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  1. Congrats to Wes. What has made the Pirates so successful over the years in my opinion is head coaching consistency. Wes will provide stability for a long while.
  2. PP knows this mess but has learned to stay quiet lol
  3. And is the perfect person for it. Level headed.
  4. A lot of people want to peek inside the school and find out what’s going on. I’m still holding on to SP landing the living legend with all the talent he has to work with.
  5. Rankin has won a lot….but he is very humble and it’s not about him.
  6. Hearing conflicting stories now…I’ll say this..if I was an older coach I would rather go to a team that can win it all every year opposed to a team that doesn’t have a chance at it…
  7. Like my sources better. I see the funnel cloud
  8. Roy has to open his wallet and take him to Ronnie’s
  9. Roy, buy that Rankin man a Redeye burger and talk turkey with him.
  10. Spotted several times in last couple weeks..time will tell.
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