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  1. Needs to be a big gate game without Jasper or NJ. I can think of a team that wears blue and yellow that would have a lot of attention…if available
  2. SP’s first business should be holding on to SP players. I figure some will jump ship to try and play for the young coaches.
  3. That Hargis man hit a good point in his paper. "Every coach in every sport across the state better be working to make their program attractive enough that kids will want to be a part of it," said one area football coach. "If you're not, you're going to lose a lot of kids to the teams who are doing that. "The transfer portal is coming to prep sports. The TSSAA might delay it a bit, but they can't stop what's coming." Buckle up.
  4. Hoping the Pirates can get the 4th seed next year.
  5. A lot of young ones need to develop. Plenty of young talent. Curious to see how this group does. 56,57,73, and 78 should anchor the line part.
  6. You will enjoy next year. Watch the sophomore- junior class ball out. Question is…does SP have the hogs up front!
  7. This Houston team physically dominated Oakland. Wow
  8. Guess I need to move up a classification lol
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