmakers.
  2. SP made it to the dance. ER fought hard.
  3. No sir. I watched it specifically and it was very dirty. He cleated the boy on purpose. Apparently, it’s an issue in football as well from what several schools have said. That said, looking forward to a good game 3. ER hit it well in game 2.
  4. 3rd game is at 5. Pitching depth will now be the key.
  5. I like the Pirates chances. I’ll be there as soon as work allows.
  6. My good sir, if you would read, a poster said it hasn’t happened since ‘17.
  7. We, SP, blanked them 10-0 in sectional game during 21 season.
  8. With the new alignment should probably be region champs every year. 1 game for state is all that matters now!
  9. Pirates can make a run at the dance for sure.
  10. Good win tonight. Win or lose SP has a sectional game.
  11. Biggest position to fill is QB. Kamden was special. A 1A team that can run and pass is very dangerous.
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